More Animals

Beth is torturing Midnight:
Stuff on my cat
That’s a crocheted sombrero that my grandmother had made for some doll thingy. Midnight was not crazy about it.
8:30 p.m….Daddy’s home and Whiskers is happy.
Daddy's home
Steve and Whiskers
My picture, Wheezer’s baby face, is on page 8 of the featured photos on the Xanga front page. Or it is until somebody else’s pic gets voted for and bumps it off the page.
E….I changed your slide show just a bit. I added a couple of pictures of your plane taking off, with captions you might recognize. And the way that slide show pans down the pics, it makes it look like the plane is climbing in the sky.  Cool  And I left you a message on the last frame.
Steve just called to tell me he was heading out the front gate of the plant. It will take him about 3 hours to drive home, but he has to stop at the shop and drop off the testing trailer he’s pulling. It won’t be long now! I’m ordering pizza to be here when he gets home.
There’s a couple of cats that aren’t going to like the arrangements tonight, though. I’ve been letting them sleep with me some. He’s not gonna let them do that.
Beth’s eyes are doing better. She saw the doctor again today. The inflammation is 1/2 to 1/3 the size it originally was.
Pumpkin garland
4:20 p.m….Time is just going by toooooo fast. Friday is our anniversary….28 years. Then Monday is Brandon’s birthday. He will be 26 years old. I just can’t believe that. I look at him and he looks like a grown man with a wife, but I still see my little boy. We spend a lot of time wishing for the next step in life, and we wish away all the years. We need to enjoy our kids growing up.
And Brandon and Rachael’s first anniversary is Nov. 18. I think we are going to go out to eat Sunday night to celebrate all the dates. Then Brandon and Rachael will go out to eat by themselves on their anniversary.
Sunday I was telling stories on him. Like when he was not much over a year old. We were in the grocery store, just fixing to get in the check-out line. A black man walked in and Brandon said, “Daddy!!” *sigh* Brandon turns the prettiest shades of red.  
Pumpkin garland 
We have the Fall Fest at the church tomorrow night at 6:00. I ordered the moonwalk. Even the big kids like that. Beth will be in it. And Andy. I don’t know about Brandon and Rachael. But they will also play hide-and-seek in the dark, in our Sunday School building. That’s a game our kids always use to love. They have tried to pass on the fine art of it to the younger youth but we have some real wussy youth in the group. Even the boys scream like little girls when they get scared.  And Brandon really knows how to scare them!  
Pumpkin garland
For your viewing pleasure….more kitties. This is Tigger on the fence, with Wheezer:
Tigger and Wheezer
This is Rerun (so named because we ran out of names for black cats):
Junior. Her mom’s name was Dusty, and she looks just like her, so we call her Junior, for “Dusty, Jr.”……
Cammy in the tree. She’s the one we found under the hood of Rachael’s Camaro, hence the name, Cammy:
Cammy in the tree
And finally:
Oh, wait……that’s not a cat….that’s a fox. Nevermind. ROFL
(My great-grandmother was a Fox…..literally. So that makes Beth a Fox, too )
Pumpkin garland



10 thoughts on “More Animals

  1. What adorable pictures. I loved your caption for the last one 😆  That’s a beautiful pic of Bethany.  Continued blessings and remember, Steve will be home before you know it! 

  2. :yes: He will be home tonight!! Thank you for the compliment on Beth’s picture. She told me at lunch that she doesn’t even like that picture. I really like it. But then I also have a biased opinion. 😆 :wave:

  3. Hi, Linda….yes, that was in the restaurant we took my mom to for her birthday. Taters. That’s my sister, Heather, standing at the register in the brown polka-dots.
    You know….that’s a strange word. Are they dots that do the polka? How did they get their name? :wha:

  4. I wanted to know the name of the restaurant too – thanks!  It looks like a fun place.  And Beth will look at those pictures in 20 years and wonder why she didn’t like them!  :nono:
    I think that hat is a colorful witch hat – it’s not very sombrero-like!:lol:

  5. 😆 That’s what Beth was saying….a witch hat. There’s a little matching blanket to go around the shoulders, but it was stitched together with the neck hole too small, or Beth would have put that on Midnight, too. Poor kitty. :giggle:
    Taters is a place with homestyle cooking. You order your entree, but they bring you unlimited biscuits, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and……one other veggie. Maybe it was green salad…I can’t remember for sure. I love their biscuits. It’s at Center Street and Spencer, but you haven’t been here in so long, you probably don’t remember what that looks like. :laugh:
    I know….I wasn’t wild about my pictures when I was 21, and now I’d do just about anything to look like that again. I don’t mind getting older, but I sure as heck don’t want to look like it.

  6. :ROTFL:Oh, wait……that’s not a cat….that’s a fox. Nevermind.:ROTFL:
    Several years ago I bought a Crown Vic (program car). Doug sent me flowers to work. The card said “To the fox with the new Crown Vic.  Love, The Hound.”   All of the ladies at work went crazy. Some of them even said they wanted my husband. I said “you try, you die”.

  7. “you try, you die”.  :ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
    A few years ago….at church, no less, there was an unwoman who was flirting with the men, and one of those men was Steve. He didn’t even realize she was flirting with him, but I saw it several times. She would wait till she thought he was alone, and she’d go talk to him. At least once, I was actually there, but out of her line of sight. Women (particularly wives) can spot a flirt a mile off.

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