We’re back!

We’re home. I’m editing pictures. We had fun. Tired. Here’s one…Bethany and Anna Fay:

Beth and Anna Fay

Anna Fay and Philip actually married in August 1957. But their 3 sons planned the celebration for today because one son lives in Boston, and he could not be here before this week.

Philip and my parents grew up together. Then when Philip dated and then married Anna Fay, they all became very good friends. (BTW Adam….both Philip and Anna Fay, along with Philip’s brother, Billy, went to Howard Payne University.)

Philip was a deacon in our church, and Anna Fay was our pianist and secretary. She also worked for the Pasadena School District. She retired in June 2003, and they moved to Athens, TX, where their youngest son and his family live.

Anna Fay always called Beth “Dearheart,” and frequently asked Beth, “Do you know how much I love you?” So when she retired Beth wrote her a poem called…Do You Know How Much I Love You? She framed it and gave it to Anna Fay at the going away party we had at church. It hangs right over Anna Fay’s piano. This is it:

Do You Know How Much I Love You?

 Gene and Ann (in the middle) were also members of our church for many years. Gene was a deacon and head of the Properties Committee. Steve has both those jobs now.

Philip, Ann, Gene, Anna Fay

Matt was the best friend of their middle son, Clayton. He was also one of the youth at our church, and is 2 years younger than me. He married Carrie in the late 1970’s:

Matt and Carrie

On the left is Clayton. He has Multiple Sclerosis and is most often in a wheelchair. On the right is the youngest son, Dennis.

Clayton  Dennis

Standing next to Matt is Philip Mark, their oldest son. He just turned 49. Two years ago in November, the week after Thanksgiving, his wife died of pancreatic cancer. He still wears his wedding ring. I was closer to him than any of the other brothers. We sang together a lot. All of us were in choir. He’s had a rough life, but Pat (his wife) helped him recover from alcoholism. She loved him while he struggled with it.

Matt and Philip Mark

This is (seated) my parents, who rode up with us today. Standing is Billy, Philip’s younger brother. He was also a member of our church, and….he was my 5th grade teacher at the elementary school right across the street from our church….Genoa Elementary. Anna Fay worked there and later at the administration building. Billy, Philip and my parents also went to school there at Genoa Elementary. They all graduated from Pasadena High School. We have a lifetime of history with this family.

Billy, Walter, Sherry

Their family is a large one, and they were not all able to be at the reception. But here’s most of the ones who were:

The Wickers

And ok….since you insist….one more picture of Beth:

Beth 12-29-07

Brandon and Rachael were not able to go with us. Rachael had to work.


6 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Yeah, go HPU! Thanks for thinking of me. I feel special. Sorry, I’ve been out of touch lately…it’s been crazy busy here lately with school being off for the holidays, working, and the girlfriend. I’ve been blessed by God!

  2. :heartbeat: :wave: Hi Cindy ~ Lonnnnnnnnng time noooooooooo see!! :yes:  It was a busy month. :heartbeat: Can’t believe that it will soon be 2008……WOW!! Where did the year go?  Enjoyed your post and pictures. **HAPPY NEW YEAR!**  ~Carolyn :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  3. Thanks, Carolyn. You’re not joking….I might have thought you fell off the face of the earth, if it were not for the emails 😆
    When I re-read that poem last night, I started tearing up again. You should have seen Anna Fay the night she gave it to her.

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