Do the math

The baby shower today was for Becca, my cousin’s daughter-in-law. I heard the story today about how she found out she was pregnant. She was studying phlebotomy….learning how to take blood and do tests. One day they were studying how to do a serum pregnancy test. They divided the class (obviously the females) into 2 groups… group that said they could not possibly be pregnant, and then one group of random females, to compare the results. Well, Becca volunteered for the group of “can’t possibly be pregnant”. Yeah…you guessed it. She called Jill (my cousin) just in tears, to tell her what had happened.

I asked Jill why Becca was crying….she and Thomas have talked about marriage for a while, and were already engaged. But they weren’t married at the time, and Becca was afraid everybody in the family was going to be mad at her. I asked Jill if she told Becca that it runs in the family. Jill was pregnant with Thomas when she got married, and Jill’s mom was pregnant with her when they got married.

I guess it was kind of a shock to find out that way. She didn’t even suspect it, at that point.

Pumpkin garlandPumpkin garlandPumpkin garland

Go here to see Renee’s post about the funeral and pictures she took.

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Today was a good day. It was busy and I had some fun. Brandon ran the sound at church in both services today, since Steve wasn’t there. I had all my family there….except him. It sure left an empty spot. I’m counting down the days till he comes home. The plan is to come home Thursday, but I’ve already been praying that he will get to come home early, if that could be part of God’s will. That prayer has been answered ‘yes’ before

I know y’all are not going to be able to believe this. You might even think I’m sick (I know….I know….some of you already do ). But I did not take one picture at the birthday party at church tonight. It must be because I’m really tired. My mind just didn’t even think of it.

I was listening on the way home from church tonight, to a radio program called Family Life Today. It’s on every Sunday night, and it’s usually very interesting. Tonight they were talking about differences in husbands and wives, and why they should learn to understand the language of the other. Men and women, for some reason unknown to us, speak different languages, and it takes many years to be able to really understand each other. Marriage adjustment is an ongoing process, not something that’s over with in a few months after the wedding.

They discussed how men crave respect and women crave love. It’s a circle….the more a woman respects her husband, the more love he shows her. And the more love he shows her, the more she respects him. He can show her love by respect, too….respecting her opinions and wants. Dennis Raney talked about how his wife wanted a certain window in their house decorated just perfectly. He did not see the point, but he did realize that she spends far more time in the house than he does, and it was important to her. A home isn’t just a place to live, to a woman. It is a place to show her personality. She decorates it according to her personality.

They talked about how to “speak the truth in love” according to the scripture. Speaking the truth doesn’t have to be an ugly thing. I can be done with a loving manner. Jesus did it. And they pointed out that Jesus did not use contempt toward a person when he told them the truth about what they were doing. I thought that was a very good point. Comtempt toward a person is not going to get them to change what they are doing. It’s just going to make them bitter and angry.

Another good point they made was not to use scripture as a club. As Christians, we are to apply scripture to our lives….to live by it….but we aren’t to use it to beat our spouses over the head.  For instance, men are not to use scripture about wives submitting to their husbands, to beat down a wife and make her feel worthless and stupid. Wives are not to use scripture about a man being the leader of the home, to tell him how he could never live up to it.

Just a few things I found interesting, and I wanted to share them.

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Beth thought I was nuts for snapping pictures of her driving on the way to church this morning. I told her I was going to post pictures of her “driving with her top down”  She decided to put the top down on the car because it’s beautiful today, but it’s a little nippy for it. So she had to put her jacket on. It’s kind of like riding a motorcycle in the cold wind. I’m going to advertise…..”cute chick with Mustang”  

Beth 10-28-07

Now….see all that flat land out there in this picture? This is the Texas Gulf Coast, so flat land is all you can see.

Bethany 10-28-07

Except for…….

You didn’t know we had a mountain in this area?

Genoa Mountain

That’s actually the landfill. They made a mountain out of the flat land that use to be a pasture for longhorn cattle. That’s what it was when I was little. I’ll just call it Genoa Mountain. It is in the southeast part of Houston that was the city of Genoa when I was little. It’s where our church is (not IN the landfill, but near it) and my mom’s parents lived just a little to the right of where this picture was taken.

Gotta go make sandwiches for tonight, and then head to a baby shower. I don’t think Mark has a clue about the surprise birthday party. But he will as soon as his sister shows up for church tonight. He’s gonna know something’s up.

Beth’s not going to the shower, but 2 of my 3 sisters will be there. That’s always a riot. We do so much laughing and cutting up when we are together. Holidays are fun. I have one sister that says you keep your contact lenses in with contact cement

Pumpkin garland Pumpkin garlandPumpkin garland

I hope everybody realizes that we don’t change our clocks till NEXT Sunday.

I should have been in bed a long time ago, since I have to get up early for church. But I just wanted to share something.

I had been hunting down more ancestors tonight on, and was still thinking about it when I was getting ready for bed. And it hit me all of a sudden…..something I don’t remember ever seeing before. My GREAT-grandparents were pregnant when they got married. I guess I just never expected that.

Charles Polk Roberson (he went by Polk) and Martha Rachel “Mattie” Malone got married in Johnson County, Texas on October 28, 1892. And Aunt Jessie was born in April of 1893.

My grandfather, Clarence Samuel Malone Roberson (he went by Marty – wouldn’t you if that was your name?)  was their 5th (and last) child, born July 2, 1905. He died October 28, 1985, on what would have been his parents’ 93rd anniversary. They did not stay married.



25 thoughts on “Do the math

  1. 😮 :what: 😮 😀 YESSSSSSSSSS, YOU SHOULD HAVE!! 😀 😮 :what: 😮
    :heartbeat: :wave: :heartbeat: THAT’S WHERE I’M HEADED!! :heartbeat: :wave: :heartbeat:

  2. What interesting ancestry.  You are sure learning alot about your family…some stuff you probably didn’t want to know 😮  Have a blessed Sunday.  Jill

  3. 😆 I don’t care, but it sure did surprise me. I just don’t know how many times I’ve looked at that information, and it didn’t hit me….until last night. And I know Aunt Jessie wasn’t premature, because in 1893, that would have been way to early for her to survive.

  4. Hey Cindy,
    You have more green there than we do here. And you’re temps are cooler too!
    God bless you.

  5. We have a landfil like that too.  We call it Mount Trashmore 😆  You’ve been tagged.  I was tagged for the first time.  Check my blog for instructions.  Many blessings.

  6. Ah ok…cool. No idea where that is, but DFW is so big, ya never know…lol. :ROTFL:I see the paparazzi was on Bethany’s tail…she’s brave. I’m jealous! :ROTFL:

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