Happy Friendiversary

5:20 p.m….I know you hear all kinds of bad things about Walmart in the news. But our Walmart did something incredibly kind for one of its workers today, who needed a helping hand. When Beth told me, it just brought tears to my eyes. If she wants to share more, I’ll let her do it. Names will be protected. (And no,  it was not Beth that they helped.)




Happy “friendiversary” to Ethan and Bethany. That’s her term for the anniversary of the day she met a friend. It’s been 5 years since they first “met” online…..Christmas Eve, 2002. Our lives haven’t been the same since! ROFL


Beth Christmas 2002  Bunny ears


Bethany Bethany singing

 Bethany  Ethan  Nov 2007 

desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny     desert heart stone tiny

Sorry, Ethan….I put more pictures of her because…she’s just cuter than you.   (Yes, I have a biased opinion!)

jawdrop7rg        Cat tongue

silver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glitter

I just finished making Vance’s Christmas present. He loves pecans. At Thanksgiving, he picked all the pecans out of a piece of pecan pie and ate them. He said he didn’t like the rest of the pie…just the pecans. Well, coming out of a pecan pie, they are coated in sugar from the Karo syrup. So I made him his own…..

Praline Pecans

2 cups brown sugar, packed……….1/2 cup water……….1 teaspoon vinegar……….1 stick butter or margarine……….5 cups pecan halves

In saucepan, bring sugar, water, vinegar and butter to a boil on medium heat. Add pecans. Continue to boil on medium heat, stirring constantly, just until liquid has evaporated, and sugar mixture completely coats pecans….about 15 minutes. Pour onto foil covered cookie sheet until cool. Break into pieces. Store in covered container.

This doesn’t make what we think of as pecan pralines…where the sugar mixture gets hard and crunchy around the pecans. This mixture just coats the pecans, and the pecans can still be separated into individual nuts. It is delicious.  


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