My Kids in Christmases Past

NOT HAPPY WITH XANGA AT ALL RIGHT NOW!! When you watch the video, at the end, “related videos” come up. And a whole string of them are porn videos. I DO NOT WANT THAT GARBAGE ON MY SITE!! I have already gone and rated every stinking video on that site, and they still come up. I’ve already messaged John, but maybe some of you who don’t like that stuff can complain, too. (EDIT 1:45 a.m..I think I finally got those videos off, but it took me rating them, Beth rating them, and then me going to the moderator page to rate them. But if you post any videos on your site, be careful. Watch what comes up at the end.)
If you ever come across any of these porn videos on Xanga…and there are many….tell me. We can rate them away. Those over 18 can still see them with proof of age (you have to have a credit card registered with Xanga for proof of age). But they should not be out there where any child browsing through the sites can see them.
11:00 p.m….Roni, my cousin’s wife, just sent me something neat. I sent her those 2 pictures of Beth and me at 21, and she morphed one into the other in a video. Wow….it really makes it obvious that we look alike. That was really neat. I’m going to try to upload it here.
Beth actually got to stand on her injured foot to take a shower today. She hasn’t been able to do that in 4 weeks. And yes….she’s had a shower in the last 4 weeks, for those smart alecks out there. She posted about it.
8:20 p.m….These aren’t Christmas pics, and they aren’t my kids, but I couldn’t resist. I’m still scanning pictures to send to my cousin’s wife, and I found these. Who are these people??
This is Steve and me, June 24, 1979:
Steve & Cindy 6-24-79
And this is Steve, we believe in the spring of 1978. He had gone up to Holland, Michigan to work on the plans for his 5 year high school reunion. Beth was really laughing at this one.
Steve Spring 1978
Bethany’s first Christmas, 1986…..
Beth's first Christmas 1986
These are of the beautiful snow we had on Christmas Eve 2004. It was lightly dusting cars when we came out of the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church. Brandon was trying to gather enough to make a snowman. But before midnight, it got pretty heavy for southeast Texas. Everybody was outside having snowball fights.
Brandon gathering snow Beth & Candice 2004 Rach, Beth, Brandon 2004
The first one is one of the pictures we put in the slide show for the wedding….Brandon’s first Christmas 1981 (he’s still got his mouth open like that a lot  ). The second is Brandon at a Houston Lighting & Power Christmas party (probably 1984):

Brandon's first Christmas 1981  Brandon and Santa
Bethany… on these to make them larger. The first 2 are 1988 (age 2-1/2). The third is at 5 years old, so it’s 1991, and the fourth is 2000 (age 14):
Christmas again 2 Christmas Beth age 5 Beth2000 
Christmas Day 1990:
Christmas 1990
Brandon and his candy canes. A distant cousin wanted to know if this was genetic. This is Christmas Day, 2002. He was 21.

candy canes 
And Beth, also in 2002. I think her American Indian heritage shows in this picture. She was 16.
 Beth Christmas 2002



25 thoughts on “My Kids in Christmases Past

  1. Hey!  re: Beth looking like you – The photo of you and your sisters with the things your grandmother made for you – I thought that WAS Beth.  The resemblance is that you have the same nose, mouth and chin.
    My grandmother told me that I looked like her mother from the nose down!  Nose, mouth and chin – but that my eyes were more like my father’s. 

  2. I see that American Indian heritage … my sister has it, too. We have Cherokee somewhere back there. Angie can go out in the sun :sunny: for 5 minutes and come back 6 shades darker. Me? Fair with freckles … :hmmmmm:

  3. Hi, Renee…..I thought maybe they locked you in the store or something. It’s been a while :giggle: If you saw Beth and Steve next to each other, you would definitely think she has his nose. But the eyes and mouth are mine, I guess.
    Laura & Christy, I have one sister, Laurie, who when she was a little girl, looked just like an Indian princess. Especially in the picture of her with pigtails. Laurie and Tammy both tan extremely easily and I don’t. I tan a little, but the only way you can tell it is to see the places that don’t tan. I had freckles, too, when I was in elementary school….along with the red hair. Not fire engine red, just strawberry blonde.
    Both Brandon and Beth got Steve’s ability to tan. He has very reddish skin that tans very well. I suspect quite a bit of Indian heritage in him, but he was adopted, so we’ll never know without DNA testing. Brandon’s arms and neck get very dark every summer because he is in the sun a lot. I’m thankful he tans like that, because burning all the time is quite painful.

  4. :ROTFL: Oh, no….I didn’t forget. But I also don’t try to hide it. I was blonde when I was younger and as my hair got darker, my own mother wanted me to color it. So I did. And I still do. But now it’s not the dark I’m trying to hide….it’s the gray. :what: :giggle:

  5. It does, Connie. I’ve watched it over and over. I just think it’s neat. She managed to get the noses and eyes exactly in the same place so they appear not even to change when it morphs. :so-cool:

  6. American Indian Heritage???
    Didn’t know that, but I can see it when you say it…
    BTW, the video morph was interesting! You both are simliar!
    I didn’t see nothing negative after the clip was done; glad for that though, really

  7. Hi, Jimmy…..I’m glad you didn’t see the videos at the end. I think I finally got rid of them.
    Yes, we actually have quite a bit of American Indian heritage in our family. Genealogy is my thing, and far more people have Indian heritage than most people know. Many don’t have any idea it’s there. And since in years past, it was not good to have Indian heritage, it was hidden, making it even less likely that people will know about it now. Rights were taken away from Native Americans much the same as from blacks. In fact, in Virginia many years ago, laws were passed that classified Indians as black, in order to rid Virginia records of Indians. That’s how much they were hated.
    We have Cherokee and Creek, that I know of. But Steve was adopted, and he comes from a group of people who were quite a bit Indian. So we will only know his exact heritage if we do DNA testing. But that’s about $300, so I don’t think we’ll be doing that any time soon. :laugh:

  8. I’ve been on a rating frenzy. My little sister has a Xanga, and she had people soliciting her for porn related Xanga pages in her comments. I’ve made SURE that all of those accounts are now rated for explicit content.

  9. RYC : Thank you for adding your comment to my post, it was right on!And for your video situation, thank you for mentioning that .. because honestly I don’t think I would have paid attention otherwise! I think my heart would have dropped in my stomach!

  10. That picture of you and your daughter is amazing!  How did she “morph” the two together like that…..that is really neat!
    Have you still been getting the global footprints?  When I read your post, I checked on mine and didn’t experience the same thing you did.  Hmmmmm……

  11. I’m just now going back and reading some of the past posts I’ve missed lately with my hectic life.  Ahhh, Jennifer got the same kitchen set as Bethany one Christmas!  Off the top of my head I have no clue what Christmas is was.  I’d have to go back and look at pics to find out and no time for that.  Have a good one!

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