Hi, E….

Bible Study tonight. It’s nippy out, and rainy. And we’re still sick. Three of our people won’t be able to make it. (EDIT: They did make it after all.) But I we have canceled and postponed so many times, I think we should have it. When Steve has to work late, we have to cancel since he’s the teacher. But another couple so looks forward to these studies, that I don’t want them to get discouraged and quit coming.

We’ve been doing these every-other-Friday-night Bible Studies off and on for about 6 years now. It’s just a small group, but we enjoy the fellowship.

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Hello to a certain Air Force Staff Sergeant in Iraq SmileyWave 

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7 thoughts on “Hi, E….

  1. Our normal school day starts from 7:55 am – 3:30 pm. 8 lessons a day and provided with a 1-hour lunch. However, I usually leave at around 5:50 pm since we are used to chat and play with firends or attend other club events. I’m in the English Debating Team and currently are workiong veru hard with the competition hold tomorrow morning. I hope this may be a scuccessful round. I do want to win although the stance we’re in does not fair to us. i do believe that my confidence can be boosted if I can win. I do pusuit victory. Pray to me please. *I was in a tremendous pressure now*

  2. Well, I study in Arts Stream, which includes Chinese language, English language, Mathematics, Principle of Accounts, Economics, Geography, Religious study, Computer&Information technology. I guess there’s a huge difference between yours and mine, right? I know that it’s much free and flexible studing in America. BTW, What did you study before? I’m keen on that quite a lot.lol  Did you work ?

  3. :wave: :yes: :wave: Good morning, too, to that certain Air Force Staff Sergeant in Iraq! :sunny: :sunny: Hope it’s a wonderful day for you. It rained ALL NIGHT here in :sunny: California.  I think we’ve had about 5 days of rain đŸ˜¥ đŸ˜¥ Time to STOP, I say. :what:  Keep the faith. Blessings ~Carolyn :wave:

  4. It is sooooooooo cold here, too.  I believe we are going to have a dramatic warm up in the next few days.  I am ready!  Have a great time of digging in the WORD and fellowshiping!  Love ya a whole bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! paula sue

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