Ethan Standard Time

8:10 p.m..And here’s  Domino and Blackjack….and Steve trying to suck it all in so he’ll look skinny:

Steve, Domino & Blackjack

7:30 p.m…Is this a comfortable kitty, or what? This is one of the kittens we brought home from church Saturday. It’s Domino. The other is Blackjack. Well….Steve thought that would be good, and we have long since run out of good black cat names. (Edit: Domino’s head was originally on the back of the recliner, but the further he fell into sleep, the further he would slip down. Then his head started falling over.)


5:30 p.m….A few days ago, I asked Ethan if he would be able to log into the blogs from where he will be stationed. He said probably not (he could not on his last deployment). I said “Woohoo, now I can say all kinds of things about you and you won’t see it.”   But see E…..I haven’t said anything yet. I don’t know when you might be able to check in  I only know after the fact.  Be worried….be very worried…..

Steve and I had to go back for our follow-up visits at the eye doctor today. I am having a little easier time now switching between the distance vision and close-up with these bifocal contacts. Still, though, I am blaming any typos on the contacts. It’s still not real clear when I have both contacts in. She said it will take about a week to get use to it, and I have not had mine in constantly for a week. I keep taking the bifocal out because I have trouble seeing the computer with it in. The screen is kind of in that space between where each lense is effective. Hopefully this will improve.

She changed Steve’s close-up prescription and he is seeing better. We both have very slight cataracts already. She said slight 3 times, so I’m guessing they aren’t bad enough to really affect vision.

As we were getting our eyes examined, Beth went into Walmart’s personnel office and got the paperwork for her temporary leave. When the garden center cashiers can’t be there or when it’s time for them to go home, managers are supposed to send a cashier back there from the front.But they haven’t been doing that. And customers are mad, mad, mad. In fact, the Garden Dept. manager has actually been cussed out because the register is not open. If they would just let Beth sit on a stool and cashier, they could solve that problem. But they don’t want her working with restrictions because they are worried about their posteriors….if she trips or something, they could be liable. Right now, she’s not ready to go back because she’s just exhausted. But in a week or two, she might feel better. It wears her out right now to do very much. Even showers are an ordeal because without the fracture boot, she cannot even make one step on that foot. Today she stepped on a cat, but didn’t know it because she couldn’t feel it. She heard it, though. The cat let her know. 

When Jonathan saw her, he just started laughing. That’s not very nice  And Jim was still telling people she was chasing a guy and fell in a manhole.  Fortunately, Manuel was not there today to drag his tongue on the ground  

After Walmart, we went to a 99 cent store to find small toys to put in Christmas boxes. Our church packs Christmas shoe boxes for an organization called Samaritan’s Purse, which is run by Franklin Graham.  We were short on toys for the boxes, so I told Chris that’s what I’d go buy. 

Shopping tired Beth out and she was weak because she has not been eating much. So we stopped at Chik-Fil-A to eat dinner. The Vicodin makes her stomach upset, so she doesn’t eat much, not to mention it’s a lot of trouble to come downstairs and get food.

This is the first Friday night we do not have to go anywhere or do anything. Steve had to go to a meeting this morning, but came home about lunch time.

desert heart stone tiny 

1:05 a.m….And now I know he’s seen the clock  It’s good to be a stalker.  

Stalker Airman

The clock is back in the left module. I took it down when he came home in December, after his last deployment to the sandbox.



23 thoughts on “Ethan Standard Time

  1. Can’t get anything past me, huh?  I’m confused…deeply…ha. 
    The sad thing is you feel into the trap of online blogging like all of us have, and the even more amusing thing is that you do post quite a bit more than Beth… haha. :ROTFL:

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. I appreciate it. :heartbeat:
    I got addicted, Adam. It has been a really good way to keep up with friends’ lives. I’ve made lots of new friends on here, and we have traveled to meet each other.

  3. Praying for Ethan.
    David turned his his discharge papers yesterday. His commander wrote a letter recommending discharge. David goes to the doctor today to get him to fill out forms. The first question on the doctor’s form is: Can patient carry 70 pounds for 20 miles. UHHHH…NO! He can’t even walk 1 mile without the knee swelling.
    He was back to cranky butt yesterday.

  4. Beth has plenty to say, but she goes to start a blog and realizes it will take forever, and is way more effort than she wants to expend at the moment, so she stops.
    I don’t post nearly like I used to.

  5. Yes….in Sept. ’06, we went to Texarkana to meet some Xangans. Some of them had already made a few trips to visit.each other. In July, we went to Decatur to the funeral of Paula’s (heyheypaula) husband. We mut a bunch of Xangans there, because all their family has blogs Check this post:to see all those Xangans:
    Linda (lindaintennessee) just made a trip through several states and visited Xangans in those areas. Also, Carolyn (JusticeMom) and her husband Mike, traveled to Illinois and met that same Xanga group…the family of Paula. It’s been neat. We’re kind of like a small community that lives in different states, and we do get to visit with each other in person sometimes.

  6. I stepped on Domino with my good foot. I still didn’t feel him, though. But that’s the only way he’ll learn not to get under my feet, so I don’t feel too sorry for him. He gets under my feet, but I can’t walk normally so I can’t get around him.

  7. :what:Are you telling me, Cindy, that you are not waiting on your daughter — “hand & foot” (after a manner of speaking)? :question: Poor Beth!
    Those kittens do look comfy on Steve. I wonder if they know what sort of things he puts up on his Caturday site! :nono::lol: Muchliest my friend! :love::heartbeat::love::wave:

  8. 😆 Well…..not exactly.She mostly stays in her room during he day. She comes down some. It’s extremely difficult for me to walk up the stairs a lot because of my terrible knees. So I only go up there if she really needs help. Ethan said we needed to get a wheelchair elevator. I think that would be a tad bit cost prohibitive, though. 😆

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