Happy New Year!

I just got an email from my cousin, with pictures of Greg and his family. He’s the one with cancer again. This is Greg, his wife, Leslie and their 3 kids: Noah, Christian and Alexis. The kids are miracles. The doctors did not think he would be able to have children after the chemo and radiation for his first cancer. Greg has trouble with the nerves and muscles in his face, since a nerve was damaged when doctors removed a tumor from his brain stem. The news I got this morning is that he has an egg-sized tumor in one kidney, a few scattered cancer cells in the other kidney, and 2 tumors in his neck and throat. He will have one kidney removed on Thursday.


Greg, Leslie and kids


We will be having a New Year’s Eve party at church. The men are having a cook-off. They’ve been playing this up for weeks now, about how they are such great cooks. But I happen to know that mostly they’ve gotten…ummm….let’s just say a little heavier….on their wives’ cooking. Well, except for Dave. They eat out all the time. Brandon is going to make chicken parmesan. Steve joked with everybody that he can fix a mean plate of crackers and “squirt” cheese, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He doesn’t cook. It will be dressed up some….cracker with a slice of sausage and then a decorative squirt of cheese on top. Some of the other men are making things like stew and chili.


So the men brag that they can cook….but not a one of them can really plan a get-together at the church. That still takes a woman….me. I’ve got to go shopping shortly, and get stuff for desserts, and make sure we have enough side dishes. I’ve seen one of the men try to plan a breakfast down there several years ago. It was a disaster. We ran out of food, eventhough I told him how much food he needed to buy (I cooked breakfast down there all the time, but would he listen to me?? Noooo……) Who in the world buys ONE package of bacon for 20 people? He thought just because it was a 3 lb package, that would be enough. Nooooo…..it was thick sliced bacon. There wasn’t even 20 slices in the package!  *Sigh*


Anyway…..I’ll take lots of good pics tonight. You guys have a happy new year!


There have been many, many times in 2007 when I may have

disturbed you

troubled you

pestered you

irritated you

bugged you


But today I just want to tell you that in 2008……






Cat tongue


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Great entry :ROTFL:  You’ll have to let us know who’s food was best.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  Enjoy and a Happy and Healthy.  Prayers for Greg and blessings too.  Jill

  2. Where’d my comment go????  Please let us know who’s food was the best!  Great post.  Blessings and prayer for Greg.  Happy and Healthy for you and your family!  Jill

  3. Sorry to hear about your cousin. That is difficult for them, especially the children. Will keep them in my prayers.
    Have fun with the party tonight. When we plan something at Church, Doug will start butting in and I just say “HAVE WE EVER EVER FAILED TO HAVE ENOUGH FOOD?!?!?!!?” He will:sigh:and say “no”.  Drives me nuts.

  4. :goodjob:We just watched (New Year’s Eve) the best movie (made me cry) …. it is a true story about a young man whose Grandma needs a kidney… you can guess how it goes from there, or watch it ~ A Gift of Love – The Daniel Huffman Story with Debbie Reynolds, Ed Marinaro, Elden Henson, Dan MacDonald, Allegra Denton — excellent! At the end of the story it gave a phone number to call and learn more about donating a kidney. :heartbeat: {{{hugs}}}

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