Happy Birthday, Rachael

Here’s the first picture from dinner tonight at the Saltgrass Steakhouse, located on the Kemah Boardwalk. . I didn’t get many because Beth’s camera is messing up, too. I don’t know what it is with our cameras.

Beth saw some ladies from work there tonight.

Beth & Rach 1-19-08

Beth gave Rachael a card that had a birthday sticker in it for her to wear. It says:

“It’s my birthday, and I’m an incredibly smart, exciting, good-looking person.”

Rachael's sticker

The cake…..white cake, with buttercream icing on the sides, and fudge on the top. The restaurant added the candles. I told them it wasn’t nearly enough candles. (EDIT: Something I really like about Saltgrass…..when you bring in a cake, they will take it and refrigerate it, and then serve it when it’s time.)

Rachael's cake

We made her cut her own cake. Brandon was giving her a hard time, so when she blew out the candles, Beth told her to be sure to wish for a nicer husband

Brandon & Rachael

And this is what we gave her. It’s a display case for her wedding bouquet, but I added Brandon’s wedding boutineer, and the corsage and boutineer from the shower at church. The case is actually meant for displaying a football. I found it at Hobby Lobby.

Rach's gift

Her parents called her at midnight to sing Happy Birthday to her. She thought something was wrong for them to be calling that late. They said since she kept them up in the middle of the night 26 years ago, they thought they would return the favor  Good job, guys!

yellow rose sm

I called Saltgrass, and they do allow customers to bring in a birthday cake. So I’m making it now. It’s a white cake with fudge icing.  And it’s heart-shaped. Rachael will find a heart shape in just about anything.

yellow rose smbirthday cake yellow rose sm

Happy 26th birthday to our sweet daughter-in-law, Rachael!

Rach collage 

This is the first time Brandon flew up to Missouri to celebrate Rachael’s birthday, January 2001. One of the things he gave her was a 10 pound Hershey bar we found at Sam’s Club.

Hershey bar

We will celebrate tonight at the Saltgrass Steakhouse. We were planning on grilling steaks at home, but since I have been sick, I haven’t felt like preparing for it. And Saltgrass is gooooooood

yellow rose smyellow rose smyellow rose sm



29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rachael

  1. Hi, Carolyn! You got to be first :goodjob: Rachael is off tomorrow on her birthday, so she’ll be able to sleep late. :so-cool:
    Love ya muchlierestest! 😆 :heartbeat: :love: :heartbeat:

  2. I’ll sleep in too… :ROTFL: :ROTFL:Saltgrass is not just good…it’s amazing. Have you tried their cheesecake? Oh now that is the best.

  3. Well, I’ve been up with the chickens celebrating Rachel’s birthday! 😆 I’ve had a good cup of coffee and now I’m here on the Internet.  How long did Rachel and your son date???  They must have met in highschool.  How in the world did he meet someone who lived in Missouri???  My. my, my soooooooooooo many questions.  :yes: :yes: Welllllllllll, :sunny: RISE & SHINE :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:  **HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL!**  May you have a beautiful day and a wonderful time at the Saltgrass Stealhouse. :so-cool: :so-cool: :wave:  (Note to the birthday girl:  Get the most expensive meal on the menu, I’m sure your M-I-L wouldn’t mind.) :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  4. WOOO WHOOOO I’M 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks EVERYONE for the warm and loving wishes on this special day =) I LOVED sleeping in today till 11:40 am it was AWESOME!! How long were you guys able to sleep in? =) OK WELL YOU ASKED THE QUESTION IT’S LONG, lol =) (i even left out some to make it shorter, lol)I was trying to remember how long it took for us to eat that HUGE chocolate bar and it was awhile. I remember I made a lot of smores =) Brandon and I met over a chat thing called ICQ it’s kinda like the more popular today AIM or AOL instant messenger. I had a really fun time meeting people who shared similar interest with me. It wasn’t a dating messenger it was just an all around enter what you like and then it would search for similar likes. I had been also using it as a witness tool and was able to share the salvation path with a lot of people who ended up getting saved it was AWESOME! Then I remember I got this random message from a Prostreet383 saying he was a baptist and was surprised he had found another one on ICQ and it went from there =) We would talk to each everyday just as I would the others but there was something about this guy that was different. I couldn’t wait till I could get back on the computer to talk to him and always looked for his name when I signed online as well as got butterflies when his name came on. You can ask my parents it drove them nuts cause I would talk about this “Brandon” guy all the time while I was also to be doing schoolwork (homeschooled at this time). Somewhere along the time Brandon asked to talked to my dad and for a hour or so one night they messaged each other and it made me sooo nervous I wasn’t sure what was going on. Well then I got back on the computer and Brandon “asked me out” SO now we were bf and gf. Then we got to talk on the phone I still remember the first time we talked on the phone I was SOOO nervous. WE all prayed and wasn’t really sure where this was all going but I knew I loved hearing from Brandon all I could. We would stay up for hours on the phone. It was soo hard having a long distance relationship with someone that you loved but yet we still hadn’t met in person yet. The families then decided for my family to make a trip out to Houston, Texas to meet the Hartmans. So we took the trip in Oct 1999, i think. I still remember the long drive out here and then us meeting Houston freeway and getting lost and then Brandon having to drive out and find us in Webster. I still remember when we thought every S=-10 pickup truck was Brandon’s driving by the gas station that night. Then when this one pulled in all the sudden I got real nervous and was like “what am I thinking, we are really going to meet”. He stepped out of the truck and WOW I still remember all the feelings I had at that moment heart racing/pounding. It was sooo awkward having talked for over a year or so and now being in love yet meeting for the 1st time in person. So longer story shorter our familes hung out for a week and wonderful memories, then my family went back to Missouri. Then it was even harder to concentrate on my schoolwork now that we had met, lol. He came to my bday in January and brought me the choc bar, his first flight I need to find the pic I have at the airport. Then he flew home and I had to finish my schoolwork and then my parents said if it was God’s will to move to Texas I could. Well Brandon came up before my graduation and I flew back with him then stayed 2 weeks checking out Houston. Then flew back to MO graduated and him and I flew to Texas where I started my first job at a veterinary clinic and here I have been every since =) I love you Brandon Hartman =)

  5. 😆 Did you say all that in one breath? 😆 And you guys came down in October 2000 rather than 1999. It was at our church’s 105 year reunion.
    Loooooong story short…they met online. Rachael was still in high school. Brandon had graduated a year earlier than normal in 1999. They were both homeschooled.
    Something that was funny, though…..We always joked about not knowing if someone you meet online might really be somebody in Leavenworth trying to fool you. Sooooo……it was funny when Rachael’s dad and Steve finally talked on the phone, because Charles is indeed at Leavenworth. Well…..he WORKS there. He was in the Army at that time, but has since retired (still works at Leavenworth, though!)
    Rachael was having the same thyroid surgery that I had, and I kept asking Brandon how she was doing. He’d talk to her and tell me. So we kind of got closer at time, too. Her family and ours got to be friends from emailing and sometimes talking on the phone. We exchanged lots of pictures. And they came for a visit in October 2000.
    Rach had to go back to Missouri, but she decided to move down here in May 2001. She went to work at a vet clinic near us. Rach, I don’t know if you remember or not, that when we went to get the application, Charmel said they were not hiring. But very soon after that, they called her in for an interview. Charmel is the daughter of the vet at that clinic, and now she is a vet at the clinic where Rachael works now. She treated Domino the other day.
    The first time Brandon flew to Missouri to visit, I was so nervous. He had never flown. It was January 2001. I stood at the window of the terminal, just praying…I mean PRAYING!!!! If I could have gotten to that plane to lay hands on it, I would have. But I had to settle for God laying His hands on it. :giggle: Rachael flew down in May. Then in September 2001 EVERYTHING changed!!! Stupid terrorists!! I hated that I could no longer go to the gate with them, or with Steve when he flew somewhere for a conference. But I decided I would do the next best thing….I would always go up on the roof of the parking garage and watch the plane take off and land when it came back. So that’s what I do. I am always armed with the flight number and the phone number of the airline, so I will know how far out the plane is. Then I can be pretty certain which one it is when I’m watching them land. It’s hard sometimes, though, to know which plane is theirs, since at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, there’s only 40 bazillion planes landing and taking off at the same time. I always watch it till it gets to the gate and then meet them at baggage claim. Part of that is because I just love watching the planes.
    I even did that with Ethan’s plane the last time he was here. He thought we should just drop him off at the terminal door. Silly boy……:hammer: 😆
    And that Hershey bar…..it never did all get eaten. When she moved down here, she brought it with her. We all ate some, and stored what was left in the freezer. But it got to looking really bad, so I finally threw it out. It tasted awful by then. There really wasn’t much left, though.
    So they really “dated” almost 7 years before they got married, as much as you can date long distance part of the time. It had it’s ups and downs. There were times I thought they would not end up married, but they finally did. Brandon called me when I was out shopping 2 days before Christmas in 2005, and asked if it was too late to get an engagement ring! :what: He wanted to surprise her for Christmas. But we scrambled and found one we thought she’d like. And the rest is history.

  6. (I struggle to gain weight)! 
    Jimmy….I don’t think I want to talk to you anymore! (Ok..I’m just kidding.) We all gain very easily. If I could give you some of that ability, I would certainly share it with you.
    Have you tried their cheesecake? 
    Adam…I have not tried it, but cheesecake is my favorite. When we have eaten there, we’ve been too full for dessert.
    Our Sam’s Club carried a 5-pound bar at that time. 
    Doug, I saw a 5 lb one at Walmart one day. That 10 lb one was $20 just for one Hershey bar 😆
    How is Domino?
    Cynthia, he is actually starting to turn the corner now. He’s still sick, but doing much better. But now Steve is sick, just like me! :oh-no:

  7. Rachel/Rachael is popular in our family. I had a daughter named Rachel Elizabeth, I have a daughter named Bethany Rachel, and now a daughter-in-law named Rachael Marie. Her name is spelled with an “a” in it, though, so sometimes I have to stop and think about which name I’m writing. Also my great-grandmother was Martha Rachel.

  8. Mmmmm ….. that cake looks YUMMY! I really enjoyed reading all of the comments back & forth and the story of how Rachael & Brandon met, etc. :wave:And Rachael . . .  I got a good 8 hours sleep last night; and for me…. that is perfect!:goodjob: Glad you enjoyed your celebration, too!:sunny:

  9. Mmm… sure, cake sounds yummy. Tonight I made a modified (lower in W.W. points) cheesecake pie … using a recipe that I got from my church’s recipe book. It was yummy!! RYC: She’s precious. Thanks… I think I’ll keep her! :heartbeat: :littlekiss:

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