Beth, Kay and the Snow Day

Sounds like a children’s book, huh?

Beth is sick today, so she didn’t go to church. She’s walking more without her fracture boot now. She actually wore her real boots yesterday….both of them.

I found out this morning that Kay (our church member with cancer) has been told she needs hospice care now. When her sister and brother-in-law told me, tears just started rolling down my face. I couldn’t stop them. And now they’re starting again just typing this. She had breast cancer that she ignored. By the time she was diagnosed, it was everywhere, including her brain. She is on pain medication, plus the cancer is in her brain, so when she walks, she staggers. She is always so afraid that someone will think she’s drunk. Last week she came to church, and was apologizing for walking that way, and assuring us she was not drunk. I always tell her she does not have to worry about us thinking that.

This is Kay in July 2004. She looks very different now, having lost a lot of weight, and all her hair.


I don’t know how many people heard this on the news, but Friday, Baghdad, Iraq and surrounding areas  had snow  It was the first time it had snowed in Baghdad in 100 years. Here are some articles on it:

When Snow Falls in Baghdad

Snow Day in the Sands of Baghdad

So last night, Ethan sent pictures. He said,

“It didn’t stay long, but it was rather surprising to walk out the door and almost fall b/c it was snowing.”

Snow at Balad 1

It’s not much snow, but it is historical. Here in the states, we’ve been having unusual weather, too. There have been unusually warm temperatures through the mid-section of the country, where tornadoes have formed when a cold front crashes against it. Tornadoes in the north are rare this time of year, but one touched down in Vancouver, Washington on Thursday. That’s rare any time of year. People are perplexed by the strange things that seem to be happening with our weather.

Imagine how perplexed people will be during the tribulation when there are strange things happening in the heavens and with the weather:

Luke 21:25-28……25 “And there will be strange events in the skies — signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And down here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides.  26 The courage of many people will falter because of the fearful fate they see coming upon the earth, because the stability of the very heavens will be broken up.  27 Then everyone will see the Son of Man arrive on the clouds with power and great glory.   28 So when all these things begin to happen, stand straight and look up, for your salvation is near!”   NLT

None of these things will be a surprise to those who have read the end of The Book. 

He also said he is bored. They haven’t had enough IED’s to take care of. I said, “You know it just occurred to me…’re not getting enough IED’s and I’m praying for you to stay safe. Hmmmm……


5 thoughts on “Beth, Kay and the Snow Day

  1. I believe that we are seeing the last of the last days…..Jesus said these things would happen.  Isn’t it interesting that with the “global warming” there are record low temps around the world hmmmmmm 🙄

  2. :yes: That’s exactly what my son, Brandon, and I were talking about this morning. I told him it snowed in Baghdad and he said, “It’s all because of that global warming, you know!” 😆

  3. Just be there for your friend Beth. One day soon she will not need pain medicene. While you will miss her here, one day soon ( in Eternity time) you will both be together in a much better  place. For now, Concentrate on making the most of everyday and every breath.

  4. I too believe that we are in the countdown days before the end. I’m thankful for God’s gracious gift of salvation!
    Good advice from Linda, too. I am praying for your dear friend in her final days, that she might not be in too much pain.
    :love: & {{{HUGS}}}

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