The Wedding

 The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It was outside, and it was cold, but there was not a cloud in the sky.

During the ceremony, they did something I thought was really neat. The pastor talked about how Holly and Michael had done things properly and in order….and had saved themselves for their marriage day. Several years back, Holly’s dad had given her a sterling silver ring, as a true love waits ring. The pastor had her take off that ring and give it back to her dad. I was already crying, but that really got me. She always wore that ring on her left hand until Michael gave her the engagement ring. Today she put that ring back on for the ceremony and they used the engagement ring as her wedding ring. She has a white gold band that she wears while she is taking care of patients at the hospital.

The pastor also spoke about how both Holly and Michael come from families that have many, many long-lasting marriages, so they have good examples before them. My parents have been married 52 years (on Dec. 20). Michael’s other grandparents have been married nearly 50 years. Holly has one set of grandparents that have been married over 50 years, and the other grandmother was widowed in her 40’s, but never remarried. Holly’s parents will be married 29 years next month, and Michael’s parents (my sister) will be married 23 years next month. We’ve been married 28 years. Another sister just celebrated 25 years of marriage. He thought it was excellent that we are all married for keeps.

Click on the pics to make them larger. The second picture is those same 3 guys that were in Brandon’s wedding pictures…only this time they don’t have sunglasses on.

Wedding Gazebo   Michael, Justin and Brandon  Rachael   Bridesmaid's roses

Holly  Holly  Bethany Groom's parents 

Frances & Randy  FlowergirlsHere comes the bride  Father and bride

 Giving the bride away  The kiss  Mr. and Mrs. Arnold  The wedding party

In the last picture in the row above (the wedding party) the guy on the end is Holly’s brother-in-law. He is in the army, stationed in Hawaii, and has been home from Iraq less than a year. The smallest flowergirl is his daughter. Holly’s sister was the matron of honor.

 Bride's cake Groom's cake Rings Rach & Brandon

Brandon told me that Michael built the police car on the top of the groom’s cake. He put it together and then printed decals on the computer on clear labels.  It had the lights flashing on the top of the car. 

The first picture in this row is Holly, her sister Krista, and Krista’s daughter, Victoria (the baby flowergirl).  The second is my sister’s family now. The third is nephews Adam and Vance. I told them they looked like hit men.

Krista, Victoria & Holly The Arnold Family Adam and Vance

And no wedding is complete without the decorating of the get-away vehicle:

truck 2 Beth and Steve truck 4 truck 3

Holly is deathly afraid of roaches. Brandon told her he was going to get a fake roach and put it in the truck. She told him he better not, so he did the next best thing….he drew a roach on the window on her side of the truck.

The roach truck 3 truck 1 brothers

And they’re off on their honeymoon….

leaving for the honeymoon We're off!

THIS  is the song Holly chose for the recessional after the ceremony. Kind of different.

The security guards at the wedding took off ahead of them in their car with the lights and sirens going.

And Brandon and Justin were standing up there with tears rolling down their faces during the ceremony   They did it at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding, too.  We’ve got some really soft-hearted men in our family.



12 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. I’ll have to share the pictures I have also and we can exchange some. I missed a lot of the guys only pics since I was hanging out with the girls the whole morning. I would also like to get a copy of the sunglasses pic =) My man looks sooo good in that tux =)

  2. Just for the record…I liked the recessional song.  Josh’s good looks and low voice are bad either!  πŸ˜†    Hum….I wonder if he is married?  I wish the newlyweds all God’s best!

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