Need lots of prayer….


Shoe Giveaway at S.C. Schools Called Unconstitutional

 Family News in Focus

‘Americans United has once again used its bully tactics to try to prohibit a worthwhile effort.’

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is threatening two South Carolina school districts with legal action if they continue to allow a church-sponsored shoe giveaway.

Laces 4 Love began in 2001 after founding members noticed schoolchildren wearing shoes that didn’t fit or were inappropriate for cold weather. The group has distributed more than 12,000 pairs of free shoes to students throughout Edgefield and Aiken counties.

The Alliance Defense Fund is offering free legal defense to the school districts.

“It is unconscionable to deny needy schoolchildren new shoes simply because the group sponsoring the program is a religious one,” ADF’s David Cortman said.  “Instead of honoring acts of human kindness through this program, Americans United has once again used its bully tactics to try to prohibit a very worthwhile effort.”

Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries, said the culture makes it difficult for Christians to do the good works Christ commanded.

“This is a ministry reaching out in Christian love, and if I had the opportunity to give these children shoes, I would be first in line to do it,” she said. “But we’ve always got the Left standing in our way and trying to block righteousness.”

skating santa

Soooo much to think about right now and decisions to make. There’s a LOT of praying going on.

Steve was contacted yesterday by a headhunter, to see if he would be interested in a postion at another company. He had an interview today, and they want him… now if he could swing it. He would be making way more money (as his base pay) than he does now. He’s made quite a bit in overtime this year, but the base pay of the new job would be even more. Let’s say 6 figures. And the hours are way better. Not nearly as much overtime. He’s not getting any younger

If you guys don’t know, he does emissions testing at power and chemical plants, to make sure they are not polluting the air too much. In this area, that’s a BIG business.

The office is just minutes from the house. And he would most likely be driving a company vehicle when he’s on the job.

On top of that, there are many benefits: health/dental insurance, more vacation than he gets now, the standard list of paid holidays, 401K with matching company contributions, disability insurance. There’s very little traveling, but he doesn’t do much of that now.  He would be a project manager. He’s not even going to get to take all his vacation this year because they are so busy, and he won’t get paid for it, either. He’ll just lose it. He writes lots of reports on tests now, to send to the state. On the new job, somebody else will write them, and he will just have to review them and sign them.

I know….it seems like a no-brainer. But the problem is the people he works for now are almost like family. And if he leaves, they will be hurting, because he is the only one that knows how to do some of the testing he does. But these people have been warned by him for a long time now, that they need to get busy and hire/train more testers, and change the way they do a few things.  

He would be the manager of a testing team, which needs a few more members. So he’d have some input in hiring his team members. He will also have to train new testers. This company has state-of-the-art equipment which would make the job much easier.

It’s a big, scary decision. And we need to know what God wants him to do. I’ve been praying specifically for blessing in the financial area. This may be God’s answer. But that doesn’t make it any less scary.


24 thoughts on “Need lots of prayer….

  1. Regarding my post and the kids reading it, no.  Trey doesn’t really get on the computer yet, and Olivia’s on restriction due to some not so great grades. 
    I will be praying for Steve and the job.  OK, gott go do hair and make up…the big show (oops, I mean work) starts at 8:00!

  2. It isn’t, Doug. I wish it was. And he did just recently get a raise. With his overtime this year, his income is not far below what he’d be getting there, but at the other job, he would not have to work quite so much overtime.

  3. :sunny:Well hello, nice to meet you. Yes, this is a lovely area and I am so thankful that we found a home here.I have been to Texas many years ago in the San Antonio area and yes it is flat but very pretty as well. I wouldtruly miss these mountains. I pray that God sends you comfort in your decisions as to what your husband will do.His job sounds very important. My husband works for TVA and with our power source here in the Tennessee Valleyand parts of Ga. his job is very important to and they have been short handed as 3 have retired which left him to train and work many long over time hours. 16 hour shifts can surely get to a 50 year old whew…but we are very blessed,God has always provided for us.  I wish you & your family a Merry Christmas may God bless you all.

  4. I’ve been meaning to ask….who is Ethan?  I’ve seen lots of pictures but didn’t know exactly who he was.  WOW about the job!  That sounds like a great opportunity.  Pray that the company he works for now either hires someone (so you don’t feel so badly) OR gives him more than the other company offers!  We pray that you will have wisdom and God will show you and Steve what to do!  Bless you!

  5. Hi, Stephanie…..he is a friend of ours in the Air Force, and he is in Iraq right now…for the 3rd time. 😥
    Linda, that is my son and daughter-in-law. They got married Nov. 18, 2006. People have said that they look like they could be brother and sister.

  6. I will pray for you and Steve that the Lord leads you to make the right decision.  I’ve been so sick with the worst cold I’ve ever had 😦  I am finally feeling better.  Blessings, Jill

  7. That is outrageous that the American for the Separation of Church and State is going at it again, this time with this charity event
    RYC: Gas near where i live is about 3:17 a gallon

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