Garage sale is over….thank goodness.

We just got home from the church garage sale. I didn’t put anything in the garage sale, but I went and cooked. And helped other people set up and price stuff.

I got  a few picture, but I didn’t have have the camera with me when Dave was charging like a bull, toward a blanket Charles was holding up. Or when Charles (who is quite heavy) was riding the little tiny kids’ bike. It looked like a clown riding a little bike in the circus.

Guess what we brought home from the church? I’ll give you a hint….it’s small, furry, and it purrrrrrs. *Sigh* There were 3 kittens that we know of, under the church, and a dead adult cat in front of the church. We assume it was the mom. It’s a long story, but I rescued a kitten from a little neighborhood boy who lives in the crack house across the street. The cats were not theirs, but he was trying to take them on his bike. He kept dropping one and nearly ran over it with is bike. So I told him not to come take anything from our property again, no matter what it was. He had already taken one kitten and given it to somebody else in the neighborhood.

We only knew about one kitten other than the one he already gave away. Beth and I brought it home with us. I’ve been calling around trying to see if anybody wants another kitten. We are waaaaayyyy past our limit.

Steve came home a few minutes after us….carrying another kitten. He heard it meowing as he was leaving the church. So he brought it home, too. He figured its mother was dead and its siblings gone, and he just couldn’t leave it there.  One is black and one is black and white.

Don’t even ask me how many this makes. I would have to make a list to remember them all.

Here’s Beth and Jeremy. Beth didn’t go with us first thing this morning, since it would make for a very long day with a hurt ankle, so Steve came home just before lunch and picked her up. Jeremy kept asking me all morning, if Bethany was going to get there. He loves Beth. I’m pretty sure he’s going to marry her when he gets older.

Jeremy and Beth

And here’s Steve in his cool new Foster Grants. I know….I know…..they aren’t Oaklies, but they are waaaaaayyy cheaper.



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