9:30 p.m….We just got through watching Amazing Grace. Get it. It’s good.

Beth was sitting on the couch, soaking her ankle in warm water. Domino decided to help:

Domino & Beth

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Y’all need to watch the video on Beth’s site. (I’ve got that song stuck in my mind….along with Ethan’s Viking song  )

Yesterday I wanted to tell you what I was doing, but knew that Brandon and Rachael would see it on here. So I had to keep it a secret. Darn near killed me

Bethany went out and got some roses for Brandon and Rachael’s first anniversary, to put in the church today. I arranged them in a vase Beth had. Yellow roses are Rachael’s favorite, but since the wedding was blue and silver, we did not use yellow roses in the wedding. So we used yellow and white roses for today.

Anniversary roses

Then Beth and I sang for the special music, the same song we sang in the wedding last year. It’s “I Will Be Here” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. It’s in my music player on the left if anybody wants to hear it. Just click on the start button, and click on that song. Steve tried to get a picture from up in the sound room, but it came out dark and very reddish looking. I’ve noticed that many pics in our church come out reddish, I think due to the paneling we have in there.

When we got up there to sing, I asked them to come sit on the front pew so we could sing to them. Then I told them that every day I pray that God will bless their marriage and bring them closer together. Of course, I couldn’t say all that without tears, so Herb (our pastor) handed me a Kleenex.

I actually had to sort of let Brandon in on it before church started. After he takes the offering, he usually heads out to the kitchen to grab something to eat. I told him today he could not leave, and he told me he was going to leave, since I said that. So I said, “Please, please, please….,” and told him we were going to sing to them. He stayed. He was probably hungry, but he stayed.

Cindy & Beth

After church, we went to Schlotzsky’s for lunch, and had a good time. Brandon and Rachael are going out to eat by themselves tonight. Can’t imagine why they would want to do that    They are going to Taste of Texas. It’s a nice steakhouse on the northwest side of Houston. Brandon use to work on the air conditioning there, and he said it is a restaurant that is clean enough to eat off the floor in the kitchen. There aren’t many restaurants like that. It’s also pretty expensive, so I told him if they wanted to go out to eat there, they could pay for it  It will be nice for them to have a nice romantic dinner alone. We do a lot of family stuff together.


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  1. RYC:  Yep, I am thinking 48 is way too young to be a grandmother or a Gi-Gi in my case, BUTTTTTTTTTTTT  It is wonderful! 
    I loved the pics, Cindy…Oh, how I would love to hear you and Bethany sing!  Keep spread that muchliest love–Paula

  2. Ha…more like start tomorrow night…it will be trickling and will go towards debt and bills. I go to DeVry now. Yes, I did go to HPU…thats where my 1st Bachelors is from. It was a great place.

  3. Some of our couples recently went to a marriage enrichment seminar. This morning one couple spoke of some of the things they had learned. I really admire couples that stick it out and make marriage work.

  4. What do you use to connect your projector? We had a video switch once with a bad connection that would make it go red from time to time. Darn near went crazy, thinking it was the projector going out, but I noticed I could control it by fiddling with the switch. Seems to be happening at the church here in Tallahassee, too. I’m going to go talk to the AV guys sometime.Now if I just knew why that makes it go red

  5. We’re not even using our projector right now. It had some fans go out on it, so it is waiting to be fixed. That pic was just taken with our digital camera. Some of Brandon and Rachael’s wedding pics had the same reddish cast to them, and I can’t adjust the color on those to save my life. But they were taken with an entirely different camera.

  6. Hey, girl! Just got back from New Orleans — part of the reason I’ve been “missing in action” … When Surfer Boy and I got married back in 1992, “I Will Be Here” was one of our wedding songs, too. We also had “Household of Faith” sung. I’m embarrassed because I can’t remember what the third song was (I’ll have to look it up), but that was almost 16 years ago … 😆

  7. FIRST of all. Thanks to ALL those who made yesterday so special for Brandon and I, it means a lot. Thanks to Beth for running to all those places to get the flowers for Brandon and I. Thanks for Cindy and Beth for that beautiful, touching song you both sang just for us yesterday. I know we both fought back tears listening. Also for that special message Cindy to us about how you pray for our marriage everyday. Thanks Steve for running the sound and just being there and for the hug. Thanks everyone for all the prayers for our marriage and encouraging words, it means more than you’ll know. Thanks Dad and Mom for the late night phone call asking how our day has gone and wishing us both a Happy Anniversary, I miss you both so much and love you. Ok now that we all have tears in our eyes or at least I do =) Just thanks to everyone for making Our day special. And thank you Brandon for making my weekend special as well. It meant so much to me just hanging out together w/ you, sharing stories, watching tv, laughing, cuddling and then the wonderful, beautiful restaurant last night was simple amazing. The atmosphere was so nice and romantic, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. The food was AWESOME, I’ve never tasted a T-Bone steak or a New York Strip steak so juicy and wonderful in my life along with the other foods we shared. Just being there with you Brandon made it so wonderful, as well as all the time we spend together is great. And for the rest of you I will be posting some pictures I took last night of the restaurant, it was beautiful. So again I/We say thanks for everyone who made our Anniversary special. I love you all =) So don’t forget to check our my website later I will be working on getting the pictures up =) http://www.xanga.com/sweetheart011982

  8. Ok the slide show is now up on my xanga for those to check out =) And for those of you who noticed I did post most of what’s up above but I did change it up a little bit and added some =) Hope you enjoy!! I had fun putting the pictures, song, and text together.

  9. Time sure does fly by doesn’t it?  Seems like only yesterday you were stressing over getting everything done.  Pictures are always fun to go back and look at.  Thanks for sharing.  Somehow I don’t think my kids would want me to sing to them on their anniversary…Lol!  Dan and Amber would probably just love to have their wedding quilt finished after 6 years of marriage.  Believe me, it’s not happening this year.  I haven’t even had time to post lately on xanga much less quilt.  Now, can I ask a question?  What are those wooden divider looking things on the pews in the choir loft?  I know you building is historical…I’m wondering….did people years ago have trouble sitting in each other’s space or what?  Have a great day, gotta go!

  10. did people years ago have trouble sitting in each other’s space or what? 
    :ROTFL: :ROTFL: Noooo……those pews are not very old. They were installed in 1974. Those are just armrests that also serve to divide each seat. The original seats in the choir loft were auditorium type seats that folded down.

  11. HI.  I have had  a busy busy pastor’s wife morning. We got a phone call at 6 this morning one of our ladies was at the ER with a possible heartattack. I was at the hospital unitl noon. Then I had to go pay a marriage counselor for another couple, and then go to the propane company and pay for them to take propane to an elderly couple that we found out about yesterday who had been going without heat. I am home for a quick shower and then I have to go pickup some kids from school and keep them a couple of hours. Tonight I collapse and sleep like a baby (I hope)

  12. Oh, wow, Cathy…..I’m tired already from your adventures today. But I have done very similar things, and I know they need to be done. I’ve gone and paid electric bills for people, apartment rent, bought groceries. And we’ve sat in plenty of waiting rooms. And it’s doing those things that make me feel like I’m doing what God wants me to do.
    I am glad you are there to do those things for those people. I am glad you are willing to do those things for those people.

  13. I don’t mind doing them at all, I just wonder why it all happens on the SAME DAY. Tomorrow I have to go for my yearly check at the gynecologist, so my week is just going to get more and more fun:p

  14. Oooh…I misread it. Haha. I though you meant Steve tried to show a picture…but you really meant <Steve tried to take a picture…which when I read it again is actually what you said.Heh. :shysmile:

  15. To fix the type of red you’re getting…play with the Hue settings in your image editor. Best I can tell, the problem isn’t necessarily too much red but too little of other colors. Knocking out the reds will turn the image green. Adjusting the hue can add the greens and yellows you need to balance it out.

  16. The job of pastor and pastor wife continues. Doug got a call from a man wanting to meet with him and his wife. They actually do not even go to Church with us. Then he got another call from a lady in the church needing his help with a pilot light. Her husband left her and ran off to Idaho.

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