3:45 p.m….Steve just called and said Good Lord willing and everything going as planned, he’ll be home tomorrow night. That’s 2 days earlier than originally planned. Remember I said I was praying that he would get to come home early? I love it when God says yes (or at least it looks like he’s going to).

*Doing my happy dance*

Pumpkin garlandPumpkin garlandPumpkin garland

I hate it when there’s a song you can’t get out of your mind. It’s a catchy tune, and you find yourself humming it, but you can’t think of what song it is. Then you realize it’s the song from the Viagra commercial on tv.


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  1. :yes: πŸ˜†  I know. He told me the other day not to get my hopes up, but he might be home Wednesday. So I told him I was still planning on Thursday. Now it could be Tuesday. Rest assured that now I am praying it will really happen! :goodjob: πŸ˜† I won’t have my final answer until I see him pull in the driveway.

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