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8:55 p.m….I started this update a good while ago, but got side-tracked by a phone call from my mother. She wanted to tell me another cousin has cancer again.

Greg is 47 and this is the 4th time he’s had cancer. At about 20, he developed Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He survived, but it was rough. Then a few years later, he developed a tumor on his brain stem. He had it removed at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, the same place he was treated before. The doctor removed the tumor and they did radiation. But the doctor did slightly damage a facial nerve, and one side of his face droops slightly. He’s had some surgery to try to correct it, but the problem will always be there. The doctor apologized for damaging that nerve, but if he had not removed the tumor, Greg would be dead.

Then about 10 years ago or so, he developed thyroid cancer. That’s common after so much radiation to the head. They removed his thyroid and he’s been fine.

But now he has a tumor in one kidney and one in his jaw. The are planning on removing the kidney. I’m not certain yet what they will do with the jaw tumor. The doctor said these tumors were also caused by the amount of radiation he had for the other cancers.

So please keep him in your prayers. He is married and has 3 young children.

We had a good service this morning. We had a guest preacher. Some of us that went caroling Friday night surprised our pastor by singing The First Noel. He did not know we were going to do that. We are a very small church, and we don’t have a choir anymore. Bro. Herb would love it if we did. So today we came close to having one. The problem is that in our church, if we took the choir out of the congregation, there wouldn’t be but a couple of people left in the congregation. Ok…that’s a slight exaggeration. There would be 3 left.

After church, our family went to Casa Ole. Beth and Rachael have been craving the green sauce there. And Mexican food is always ok with me. We joked around with our waitress, and had a good time. Brandon told a story that cracked us all up, and people were looking at us kind of funny. It happens often.

Then Steve and I went shopping. I still had a few small things to pick up. I didn’t have stocking stuffers yet, and I needed something for my mother (I knew what I was going to get…I just hadn’t gotten it yet.) So we went to Macy’s and then Walmart.

At Walmart, I saw Beth’s former stalker, Robert. He’s the one that use to show up at our house unannounced. He also use to sit across the street from our subdivision and watch her leave for work. He did not immediately recognize me, but looked at me like he knew he had seen me before. So I said, “Hello, Robert,” which made him look at me even funnier. Then he knew he had seen me, but couldn’t place me. I said, “Remember me….I’m Bethany’s mother.” That’s when he got the look of recognition…that “oops” look…and said, “Oooohhh….Merry Christmas!”  And he walked off, kind of in a hurry.  

We have a Christmas Eve candlelight service tomorrow night at 7:00. Beth and I are both singing. We’ll open gifts here at our house after the service tomorrow night, and then go to my sister’s house (Heather) for Christmas Day.

I’ve got lots of baking to do. Have to make pies and praline pecans. Beth is baking cookies for their Christmas party at work tomorrow. It sure smells good.

Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas 

The  Arlington Wreath Project:

Some day I would love to go to Arlington and get a picture of my great-uncle’s headstone. He died in WWII.

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9 thoughts on “Old posts and other stuff

  1. Prayers for Greg.  My husband and I did some last minute shopping tonight and are now watching Amazing Race.  The only thing left to do is cards and one more gift for Paul’s niece.  I am off work tomorrow so I will be making fudge and baking Christmas cookies. Blessings, Jill

  2. Hi, Jill…..I’ll be making fudge tomorrow, too, and cookies. We’ll have snack stuff for dinner tomorrow night after the candlelight service, along with fudge and cookies. Then I’ll bake pies for Christmas Day.
    Hi, Kerri…..I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

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