Busy weekend

Schlotzsky’s for dinner!

I wish I had a maid.

ins memory

Tonight we have the Bible Study. Then Saturday we have a wedding reception. A friend of ours got married on Dec. 29 in San Antonio, and the reception is this week.

Bethany was going to go to Jeremy’s basketball game Saturday morning, but plans have changed. See…Jeremy is in love with Beth. He even obsesses over her. And that’s not a good thing. His parents said they are so afraid that the only thing Jeremy will do during the game is watch Beth. Why couldn’t he be about 15 years older? He will be 10 in a week or so. Here’s Jeremy and Beth back in November:

Jeremy and Beth

From the Family Research Council:

Photo Finish for Voter ID Case

In a case with major implications for the upcoming election, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in a voter ID suit brought by the Indiana Democratic Party and the ACLU. Both organizations claim that the current law, which requires voters to present a government-issued picture ID on Election Day, imposes an unconstitutional burden on Indiana residents. To help alleviate the nuisance for the small population (1%) without IDs, Indiana allows voters to get free, state-sponsored picture IDs at their local DMV. The law even makes special accommodations for those who arrive unprepared on Election Day. Voters may cast provisional ballots then travel to their county seat within 10 days with the proper identification and validate their vote. If Indiana’s law is upheld, it paves the way for other states to impose similar rules and ultimately crack down on the voter fraud that has become so prevalent in recent years. Even Justice Anthony Kennedy implied that he didn’t consider the law unreasonable. “You want us to invalidate a statute on the ground that it’s a minor inconvenience to a small percentage of voters?” Attorney Paul Smith argued that some people would be required to travel as far as 17 miles by bus to reach their county seats. What a sad commentary on our nation. Has America, the torchbearer of democracy, whose men and women are fighting at this very moment on its behalf, become so indifferent to our freedoms that we wouldn’t travel 30 minutes to exercise them? Need we remind Mr. Smith what Iraq, South Africa, and many other countries have sacrificed to embrace the liberty Americans are so quick to take for granted? While I don’t underestimate the challenge this law presents to some Hoosiers, obtaining a picture ID is certainly a small price to pay for protecting the integrity of the democratic process.

Values Voters Continue to Mystify Press 

For being largely irrelevant, as some pundits claimed, values voters have received an awful lot of attention lately. Pollsters continue to pay the price for underestimating the importance of moral issues at the ballot box. To avoid future embarrassment, many are scrambling to understand the values voter culture so that they can better predict its movements. Yesterday, a new Harris Poll tried to identify what “moral values” actually mean to the voting public. Once again, researchers found that morality does matter to most people (85%) when deciding whom to vote for. Republicans are much more likely (63%) than Democrats (37%) to believe that moral values are important in selecting a candidate. Interestingly, voters seemed to associate that priority with the “personal characteristics” of the candidates rather than their positions on issues. “These findings show that [the media] must be very careful to assume that voters who feel strongly about ‘moral values’ are primarily concerned with issues such as abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage… or any of the other issues often associated with the Christian Right,” the survey concluded. Although the poll was meant to pigeonhole what many consider an enigmatic voting bloc, it proved a larger point. Unlike some Americans, social conservatives believe that personal morality should influence a candidate’s public decisions. This is a foreign concept for many in the liberal media who reduce values to a creed of moral relativism that has little or no impact on a person’s behavior–let alone a candidate’s. Until the media can reconcile its definition of morality with the Truth, this disconnect about values voters is bound to continue.

From CitizenLink:

Pro-Life Groups in Oklahoma Can Keep Funds from License Plates 

Abortion group went all the way to the Supreme Court in hunt for money.

The Supreme Court will let stand a lower court ruling that said a pro-abortion group in Oklahoma is not entitled to money raised from the sale of pro-life license plates.

In 2004, Oklahoma added Choose Life plates, which cost drivers $35 annually. Seeking a piece of the pie, the Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice sued.

Russ Amerling, spokesman for the Florida-based Choose Life, said the money — about $10,000 since 2004 — is of secondary importance.

“We’ve been telling them for years to stop suing us and get their own license plate,” he said, “but the only time they apply for a license plate is when the Choose Life plate is being or has been approved.”

Planned Parenthood has pro-abortion plates in Hawaii and Montana; they are outsold by Choose Life plates by as much as 8-to-1. Abortion groups have similar lawsuits pending in at least three other states.


3 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. RYC: No I didn’t make him pick up the crackers. I could have told him I couldn’t pick them up because I was so dang fat from all of the holiday food that I couldn’t bend over to get them.:p

  2. I like your excerpt about the values voters…
    I have heard from many people that UCLA Political Science department has a prestigious facualty on public opinion and electoral politics
    And one thing I’m so amazed is at how the press and the parties continually under estimate the power of values voters politics and the Christian conservatives in this country…
    Its one thing that suprises me time and time again how academia at UCLA have empirically and statistically demonstrate this important factor in elections and yet the REpublican party can even under mind their own good by not realizing this!
    I will do an entry sometime on xanga a long entry about 2004 election’s and how the Social conservatives vote alone was the deciding factor for Bush and not the indecisive undecided who voted….

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