Just a note for your future use: When intending to use your digital camera, make sure you take the memory card out of your printer after you unload pics, and put it back in the camera

praying for our troops

Katelynn (Angela’s baby girl) and her great aunt Dorothy this morning:

Katelynn & Dorothy


Beth is having really bad pain in her foot today, and is wearing her fracture boot again. I think she has seriously damaged the nerves in her foot, which were already damaged from oxygen deprivation at birth. She said it even hurts to let the water hit it in the shower.

support our military    

Ethan…come home. You’ve been over there long enough!   (Pleeeeeeeease? Yeah…I still think driving the Washington Beltway is safer.)

I need a nap. I was up till 3:00 this morning finishing up the giving statements for last year, to give to every body at church this morning.



7 thoughts on “Katelynn

  1. :eek:Oh no….I am praying right now…Keep us updated, ok?  And what a precious baby!:yes:  Did I mention that my two babies are coming home tomorrow??????  Nah, I am not the least bit excited…:grin:
    With muchliest love–paula sue

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