So guess what Republican is the projected winner of the Iowa Caucuses, with 86% of the precincts reporting?

10:30 p.m….Some of the kitties thought they would help put away the ornaments. They aren’t really that much help  Blackjack thought he’d just step on over to the other box after he woke up Scamper:

Blackjack Scamper & Blackjack 

Taz decided she just had to have a nap. Blue and Domino were snuggling together on a warm afghan, while Wheezer was keeping an eye on everybody from above:

Taz Wheezer,Blue,Domino

The pictures are slightly blurred, because one of the problems my camera is having is with the autofocus.

7:00 p.m….My cousin, Greg, had his kidney removed today and came through the surgery fine. They apparently had to do a more involved incision because of scar tissue from surgeries when he had Hodgkins Lymphoma. His sister emailed me this afternoon. She said she would send more updates later.

5:20 p.m…..I’m going through old VHS tapes to see what I need to save. I’ve gotten sidetracked….I found the tape of our church homecoming in 1990.

“Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen.”

β€” Sen. John F. Kennedy, Oct. 20, 1960

Beth didn’t go to work today. Her eyes are really bad. She’s even wearing her sunglasses in the house because the light hurts her eyes so much. Her bosses told her yesterday that if her eyes hurt as bad today as they did yesterday, for her to stay home. They really do care about her over there. I wish I understood why in this past year, she has had more medical problems than she has had in her whole life. We went to the ER twice in 2007. She had not been since she was 10 months old when she fell and cut her head open. She has a scar above her left eye where she got stitches. Her cousin Michael (the one who just got married) has the same scar in the same place. They also weighed the same when they were born. They’re twins that are 9 months apart.

I’m just keeping my eyes open to watch for a reason all this is happening.  There is a thought that’s kind of nagging at me. I’ll just wait and see.

I do hope that she finds a husband who is patient with medical problems. Steve has loved me eventhough I have a ton of medical problems. But his dad did not want him to marry “somebody that’s sick all the time.” 

I thought this was funny:


Veterans’ Bill Of Rights

I support the following VETERANS’ BILL OF RIGHTS for issues that are not being adequately addressed:

  • The right to a mandatory rather than a discretionary mechanism for funding veterans’ health care, to eliminate year-to-year uncertainty that the funds they need will be there for them

  • The right to obtain full and clear explanation of all benefits and comprehensive assistance in obtaining those benefits.

  • The right to have a claim processed within six months.

  • The right to the fullest possible accounting of the fate of POW/MIAs and the right to be designated as POW/MIA.

  • The right to access state-of-the-art treatment facilities for traumatic brain injuries.

  • The right of National Guard and Reserve personnel called to active service to receive the same benefits as active duty veterans.

  • The right of disabled veterans to receive both their military retirement and VA compensation.

  • The right of wounded Reserve troops to be treated like their active duty counterparts until their claims have been processed.

  • The right of wounded veterans and those who have served in combat theaters to a comprehensive GI bill that provides full tuition, books, fees, and living expenses at any institution to which the veteran is accepted.


35 thoughts on “Huckaboom

  1. That’s just like when I went to the ER when you hit my nose with your head. The nurse did not believe that’s what happened. I know that he thought Dad hit me. It’s sad when they automatically suspect violence instead of an accident.

  2. Funny video, interesting comments (good  & bad) on YouTube. — I agree with the Vet Rights! :goodjob::yes: Sorry that Beth is having all of these health problems. 😦 I know first hand (as well as from other friends) that parents are suspect above all else when a child is injured, & quite often the staff of the ER, dr’s office, etc. are down-right rude to the parents. 😑

  3. quite often the staff of the ER, dr’s office, etc. are down-right rude to the parents
    :yes:  You should have seen the way the male nurse looked at me when I told him that my daughter had hit my nose with the back of her head. It was a “I know you’re lying,” look. And of course, my 6’4″ husband was right there with me. So of course he thought I was not going to tell the truth. It actually broke my nose. Beth was 3, and I had leaned down to kiss her goodnight. She was lying on her stomach, and she raised up for me to kiss her, and the back of her head made contact with my nose. Steve was downstairs and we were upstairs, but he heard the snap all the way in the living room. It broke right where the cartilege attaches to the bone. Fortunately, since the bone was not actually broken, it never swelled or turned purple.

  4. RYC: Thanks for pointing me to YouTube for the song but I still can’t get it to somehow imbed like your’s does.  Tell me what I am doing wrong.  All I ever can get to post is the link.

  5. That was really fast help!  You must really be a hawk on xanga.  πŸ˜†  Well, I finally got it to work.  I always forget about looking on youtube.
    So, how are Beth’s eye’s?

  6. That was a great video! lol πŸ˜† :lol:Its definitely a love/hate issue with trash the dress. You either love it or you hate it. We took Lindsay to SF and got her walking along the beach barefoot and walking around Treasure Island. It was fun. There is a company who will take your dress and make various things out of it one of them was a hand bag. It was really cool.My daughter Kelly has been sick alot the last few years and is sick right now!!Kerri

  7. I have problems with him on Illegal Immigration and Taxes. He’s for sending illegal kids to school on my tax dime, and he has a history of raising taxes when he was Governor. Other than that he seems more or less ok.

  8. guess what Republican is the projected winner of the Iowa Caucuses, with 86% of the precincts reporting?The second nut from Hope. :ROTFL:Guess which “fringe” candidate broke double digits and clobbered “Mayor: 9/11”? :goodjob:

  9. He’s for sending illegal kids to school on my tax dime, and he has a history of raising taxes
    I know…I’m aware of all the discussion on taxes and tuition. He didn’t ask anybody to pay the tuition for the children of aliens. It was only that those kids be charged the “in-state” tuition rate, IF they spent their high school years in AR, stayed off drugs and were in the process of applying for citizenship. 
    And I know this will make me unpopular with some, but I’m not always opposed to increasing the amounts we pay for certain things, depending on what it is, and how much the increase is. It entirely depends on the issue.

  10. I wondered how long it would take you to chime in.Yeah, I just got in. Was visiting an old friend from college so I’m having to play caucus catch-up.I was pretty sure you wouldBut of course. πŸ˜† My problem with Huck is the same problem I have with nearly every other candidate out there. He seems not to have actually read the job description for the job he’s seeking. Worse, of all the Republican nominees, he eerily seems the most likely to think the solution to any problem is to spend more money on it.I agree with Brandon that his tax record isn’t the strongest in the world. He’s never once adequately explained those tax hikes, either. Instead he ignores the question and talks about other times he didn’t raise taxes. I’m sorry, but if that’s as honest as the “evangelical” candidate (8/10 Huck voters in Iowa are self-described evangelicals) can be, we’re in trouble.I don’t mind his position as governor on illegals. Ya’ll probably know by now I support what many would call “amnesty” (although I wouldn’t call it that), and I really don’t have a problem with the program in Arkansas that Romney kept attacking. My concern is that Huck will try to do that at a national level, at which point the problem is the federal government (again) trying to get involved in education, which is a) unconstitutional and b) historically destined to fail (see NCLB, Dept of Education, etc). Likewise, Huck supports the FairTax (which is revenue neutral) rather than a tax system that would reduce government revenues and force spending cuts.Finally, Huck would “rather lose the War [in Iraq] than admit the mistake of being there,” which is an unwise and foolhardy approach to foreign affairs.So, my problem with Huckabee is that for all his populism, for all his evangelicalism, for all his conservatism, he really is about keeping the established way of doing things in Washington, which is tax more, spend more, or both, to solve any and every problem whether or not the government is authorized to do anything about it. And he doesn’t seem to care about recognizing and fixing failed policies.I call him the Republican Clinton, because their philosophies are virtually the same, just with different social mores. The Democrats saw through Clinton, the Republicans did not see through Huckabee. Which is why the Democrats will nominate a candidate for real change (Obama or Edwards), the Republicans will nominate a candidate for only superficial change (Huckabee) and the Democrats will win. And change we will get, but in the wrong direction. I want my party back.

  11. :yes: It makes sense. Well, it does to you anyway. :p What I should have said is I understand what you’re saying.
    I disagree on much of what you’ve said, beginning with Huck thinking no mistakes have been made in the war. I heard him in an interview say sure mistakes have been made, but it’s not a reason to pull out.
    They did note on the news that a lot of young voters, in the 18-29 age range, voted for Obama. I kind of want to see him get it, because there are a WHOLE lot of older Democrats who are not ready for a black president. They’d rather not vote than to vote for him, which will put the Republicans in front.
    Huck’s on Craig Ferguson right now.

  12. there are a WHOLE lot of older Democrats who are not ready for a black president.I really hope that isn’t the case. The only that worse than voting for Obama because he is black is not voting for Obama because he is black.I want Obama to lose because he is a Socialist. If race becomes the determinative factor in this election, that’s all we’ll hear next election, and again and again until someone is elected because they are black. Unfortunately, all but one of the Republican candidates can run on a “smaller government” platform. So if any of them actually defeat Obama, it will be “because of race.” The last thing this country needs is more baseless accusations of racism by racists. The standard GOP line on immigration and the Democratic line on welfare and crime aren’t helping any.3 more years. Then I can fix all this.

  13. I think is IS true, because I know some of those people. Now, they might not actually SAY that’s why they aren’t voting for him, but I believe there are a large number who just would not. And there are a lot of people who WILL vote for him just because he is black. There were a lot of women who voted for Bill because they thought he was cute. There’s no accounting for taste! The reason people vote for or against somebody isn’t always the best one.
    I agree….I want him to lose because he’s Socialist. And Democrat. Same thing. If he doesn’t win, we are going to hear that it is a racial thing, whether or not it actually is. If there is a racial difference, there’s always going to be racial accusations.

  14. I don’t think Huck or Bill are dopes, though. πŸ˜† Definitely, nuts. :rolleyes:But with neither can I cope. :whew:My tax dollars they both will grope.Will (did) I vote for either? Nope. :ROTFL:

  15. I don’t want to see the US elect someone named Barack Mohammed Obama. I have a real problem with that.
    I am not totally sold on Huckabee. He is the lesser of the evils at this time. The whole illegal immigration thing is such a mess. I just don’t know what to do about it. The word “illegal” keeps popping in my mind.

  16. I don’t want to see the US elect someone named Barack Mohammed Obama.
    Me, either.
    About illegal immigration….he is against it. I’ll just have to post what he believes in.

  17. If Bob Smith were the socialist candidate, and Allah Mohammed Hussein Achmed O’Rourke were the libertarian candidate (note the small “s” and “l”), I’d vote for the latter any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  18. Glad you liked it, April. I actually found that by accident. I was looking to see if I could find a video on what Huckabee supports as the Veterans’ Bill of Rights, and came across that.

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