10:20 p.m…..I just saw Beth’s foot. Her whole foot and ankle are just black and purple. It looks like it hurts so bad. And she assures us it does. She realized we should have taken some pictures….after she put the boot back on. She said it’s painful just to take a shower.

We have a cold front coming. In the panhandle, they have temps in the 30’s behind the front. Woohoo!

stalker mom

Mondays are usually the day I try to recuperate from the weekend, when I typically get very little sleep. I think it’s going to take me several Mondays this time.

I got an email a little while ago, from a family member. It surprised me because I had not heard from them in a while. My dad has a half sister from his dad’s first marriage. I have not seen her since 1977…and that’s the only time I’ve ever seen her. It’s a long story, but my grandmother did not want my grandfather to have anything to do with the kids from his first marriage. She was jealous.

Anyway, Matie Ruth is now living back in Pueblo, Colorado. She lived there for years, but last year moved to Washington to live with a son. It did not work out between her and the daughter-in-law. So she moved back to Pueblo with her youngest daughter and her husband, Joe.

Joe emailed and said Matie would like to come visit in the spring. They are traveling to Oklahoma to see a new grandbaby (Matie’s great-grand) after she is born in March, and would like to come down here to see all of us.

My dad’s brother and sister don’t want anything to do with Matie, and I could just bop them over the head. My jealous grandmother convinced them that Matie Ruth just wanted money out of us… we even have any. That’s just not the case at all. She wants to be a part of the family she was denied for so many years. It’s just sad.

Matie had a brother, Billy Mack, but he was beaten to death in a robbery in California several years back. I only met him once, too, back in 1977 when they came to visit.


15 thoughts on “Recuperating

  1. Thanks, Linda. I do think He brings people together, and gives us a job to do. It’s up to us to obey or disobey. :yes:
    Her story is so sad. She grew up with 6 step-fathers. Her father (my grandfather) was not allowed to see them most times. Her mom, Jewel, had older brothers who chased Paw-Paw off and told him they would kill him if he ever tried to see his kids again. He saw them get on  a bus in downtown Houston in 1936, and he did not see them again till Matie Ruth took the bull by the horns, and came to see him in 1977.
    She grew up being told that her daddy did not love them. Nothing could have been further from the truth. If Paw-Paw talked about them, he got so upset. The behavior on everybody’s part was just stupid. I have since found information on Jewel’s family and was sent a picture by one of her family members. Then Matie sent me pictures of her mother in later years.
    Paw-Paw wasn’t sure Billy Mack was his child because he thought Jewel cheated. Jewel told her family that Paw-Paw cheated. He said he didn’t. But there is no doubt that Billy was his son. His pictures when he was older, and Paw-Paw’s pictures are almost identical. When I met Billy in 1977 I knew he was my biological uncle, because he looked just like my dad’s other brother.
    One day a couple of years ago, Matie called me and we talked about whether or not Paw-Paw loved her. I told her there was no doubt, and she just cried. She kept saying, “I knew he must have loved me.” That was so sad….I could hear that little girl that thought her daddy did not love her, in that 70-something year old lady.

  2. :sunny: The cold front is here. Wind is blowing hard right now. So it won’t be long arriving there. Sorry to hear about Beth’s foot. That is no fun trying to get around on a sore foot and ankle. Take care and stay warm when the front arrives. ttys.
    ~~Love and Hugs!!~~ :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

  3. Story Time:  A few years ago I was coming out of our camper with my hands full of towels. I had on a pair of houseshoes. I missed the bottom step. My foot did not go the same direction as my ankle. YEAH it hurt, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. I layed on the ground nearly in tears. My ankle immediately swelled to the size of a softball. Doug took me to the clinic in Harrison. They xrayed my ankle. The doctor said “no break”.  On Monday, it happened on Saturday, I went to the clinic to pick up my xray because I was going to my regular doc. When I got to the clinic, the doctor came out to see me. He told me that he had shown my xray to the orthopedic. The ortho said I did not have  “NEW” break, but an old one, however, there were some “shadows” he was concerned about. So I went to the ortho. He asked when did I previously break my ankle. I told him that 3 years before I had twisted it, went to the ER, then to an ortho in Fayetteville, they said “NO BREAK, BAD SPRAIN”.   That was the only other time I had injured it. He said “HONEY, it was broke.  Sometimes breaks don’t show in the first xray and sometimes you have to have a MRI.” He did an MRI and I had torn ligaments in my ankle, which was 100 times more painful than the break. I was put in a cast and after the cast came off I was put in one of those pretty little boots. He also told me that if it bruises bad that ain’t good.

  4. Just wanted to drop by and say HI since it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to–life has been turned completely upside down, but in the most absolutely wonderful way! 

  5. :ROTFL: Horse shoes…..:ROTFL: :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
    Cathy….I was still afraid it could be broken after the ER visit. But the orthopedic surgeon did another x-ray and still said they saw no breaks. But today her toes are cold and she cannot move her foot. I’m calling the doctor after their lunch break.

  6. I just got home from the doctor myself. I have been having hot flashes in my right thigh. YES hot flashes. I told the doctor that and he just laughed.  Then verified that the hot flashes were just in my thigh. SO, I get to have a nerve conduction test on Thursday to see if I have nerve damage. He said that if it is Peripheral Neuropathy it is a “bummer to treat”.  If it is a pinched nerve hopefully it will go away. I am now on Aleve twice a day, along with ALLLLLLLL of my other drugs (perscription).:p

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