New Pics of Ethan in the big sandbox….

10:00 p.m….Some of my family and I have been emailing tonight. I posted last week that my cousin Greg, has cancer for the 4th time. We heard he had a tumor in a kidney and his jaw. Turns out he has an egg-sized tumor in both kidneys, and the other one is in his throat instead of his jaw. His sister said she is going to North Carolina (that’s where he lives) to see if she is a match to donate a kidney.

One option on the throat tumor is to remove it and part of his tongue. He would still be able to talk. The other possibility would leave him unable to talk.  Please pray. Greg is married with 3 kids. He’s 47 and owns a company that contracts out nurses to hospitals. I just emailed his sister to see if she has some recent pictures she can send me.


Got these this morning…(*doing my happy dance…*)  I saw them before I left for church, but did not have time to reply to the email.  So when we got home, I asked him, “Oooooo….who’s the cute guy in the uniform?”    (They’ve been cropped slightly, but you can still see an expanse of sandbox.)

December 30 of last year was when we found out he was home from the sandbox after the last tour.

I didn’t ask him if I could post them, but I know he knows I’m going to when he sends them…right, E? He’s alive and still appears to have all the proper body parts, so I’m happy  (I sometimes ask if he’s still got all his fingers. After all…the boy plays with explosives…) EDIT: We even emailed for about 20 minutes tonight, so now I’m really happy. Thanks, E.



 After church, we went to eat at Applebee’s. Won’t be doing that real often, because the bill for 5 of us was $85. That was the first time I had been to Applebee’s and it was good.

Brandon and Rachael were telling us all about the light show at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. We might all go next year. It sounds really impressive. And I love their music.

I sneaked a kiss in with Brandon today after church. He was playing the piano, and therefore was occupied and not paying attention. So I walked over and smacked him on the cheek. Usually he fights me, but his attention was elsewhere. Then when we left Applebee’s and were stopped at the light, I blew him a kiss. He just kind of nodded with a slight grin on his face. I love embarrassing him. It’s one of my greatest joys in life

Beth found this video on YouTube. It’s from the concert Brandon and Rachael went to Thursday night.



10 thoughts on “New Pics of Ethan in the big sandbox….

  1. So glad Ethan is doing OK.  He’s in my prayers.  I love Applebees, but it can get pricey.  We went to Outback Steakhouse last night with our friends and we each had $50.00 gift cards.  Therefore, the dinner cost us $5.00 per couple.  It was yummy.  Love that bloomin onion.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year.  What are you doing New Years’ Eve?

  2. Hi, Jill….we are having a dinner at church (the men are having a “cook-off”), then games and a movie. We are going to watch “End of the Spear.”
    Hope you have a good New Year’s Eve and wondeful New Year.

  3. So glad you heard from E. David’s unit leaves out right after the first of the year. They have been in pre-deployment training.  This really has David a little bummed out right now. He requested prayer for them yesterday and I could hear the sadness in his voice.
    Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers for my mom.  My theme song right now is One Day At a Time.

  4. Thanks, Carolyn. There are so many things that need prayer.
    Ethan looks good.   :yes: I just love a man in uniform! 😆 Can’t wait to see my nephew in his cop uniform :giggle:

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