It’s been a good day

We had a good time at Red Lobster tonight. We usually do. It was Steve, me, Beth, Brandon, Rachael, Mark, Kathryn, Dorothy, Dave, Andy and Jeremy. Here’s some with Brandon opening his birthday presents. We gave him 3 t-shirts and a gift card to Chili’s.

Rach,Brandon,Andy Idiot Go away Genius

Our waiter’s name was Jeremy and we gave him a hard time. He was entertaining and funny. And kinda cute, so Beth was kinda flirting a little. Andy, Dave and Mark were making sure he knew that Beth was single. They were calling her “MISS” Hartman, really loud. Beth said, “It’s nice to have friends.” Brandon said, “It would be, wouldn’t it?”  

Our table got crowded quickly with used dishes and glasses, and when the waiter couldn’t pick them up fast enough, we had to come up with our own ways of clearing the table. So we put our glasses up on the wall behind us. The waiter said it’s always the church groups


Beth and Jeremy (not the waiter) pretended to be walruses, by putting french fries under their upper lips. Steve told Beth the waiter lost interest then. He was really laughing, though. And another waiter and waitress came over to see them do their walrus thing. Here, Beth was the walrus and Jeremy was some kind of fish:

Jeremy and Beth

With a group our size, the tip is automatically added into the bill. So when he brought the bills, he told us that, and said feel free to add to the tip if we wanted. He was laughing. Mark and Dave gave him cash to pay for theirs, and asked if they needed change. Mark said, “I do. You’re good, but you’re not that good!” Of course, we all roared laughing, and another waiter came over, slapped Jeremy on the back and said, “Dude…it’s true!”  

We told him all about the time in January when we were there, and Andy was trying to drink water so fast it kept our waitress running for refills. It was hilarious. Of course, Andy was miserable that night from too much water. And Steve purposely hit every bump in the road on the way home.

And here’s Beth and our Jeremy (not the waiter). They were tired.

Jeremy & Beth

And Brandon and Andy attempting a man hug:

Man hug

Ethan, if y’all had a shrimp eating contest tonight, you would have won. Brandon could not even get refills on shrimp, eventhough it was “Endless Shrimp” night.

desert heart stone tiny       desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny

Angela was baptized this morning. A little over a month ago, she decided she wanted to change her life. She was doing drugs and was a hooker. She is now a waitress in two different jobs, and has been in church every Sunday for the last 6 weeks. Her mom has done the same things, and has been in prison 4 times, so things have been stacked against Angela.

Angela is Mark’s niece and Kathryn’s granddaughter. Her baby is due Jan. 1.

Angela and Herb

After church, we stopped at Walmart. I had to pick up a few things and Beth wanted to visit with Jim. He fell a few weeks ago and actually broke a bone in his leg, so he’s walking with a cane. I needed to get a pic of the 2 crips together. While we were there, Emily got on the PA and paged Beth to come help cashier.

Beth & Jim

Then….the infamous Manuel got in on the pictures! Oh, my gosh….it smelled like he hadn’t had a bath in a week.  In the first picture, he had just told Beth, “You’re taller than me.” (He’s so quick to pick up on those things…she’s been working there a little over 9 months…)

Manuel 1

And in this picture…..I had just said, “Everybody is,” in response to his taller than me remark.

Manuel 2

Notice the hysterical laughter displayed by Bethany. This is the guy that tried to get her to let him take her out for her 21st birthday and get her drunk.

Jim has been telling people that Beth was chasing a guy and fell in a manhole….that’s how she got hurt.   Manuel liked that idea and said, “Hey….” and had his tongue hanging out, pointing to himself.

Sorry, Manuel…..not a chance in that proverbial place of perpetual flames.

After church tonight, a bunch of us are going to Red Lobster. Ethan….it’s all you can eat shrimp night…wanna come?   We are celebrating Brandon’s birthday (which is tomorrow), our anniversary, and Brandon and Rachael’s first anniversary. It’s 2 weeks from today, but they are going out by themselves that night. I can’t imagine why.

It’s been a good day. We had a baptism, good fellowship at church, and I had all my family together again. And tonight we’ll all be together again. I love it when that happens. It’s just so satisfying to have everybody all together. Good family and good friends.

Oh, and Andy….the guy that use to play baseball with Brandon that we saw at the hospital….sent Beth a MySpace message that he hoped she was doing better, and would be back in a moonwalk by Thanksgiving.

desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny


desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny

There’s your grrrrrfriend, E….. 


15 thoughts on “It’s been a good day

  1. LOLOLOLOL…a picture of the two crips together.  I would call them gimps!  :ROTFL:  Great pics and Beth looks beautiful even though she’s a gimp!  How nice for your entire family to be together..what a blessing.  I’m going to blog about the wonderful Women’s Conference that I went to yesterday in the next few days.  The Lord showed himself to me in so many ways.  Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries to everyone. :wave:

  2. PtL for Angela’s salvation!  :sunny:
    Manuel…..that’s about what I expected him to look like~:hammer::lol:
    Have fun eating out!  I’m late for church.

  3. :ROTFL: I can’t either, Jill. No way, no how.
    Thanks for the anniversary and birthday wishes, ladies. :heartbeat: And Angela is happy….probably for the first time in her life, really. I was standing in the choir loft taking pictures during the baptism, and she just kept looking over at me and smiling. I think she knows we all love her.

  4. Wonderful post! Pix, praises, good things, & laughs! :goodjob: Just wanted to say thanks for your encouragement on my site. I’ve been working on grades & plans & worksheets all weekend, & just haven’t gotten around. Love you muchliest… :love::heartbeat::love:

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