11:25 p.m….Just got through watching Mike Huckabee on Jay Leno’s show. I know some don’t like him, but for the life of me, I don’t understand why.

I’ve got a brisket (and a turkey) cooking in the oven. I’m cooking it on low heat all night, so it will be falling apart tender. It sure smells good.


 I went to the post office, the bank, and Walmart. I had several things to get at the store, but I left my list at home. I had to get tuna for Taz because she barfs up everything else. She has a sensitive stomach. I spent $80. Yeah, you’re right….I didn’t get a lot. I walked through the store trying to remember what was on my list. I thought I got everything.

I forgot tuna….the main thing I had to get. I went ahead and gave Taz canned cat food because she was hungry. It didn’t stay down

I’ve been trying to organize our utility/storage room. I think it’s hopeless. Several years ago, Steve enclosed the section of the garage just off the kitchen and made a room that was for storage, the water heater and the freezer. No tools. No junk. Guess what’s in there?  Whenever there’s something in the kitchen that shouldn’t be in the kitchen, and we have to clean up because somebody’s coming over, it gets stuck in my storage room.

Beth’s eyes are bothering her again. Several weeks back, we had to go to the eye doctor because she had abrasions on both corneas, and they were identical in both eyes. Strange. The doctor gave her drops for them, and they did get some better. Now they are worse again. She had to wear her sunglasses at work today because the light hurts her eyes so bad. 

There’s a pastor from a nearby church (Renee…it’s Bayshore Bapt.) who comes into Walmart a lot. His dad was our interim pastor many years ago. She told him people look at her funny when she wears her sunglasses at work. He said people always look at her funny and she just doesn’t notice it

I spoke to Michael when I was at Walmart. Now he’s really going to think I want him to date Beth. He told Beth I did, last time I talked to him. Anyway, Manuel was hitting on Beth, and Michael told him to leave his girl alone  Why is she always the center of attention with guys that wouldn’t pass the Mom test??

Steve’s on Google Earth looking at power plants and places he grew up in West Virginia and Michigan. We just found his aunt’s old house in Ashland, Kentucky. They live in North Carolina now.  I love Google Earth. Last night we were looking at the place where Ethan is stationed in Iraq. An information bubble said they have amenities like dancing lessons. I emailed and told him that if they offered singing lessons, he should take them  He declined my suggestion  Maybe they could teach him Amazing Grace.



2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Mike Huckabee does talk a good talk.
    One thing that I know is that while Governor in Arkansas there was a school consolidation issue that did not set well with the rural school districts. I really don’t know much about it, because I didn’t have any kids in public school and didn’t pay a lot of attention. Several schools in Arkansas had to close and this upset the people in those districts.
    At this moment he is my candidate.

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