Who are these people?

6:55 p.m….Heh, heh….I just bought the gifts for Beth and Rachael to give Holly at the lingerie shower tomorrow night  I’d tell you what it is, but Holly sometimes reads. I doubt she has time, this week, though. She’s trying to finish up her nursing school stuff and prepare to get married.

The guys are getting together Saturday night. It will be mild…these are Christian young men. Nobody will be jumping out of cakes or anything.

And Beth….Matt will be here. He’s coming in Saturday.

3:00 p.m….Well, eventhough Beth had the leave papers signed by the doctor saying she could go back to work today, they told her today they can’t schedule her again till she brings in an actual work release paper. The assistant manager over her was not happy that personnel was requiring that. So I called the doctor, and Beth is gone right now to get the work release and take it to Walmart. Amanda (the assistant manager) wanted to schedule Beth for 7:00 to noon tomorrow, but can’t until she brings the work release. So I just called Amanda and told her she’s gone to get the release now.

And if you Google “Christmas Caturday”, Steve’s blog is the first thing that comes up

2:40 p.m…Bethany went back to work today. She was supposed to only work till 2:00, but she isn’t home yet. I hope she’s not having trouble getting somebody to relieve her so she can come home. That’s a common problem. She posted about being scared to go back today.

Merry Christmas

I shared this with Renee last night, so I thought I’d share it with everybody. It’s about the article I posted below. There are many instances of people who decided not to abort when that was recommended.

My grandmother was very ill when she was a young married woman. Part of her problem was lingering effects of having contracted malaria several times. She was pretty much bed-bound when she was carrying her first baby, my uncle Bubba, who just died in October. When he was little, her mother-in-law cared for him a lot because Nanny was so sick (they lived next door so it was convenient). Then Nanny got pregnant with my mother, and the doctors told her she would not be able to carry another baby. They urged her to abort. But Nanny had strong Christian beliefs, and believed it was wrong to kill a baby growing in the womb. She told them that if God wanted her to have this baby, He would take care of her and the baby.

So she struggled through, and gave birth to my mother. She went on to have one more child, Krista, who is the mother of Ross (the helicopter pilot) and Jill (the cousin with cancer).

My mother went on to have 4 girls, who all married and had kids. All our lives never would have existed if my grandmother had done the one thing the doctors told her she had to do. None of us have done heroic things (except for Ross…he did some heroic missions in Afghanistan), but we’ve touched other lives in one way or another.

How many brilliant doctors who could find a cure for some disease, have been aborted because their mother did not want a baby? Because it wasn’t convenient then or she did not want to mess up her figure? How many people had great things to do, but did not get to do them, because doctors predicted they would be born with some kind of malformation, and told the parents to abort?

God has a plan for every life. All we have to do is obey Him. Every little life is still a miracle, and God is the only one who has the right to call a life home.

Ps 127:3-5…..3 Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.  4 Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands.  5 How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!  NLT

Prov 17:6…..6 Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. NIV

Ex 20:13…..13 “Do not murder.”

Go hereto see some 3D ultrasound images of unborn babies. The 4D ultrasounds also show movement.

I’m not going to post these here because they are shocking, but if you are brave enough, go here  and  here to see babies that have been aborted.  This one shows the relative size of the baby in an early abortion.

blinking merry christmas

I was looking through old pictures and found this. This was taken 5 years ago….October 19, 2002, at our pastor’s daughter’s wedding.

The Hartmans 

Heisman Trophy Winner Was Almost Aborted

 Family News in Focus

‘Because of her strong Christian faith, she chose life.’

If doctors had had their way, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow wouldn’t be here today.

Pam Tebow, mother of the Florida Gators quarterback, was given drugs to counter amoebic dysentery she had contracted as a missionary in the Philippines.

“They were telling her that these drugs were going to cause irreversible damage, that he was going to have devastating disabilities,” said J.T. Finn, director of Pro Life America. “Because of her strong Christian faith, she chose life, and that makes her an incredible hero.”

The annual Heisman Trophy is awarded to the best player in college football.

Former New York Giant Chris Godfrey shudders to think of the millions of Tim Tebows who aren’t here today.

“You just have to wonder how many good things did not come into our world,” he said, “because of our unwillingness to say ‘Yes’ and to trust in God.”



6 thoughts on “Who are these people?

  1. HOLY COW…… we were all so skinny in that picture…
    There were 3 of cashiers today. Emily waited until the last minute to take her break, so I went head and stayed so Cheryll wouldn’t be alone, and then EMily was late coming back. That’s why I was late.

  2. When I got there tonight, Brian was the cashier again. Then when I checked out, it was Emily and Tristen. I didn’t particularly want to check out with what I was buying…with Tristen. Or Brian. I waited in Emily’s line eventhough it was longer. And she had a migraine tonight.

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