Holly and Michael’s wedding day


 Holly and Michael, November 18, 2006 at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding:

Holly and Michael

Shortly after 3:00, they will be husband and wife. Holly will be a nurse and Michael enters the police academy next month.

I’m remembering when Michael was little. Whenever I saw him, I would act like I just could not remember who he was. It would just aggravate the fire out of Michael until he’d tell me his full name and where he lived. Then the next time, we’d do it all over again.

I was there when Michael was born, and I can still see it. He was born 9 months after Bethany and he weighed exactly the same thing she did…9 pounds.

Holly and Michael have been together since they were 13 years old, so we tease them about really being married already. She’s already part of the family.



3 thoughts on “Holly and Michael’s wedding day

  1. Wow, they look like they could be brother and sister.
    I pray your weather warms up for this wedding.  We are bitterly cold tonight, but the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.  That will be the first sunny day in over a week.  This entire past week of being without has been cold and cloudy every day.  I’m ready for a little sunshine.

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