3:45 p.m….Ok, Steve played with the colors in the pic of Beth and me, and got it to look much better. How’s this, Doug?

Cindy and Bethany 11-18-07

2:55 p.m….Would you like to see pictures of people that need something more productive to do with their time? This is the Miss Tiffany Universe Contest held in Thailand in 2005. It’s a transvestite contest. 

 desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2

Rachael posted a slide showof their anniversary dinner last night. The restaurant is decorated for Christmas, and it’s beautiful. The slide show is neat…I’ve been watching it over and over. But you know me…I love pictures.

I’m still getting comments on yesterday’s post. Sue…yours cracked me up.

Beth and Rachael are having lunch at Chick-Fil-a today. Then they are going to watch movies at the apartment. Yesterday I just completely forgot to take the anniversary gifts I had for them, so Beth is taking those with her.

By this time next month, Michael and Holly will be married….Dec. 16. It will be a beautiful wedding. She’s using a deep red for her decorations. Michael and Holly were both in Brandon and Rachael’s wedding.

This is from Ethan. I would sure like to see some pictures of him while he’s over there (hint, hint ). (Click on each one to make it larger.) I just included his signature because I’m proud of him.

Some pictures from our mission the other day…

Ethan N. Moritz, SSgt, USAF
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
332nd Expeditionary Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight
Balad AB, Iraq

Iraqi pics 1 Nov 2007 Iraqi pics 2 Nov 2007

Iraqi pics 3 Nov 2007 Iraqi pics 4 Nov 2007 Iraqi pics 5 Nov 2007 

One thing I am praying for concerning Ethan (other than his physical and mental safety) is that he will get enough restful sleep. I just don’t think a sleepy man messing with bombs is a very good idea. (I should have started praying for the mental part a lot sooner!  ROFL  …..that was just too easy…..)



16 thoughts on “

  1. Hi,
    Yes, Hall is my married name.  His cousin recently did a genealogy thing.  Right now I cant’ remember what state they came to NC from.  We have a book of his genealogy that was done this yr. 
    BlessingsPatty H.

  2. Looks good… :goodjob:The magic of digital photography. :laugh:Interesting how “red” ๐Ÿ˜ก and “yellow” :lookaround: have fallen out of favor with the PC crowd, when they are actually the more accurate colors of the four. An what about blue ๐Ÿ˜ฆ green :wha: or pink :p ? :ROTFL:

  3. And having said that….somebody’s going to point out that blue is my favorite color.
    But there really are people whose skin appears to be blue. In my genealogy studies, I’ve run across many families who are descendants of these people, mostly in Kentucky, but also in West Virginia. It’s blamed on many generations of inbreeding. But when you get right down to it….all races can be blamed on many generations of inbreeding. That’s how people of a particular region began to look similar.
    Here is an article on the Blue People of Kentucky:
    And the explanation:

  4. Olive skin is brown with yellowish tones. I don’t really know why they call it olive. I got the yellowish tones to my skin, but light skin color. When I get a tan, most people don’t even know it :giggle:

  5. I almost clicked on that link…rather not! Glad I saw what it was about before I clicked on it!
    By the way, that’s cool that Ethan shares us these pictures
    What is his rank currently?

  6. ๐Ÿ˜† Jimmy….you didn’t want to see the contestants? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ  Somebody sent me an email today with pics supposedly from that contest, but I checked Snopes and could not find anything about it. So Steve found the link above. The pics from the email do not appear to be from the contest, but the “women” in the contest do look remarkably female.
    What is his rank currently?
    SSgt, USAF   Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force

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