I don’t have a southern accent??

You have to see the video  that Beth posted. It is Brandon and Andy at Christmas, doing a….let’s just say different…..version of an old Christmas song.

After we ate, I left supper sitting out on the stove. That’s how I found out that Domino likes broccoli and cheese

martha stewart 

 How can this be?? Born in Houston, TX….lived almost 51 years in the Houston, TX area……

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North


You may think you speak “Standard English straight out of the dictionary” but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like “Are you from Wisconsin?” or “Are you from Chicago?” Chances are you call carbonated drinks “pop.”

The Northeast


The Midland

The South


The West

North Central

What American accent do you have?
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  There must be a flaw in that test somewhere.

On another note, I had another strange dream about Ethan last night. I dreamed that he called to say that he had quit smoking. But the voice wasn’t his…..it was Manuel’s. You don’t just hear Manuel speak….you experience it. It’s high and squeaky, and very little boyish.



45 thoughts on “I don’t have a southern accent??

  1. “You have a Midland accent” is just another way of saying “you don’t have an accent.” You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.
    I have lived in so many different places, one of which is southern Indiana. I always thought I talked to slow for public speaking.
    Hope you have a good Sunday.

  2. his voice would be deeper  :ROTFL: :what: Could be, I guess.
    Linda, I think that most people expect Texans to talk like hicks. :wha: Like Beth said when she was explaining why we don’t go to the monster truck shows….we have too many teeth and take too many showers for that  :what: :oh-no:

  3. Hi, Jill…..Domino is steadily getting better. Midnight is sick, too, so I’m giving her the antibiotics, too. Rachael said the cats could share their meds and just to call if I needed a refill. So any cat around here that so much as thinks about sniffling, is getting the medicine! :giggle:

  4. I have a ‘Midland’ accent, according to this.Unfortunately, every other person in the world asks me if I’m from the South. =/
    However, I’m proud to say I DO NOT pronounce it ‘warsh’.Although ‘ya’ll’ is often hard to avoid.Lol.

  5. šŸ˜† :yes: I say y’all all the time. My grandmother said “warsh” and “potater” and “termator”. :what: I don’t know why she said them that way. She was an extremely intelligent person with some college. It boggles the mind. :giggle:

  6. Here’s the way I answered the questions (starting with #3):
    3. Cot and caught are different.
    4. Don and dawn are different.
    5. Stock and stalk are different (believe me….I know the word “stalk”, right Ethan?)
    6. Collar and caller are different
    7. On rhymes with don. I actually pronounce it slightly differently, but they did not give that option.
    8. Mary, merry and marry…..I say them all basically the same.
    9. Horrible is not like either whore or hot.
    10. Pen and pin are different.
    11. Feel and fill are different.
    12. Yes….about sounds like loud.
    13. Bag and vague are not even remotely close to each other.

  7. šŸ˜† That’s ok. Do they have Chuck E. Cheese Pizza where you are? We have a friend that calls it “Chunky Cheese.” Drives me crazy. We’ve tried to tell her, “No…it’s Chuck E….Chuck is the mouse’s name.” But she never changed.

  8. that’s funny about chuck e cheese  daddy always pronounced arkadelphia (one if my college towns) “aekadelTHia” and said the “s” in “illinois.”  i think he did it on purpose
    i took a similiar quiz–it said i’m netral, but im not so sure.  it alsowed a map of the area my accent might be more from and it showed springfield, illi, so I def think that’s right. Since moving here I’ve picked up this nasally accent–I miss my southern twang though!

  9. When we moved to LaPorte, Bill’s aunt – the same aunt, the real estate broker – said, “Good, I’m glad you’re not moving to Pasadena.”  “Why?” I asked.  She reached over, moved my hair off of my collar and said, “Your neck’s not red enough!”:ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL:
    You do not have a pronounced southern accent.  Probably comes from living in close proximity to Houston.  Bill says it’s not really part of Texas – it’s more part of Louisiana!  šŸ˜†

  10. I said on rhymes with dawn, horrible sounds like whore, Mary and merry are the same but marry is different, I can’t remember how I answered 7.  But I just did it again and came out Inland with one answer and Philadelphia the third time.  :hammer::what::hammer:

  11. šŸ˜† Plenty of people in Houston have pronounced accents….Texas accents. I don’t have a southern drawl like a belle from the deep south, but when people from other states hear me, they definitely think I have a Texas accent. But you’re a Texan, too, so you probably don’t notice it. Tell Bill that Houston is definitely Texan. NO Louisiana! :laugh:

  12. I know – lol – the Texas part.
    I have a west Texas drawl, which is VERY different from an east Texas drawl.  And, yes, you do not have a drawl.  To me you don’t have an accent.  Connie does, though!  hehehe  Love you, Connie!

  13. I don’t notice accents that much, I guess. I hear them, but they don’t make much of an impact. To me, you didn’t sound any different than me. But the exception is our pastor’s wife. She’s from Minnesota. She definitely has an accent.

  14. I notice people’s accents and if I hear one that I can’t figure out, I ask where they’re from.  A lady came in our store and she was weird.  My “gut-o-meter” was going off big time.  She wanted to talk my ear off about everything and I kept asking where she was from originally until I got an answer that satisfied me.  She sounded Russian. 
    Back story:  I’ve sung in Russian and heard people from Russia speak both Russian and English.  The Belorusse lady who helped us with our Russian said that she had to do some research to figure out what would help us sound more Russian.  She said she found that English speaking people put their tongues behind their top teeth to make the “t” sound.  Russian speaking people put their tongues behind their bottom teeth to make the “t” sound.  Try it – it changes the sound – especially if you’re saying a russian word!
    Anyway, this loony-toon woman said she was “European.”  I didn’t buy that, but I was thinking German, French, Spanish, Swiss, Swedish, etc.  I kept asking her until she finally told me “Romania.”  Ah ha!  That made sense.  A couple of weeks later we were watching for her because she was going to garage sales and buying Container Store products and then trying to return them to the store for full price.  :steamed:
    I like accents.  It’s funny to me how people from New Orleans can sound like New Yorkers.  Think Harry Connick, Jr.

  15. then trying to return them to the store for full price.  :hammer:
    I hear the accent, but I guess one reason I don’t think much about it is because it’s so common around here to hear very different accents (or even completely different languages). Especially if you go out to the medical center. People from so many different places live in Houston now, probably more than when you lived in this area.
    I met a man from Louisiana once, whose Cajun accent was so thick, it was literally impossible to understand him. He was trying to tell me something, but for the life of me, I could not understand him. My mom and I were trying to set up decorations for a wedding at a hall, and he was trying to keep us out of “his kitchen.”
    Oh, and this has nothing to do with accents, but your story reminded me. I know someone who use to go to Walmart, buy video games for Christmas, take the game out and re-shrink wrap the package. Then he’d return it to Walmart. He also stole computers from NASA. He got fired for that. They should have locked him up. My sister almost married him once.

  16. “” My sister almost married him once. “”:ROTFL::ROTFL:  Thank God she didn’t almost marry him 2 or 3 times!!!!!!:ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL:
    Good Gosh!!!!!  That’s nuts.  NASA should have prosecuted him!!!!

  17. :ROTFL:
    Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t.
    Ok….many years ago, my sister was engaged to him. So she almost married him. How’s that? :hammer: :ROTFL:
    He ended up marrying another girl at church. They had 4 kids, and then he divorced her. He also abused her during the marriage.

  18. Maybe I listen more closely because I majored in French.  I don’t know why – I just like accents. 
    Maybe it goes with my interest in maps.  maps, places, peoples, languages, accents…. to me, they go together.  But, I’m probably weird

  19. I’m really tired – I’ll have to tell you why later – because I’m too tired to tell you now!  And I’m a little goofy because I’m so tired.  I’m shutting up now before I set myself up to be a target any more.

  20. What American accent do you have? I am going to guess that is because I’ve lived in various places.  I’m ok with the results, even though I’ve only lived in the West (CA) for about 3 years of my life (the first 3). BTW – You and Paula definitely have Southern accents! (and I love the accents, and the ladies with the accents!)  Paula Beth – doesn’t sound as Southern as either of you. Linda doesn’t sound as southern as either of you, but more so that PB.  JudgeJustice! :lol::laugh:  
     Your Result: The West

    Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you’re a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

  21. You’re right….PB doesn’t have as much of an accent as us.She must have gotten out of Texas in time šŸ˜† And I have not actually heard Linda. You have an advantage :goodjob: But I like your accent, too. :heartbeat: :wave:

  22. I wonder if you dream will come true ?? :sunny: Haha I have never and hope I will in the near future. It’s quite fun if my sweet dream really come true in reality.   
    It seems that I haven’t introduced myself yet lol
    i’m a sixteen-yr-old girl from Hong Kong. Have you been there? 

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