One Year

Check out the slide shows on the left, of Ethan, Ross and Tom. added a “Support the troops” theme to their lineup.

11:15 p.m….I’ve been standing on my head scrubbing floors. The grout between the ceramic tiles was awful. But now I have a headache.

Please pray for Beth. She is not feeling well at all, and can’t really afford to keep missing work. And she doesn’t really like to have to miss, because she knows they need her.

We’re also requesting prayer, that God will work in the heart of a girl she works with. Barb wants to start going back to church, but she’s had some bad experiences. Beth has invited her to ours, and she did say if she felt ok next Sunday she would come. She works 6 days a week, and is the primary income for herself, her husband and baby.


And for those of you tempted to think I already am an old lady with lots of cats…keep it to yourself     

5:15 p.m….I finally got all my slide shows to work. Now I probably just messed things up by saying that….

2:45 p.m….We just got home a few minutes ago. We went to Casa Ole for lunch but had to wait over 30 minutes for a table.

Steve hurt his back yesterday. He has a problem with herniated disks, and sometimes it will just pop and then something will be out of place. Then the muscles in his back will start to cramp to hold things in the proper position. It gets painful.

Beth went to Brandon and Rachael’s both Friday night and Saturday night, for movie nights. On Friday, she rang the doorbell, and the power went out  in the whole block  So don’t let her ring your doorbell.

I told Rach that Beth is coming over so much, I’m beginning to think they are setting her up with somebody. Rach said they are setting her up with Teddy. She said he’s very cuddly   I told Rachael that would never work, since Beth doesn’t like hairy guys 

Today is one year since Elizabeth died. Here are some old posts about it:

A Death in the Church Family         Amazing Grace

Elizabeth         Beth Likes Kisses         The Funeral


7 thoughts on “One Year

  1. hope she gets to feeling better. i have my youngest (2 1/2) just getting over pnuemonia. we spent so much time being sick since thanksgiving. it seems there are several viruses this year that have lingered for weeks on end. it’s crazy.

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