A quote from a relative of mine, shamelessly lifted from my CitizenLink email:

“Our devout and sincere acknowledgments are due to the gracious Giver of All Good for the numberless blessings which our beloved country enjoys.”   — President James Polk, 1846

Bethany has an admirer.

Stupid cat…..

Honey's purse

I carry a lot of stuff in my purse, but a cat is not usually one of them. This is Honey. (I obviously need to get a much bigger purse )

I guess God knew what he was doing when he caused me to be born in a state with lots of sunshine and heat. While I don’t care much for extreme heat, I need the sunshine. This cold, rainy, gloomy winter weather makes my depression worse.


I’m pretty sure Bethany has lost her mind. She’s been at Walmart almost a year. That might explain a lot.

It’s only about 3 weeks till Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day. I need to go ahead and get a Valentine’s Banquet planned for church. We don’t always have one, but a few people kind of expressed an interest.



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  1. Linda, apparently Sadie Hawkins Day is November 15 this year. Here’s the article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadie_Hawkins
    Many years ago, schools around here use to have Sadie Hawkins Day dances.
    And the tradition is that women can propose marriage on Feb. 29. Of course, that’s just one more opportunity for the guy to run 😆 If you want to propose this leap year, you’re gonna have get busy hunting. :giggle:

  2. RYC:  I don’t know how cold a well diggers butt in Idaho gets. I personally have never felt of one, but if it is colder than it is here right now, it is pretty dang cold. We have sunshine, the sun just turned off the heat.

  3. Thanks for your message….hi to you too!  I have been sooooo extremely busy this week so I haven’t been posting or messaging much.  I have alot to say though!!  :wave:  Stay warm!

  4. We just decided we’re both focused on school right now and work…so we’re taking a break for the time being…it was all a God thing.  I kinda missed being single…weird, huh? haha.  Nah, but we’re still good friends.  We talk often…just not as bf/gf often.

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