The Reception

Carolyn  has posted pictures and a story about Shaun’s deployment ceremony.

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I’m editing pictures. Here’s my favorite, but it’s not of the bride or groom. I was standing on the stairs. It’s the only way I can get a picture of her without having to look up.


Ok, ok….here’s the bride and groom – Doug and JoAnn:

Doug and JoAnn

Here’s Bethany and AnnaLeigh goofing around. In the first picture, AnnaLeigh had commented about Beth being so much taller than her, so Beth stooped down to make her feel better (click on them to make them larger). AnnaLeigh and Beth were best friends many years ago, and were baptized together when Beth was 6. AnnaLeigh’s daddy (JoAnn’s first husband) was our pastor from 1989-1993.

Bethany & AnnaLeigh Beth & AnnaLeigh 

JoAnn has 4 children and Doug has 2. I could not get just one good picture with all of them in it, along with JoAnn’s mom. So here they are, in 2 pics….

JoAnn's family  Brandon W

L to R: AnnaLeigh (older daughter) JoAnn’s mom in the back, Bethany (JoAnn’s younger daughter), Caleb in the red shirt (her youngest son), JoAnn and Doug, Doug’s 2 daughters (I don’t know their names). In the 2nd pic is JoAnn’s oldest child, Brandon. She has a Brandon and a Bethany, just like we do.

Note to Doug G….Brandon is also in law school at U of H.

One lady there asked me to do a cake for a shower she is giving in April. I got so many compliments on how the cake tastes, I didn’t dare tell anybody it’s just cake mixes. I add extra eggs, but that’s all I do differently. Maybe there’s not that many people that actually make their own cakes anymore, so they don’t know what a cake mix cake tastes like.  And I make buttercream icing.

It was very crowded in that house. Beth gets claustrophobic when she is in the middle of that many people…and she can even see over most people’s heads. She has to get out because she feels kind of like she can’t breathe. It’s worse when you’re down where I am.



11 thoughts on “The Reception

  1. That’s a nice picture of Bethany.  :sunny:  And the cake looks wonderful.  I know that most people don’t make cakes from scratch.  Even a lady that Bill works with who makes cakes, decorates them for money uses mixes.  I can tell the difference.
    ryc:  I thought nobody cared what I had to say, since I posted that yesterday morning and I didn’t even have any footprints!  (Where’s the pity party smiley? – lol)
    have a nice rest of the weekend.  It’s very quiet with just the three of us again.

  2. (Where’s the pity party smiley? – lol)
    šŸ˜† Picture a little smiley with a teeny tiny violin. Yeah….I haven’t had much time to go to everybody’s site in the last few days.
    I use mixes, too, but I add extra eggs. But that’s what I mean…I think very few people even use mixes anymore. People at church are always running to Kroger or Walmart to pick up a cake for birthdays. WHY?? Mixes are so much cheaper, for crying out loud. And I don’t even like the store bought cakes. Why would a woman who struggles to make ends meet on $800 a month, shell out $20 for a store made cake? Makes no sense to me. That wedding cake cost me about $25 to make, and it fed 96 people. People are really lazy. :sigh: Ok…down off my soap box…..:giggle:

  3. :wave:I still haven’t put up all of the pix. I wanted it to be about Shaun & the other soldiers more than about Tristen! There is another pix that I will put up later, that is of Mike, Shaun, & me ~ it really does show the two of them – like 2 Peas in a Pod! (Ha… love that, since not one of my menfolk care for peas…what is it about guys?) I haven’t been in touch with Melissa and Tristen yet. My guess is that Tristen won’t miss him too much for the first week or two. She is so used to each parent taking off for training on different weekends. My 2nd guess is that after 2 weeks, she will wonder where he is. I plan to be in touch with her before that time though. Thanks for your love and prayers! :love::love::love:

  4. he always did like to argue a lotI’ve noticed that’s why a lot of people go to law school. :lookaround: :laugh: he’s going to SMUSMU ain’t a shabby program either. šŸ˜†

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