How sad…..

8:10 p.m….Domino has a bad sinus infection and was running fever 3 degrees above normal. He now has antibiotics and nasal spray. We also got a humidifier to help loosen his congestion. But this is why we don’t go to the vet very often….their bill plus the stuff at Walgreens was over $200. Several times we’ve had bills twice that or more.

2:35 p.m….Beth just told me that she closed Manuel up in a box from a patio furniture set today. He got in the box willingly…well…sort of. She can get him to do just about anything.  Amanda (the manager) thought it was cool. Poor Manuel.

I got this from Jimmy Li (gideonrecon)…..

 And we let these people vote.  On second thought, they might not vote, because they would not be able to find their way to the polling place. Praise God.

I am getting ready to take a kitty to the vet (Domino). The kittens have had respiratory infections for a while, and have been passing it around. Now Domino is so sick, he can’t breathe. So Rachael said they had a 4:00 appointment open. Beth is going with me, since she only works till 2:00.

I’m sicker today than yesterday. And last night I started losing my voice. I heard that…quit cheering.

Beth has now lost so much weight that her rings are falling off. She lost one at church a week ago (Rachael found it). Yesterday I noticed that she is wearing her “true love waits” ring on her right hand, so I asked her why. She said it’s because she’s lost so much, it falls off of her left hand. I thought maybe it was because it looked too much like a wedding ring and it was throwing guys off  Her jeans are too big now, too. We gave her this ring at Christmas, 2004.

     Beth's ring 2 Beth's ring 3 Beth's ring 1

Song of Solomon 6:3…..“I am my beloved’s , and my beloved is mine…”KJV



10 thoughts on “How sad…..

  1. My one non-libertarian idea is that we really should make stupidity a capital crime. :hammer:My rings have been falling off my fingers, too. One lesson I learned: when you know your fingers are getting smaller, watch out for high-fives. :whew:

  2. we really should make stupidity a capital crime    :yes: :yes: :yes:
    watch out for high-fives. ๐Ÿ˜†
    I met a lady in the jewelry store last week that lost her wedding ring just brushing something off the leg of her pants. She did find it, and took it in to have it resized. I use to work with a lady that lost her engagement ring in the Gulf of Mexico. They were at Galveston playing volleyball, and when she hit the ball, her diamond solitaire flew out into the water. Needless to say, she never found that one.
    Cathy… started with her not wanting to walk down the stairs to get food when she hurt her ankle. Then she lost most of her appetite. She just can’t hold much anymore, and sometimes goes a whole day without eating. But tonight Steve went to get us Burger King, so she’s eating.

  3. Hope the kitty cat gets well soon.People are dumb.Congrats to Beth on the lose of appetite. Sometimes I wish I had no appetite. I’m trying to go on a diet…hopefully soon.

  4. It’s not easy, Adam. Of course, I get a little concerned that this much loss of appetite may mean something is wrong. But I know she ate good tonight!
    The kitty already seems to be getting a little better. At least he’s breathing easier.

  5. My 16 year old and I enjoyed the video!  How is the kitten?  We lost a dear friend, only 52 years old….so I’ve been busy with them the past three days.  Pray for the Cruz family.  He lost his job, they lost their home, then he had a stroke, the next week diagnosed with cancer and two more strokes caused by the tumor.  All of that happened within a month.  They have three sons, two daughters.  Their youngest daughter is 16 and pregnant.  The wife (widow now) is doing very well.  She has such strong faith through all of this!  It is amazing. 

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