Cat herders

Business meeting reports are done. We have a little money left. That usually means I’ve forgotten to pay something, but not this time

chron gifted

Rachael called this morning and said she had to go to the eye doctor. She has a condition called “pterygium.”  Hers is not anywhere close to as bad as those pictures, though. The doctor said they caught it early. It’s basically caused by overexposure to ultraviolet light, usually in tropical or sub-tropical regions. Houston is a sub-tropical region. She has to use steroid drops. So now please pray for her eyes, as well as Beth’s.

Saturday the 19th is Rachael’s 26th birthday. We are going to grill t-bone steaks. She also asked for mashed potatoes, corn and homemade rolls.

I have to do the Treasurer’s Reports for the business meeting tonight. Ugg.

birthdays good for you

My Xanga footprints continue to be a source of amusement. And…it appears…a source of on-line game playing.  

This is what we do at our house. In fact, I just came in out of the cold, herding cats inside for the night.

My kids want to get out of the family business. But they helped us build it.  



10 thoughts on “Cat herders

  1. Good night sweet Cindy. Don’t let the bed buggies bite or Steve for that matter. God bless you.

  2. Have you guys not seen that before? It was a superbowl commercial several years back, and then it never ran again. I thought it was the best of all the superbowl commercials.

  3. RYC: Man, that’s crazy!  It’s a good thing you and Bethany happened by at just the right time.  It’s very kind of you to stop and help that family out.  We’re sure been experiencing the same care and generosity here as well.  Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  4. Herding cats … I’ve used that expression before, “Herding cats would be easier than …. (fill in the blank)” — but I’d never seen this! What a riot! Thanks for sharing. :ROTFL:

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