I’m working on editing the slide shows on the left. I’ve taken out some pictures, and added some. I have to completely redo Rachael’s slide show because for some reason, it just disappeared off  E…there are no more photoshopped pics in yours.

I borrowed this video from Sue (wolfpacwife14). It’s really good. If you are a parent, it might bring tears to your eyes. Turn your speakers up.


Today was the deployment ceremony for Carolyn’s son (JusticeMom). He leaves Monday.

Stalker Airman  

6:00 p.m….Ethan…I’m thinking about you. (I know…you’re shocked. ) We just watched a show on the Military Channel about how they make the Andros F6A Robot. They said 80% of bomb squads in the U.S. use this robot. They took out a cooler full of red Kool-Aid with the water cannon. Cool.

 one special person

We had the monthly workday at the church today….first Saturday of every month. We got all the Christmas decorations taken down and put away, except for the Christmas tree in the fellowship hall. We’ll do that one later. We didn’t have a lot show up for it.

When we got ready to leave the church, I noticed I was missing my right earring. My heart just sank, because the kids gave me these earrings for Mother’s Day in 1987. They are polished gold  “wedding band”  earrings. (I’m wearing them in this picture. I wear them all the time.) I have pulled that earring out many times by accident, but always found it. I was afraid this time it was somewhere on the floor in HEB. But we went back into the fellowship hall at the church to look. I thought it was gone for good, but Steve found it on the floor by the serving tables. It had been stepped on, so it doesn’t look too good right now. The gold is very soft. I’ll have to take it to the jeweler to have it reshaped. But at least we found it. Gotta get better backs for those earrings.

I’ve been on the phone with a friend, planning a wedding cake. Our former pastor’s ex-wife got married again last Saturday, and they are having a reception next Saturday. I’m doing the cake. But I am having to make a small extra cake that is gluten free, because JoAnn has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Her daughter, AnnaLeigh, was hurt in a car wreck a few weeks back, and had surgery. She had a badly broken arm. She has been doing well, but right before Christmas, she managed to injure herself again. She was making peanut brittle, and some of the sugar mixture got on the same arm that was broken. It burned so badly that when they pulled it off, it took flesh off with it.

A couple of days ago, I ran across a tape of me and a distant cousin, singing at our church homecoming in 1990. If we can get that transferred to DVD, I’ll put that on here. Yeah…so you’ll have something to laugh at.

Yesterday was my youngest sister’s anniversary. They’ve been married 23 years. Her younger son just got married in December.

I need a nap.


5 thoughts on “Workday

  1. When the wind blew like this early last year we did have the top on it…it broke off after it blew away…so we didn’t have it on there…the wind is just killing me!!~! It is the only thing I totally hate about this place!

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