Printing wedding photos….

It’s been a day. I went shopping at Walmart first, went to the bank, and then down to the church to decorate. Karen and I both decided we did not like the lights we were using, and needed to find more. These are actually the clear mini Christmas lights on white wires, to blend with the lattice panels. We needed more white, rather than use the greens ones we had. But Christmas lights are difficult to find this time of year, eventhough they are often used at weddings and outdoor decorations. We found one supply warehouse that had them…..on the other side of downtown Houston. So at around 4:00 p.m., we headed to Arne’s Warehouse… Houston rush hour traffic.  We didn’t do too bad…got back to the church on the south side of Houston by 5:30.

Don’t have much to show you right now, but this is the arch I decorated for families and couples to have their pictures taken under:

Arch 1   Arch 2   Arch top

That 2nd picture is a little blurred. Apparently the “image stabilization” feature on the camera doesn’t always work.


For hours now, I’ve been printing pictures from Brandon and Rachael’s wedding. At the Valentine Banquet, we are going to have a table to display wedding pictures, and I have never printed them for their album. Bethany is going to take them and make a memory album. But we have hundreds of wedding pictures on the computer, and I’m trying to decide which ones to put in it, edit them, and then print them. This is going to take a while.

This afternoon, I am meeting at least one other church lady to work more on decorating. Karen and I are working on putting more lights on the lattice screen behind a table. This is the screen we are redecorating, adding half again as many lights (white Christmas lights) and much more ivy. Then we’ll add red roses. This is from the wedding:

Wedding party table 

I’ll try to get some pictures today.



6 thoughts on “Printing wedding photos….

  1. Looking forward to enjoy your pictures.=] 
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