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Want to learn about long marriages? Go here. It’s a great story.

I forgot to tell you all earlier that Beth got to see all her boyfriends when we went to Walmart. It just made Valentine’s Day worth it  When we got there, we saw Manuel standing at the door. He said, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” in the sweetest voice he could muster. Then we saw Robert, the guy that use to sit outside our house and wait for her. He saw me first and waved. Then tonight when she went back to pick up her prescription, she saw Michael. He’s the one that told Manuel to leave his girl alone  So her day is complete

Walmart needs more choices.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


2:40 p.m…..We went for the follow-up visit at the doctor this morning. The MRI showed things we had not counted on. So we have major prayer requests. 

First, Bethany has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has had pain in her joints for years, and apparently developed Juvenile RA as a child. But no doctor has ever tested her for that. I remember about 8 years ago, the doctor giving her some exercises to do because of the pain in her back. I wish we had known then that she had RA.

I know from experience that you can live with RA. I have it, my mom has it, as well as many other family members. But the MRI also showed that she has some kind of a mass growing in the bone in her ankle, and she has to have a biopsy on that. The doctor said he hesitates to call it a tumor yet, because it could be some kind of a cyst. But she has to have a surgical biopsy to find out.

She was upset that the doctor didn’t just say it was a torn tendon, he could fix it, and this would be over. She has to go for a full-body nuclear bone scan next week.



27 thoughts on “Prayer request

  1. :heartbeat:Full Force Prayer… I will be praying for Beth… I’m so sorry for this report… but, we’re gonna believe the REPORT OF THE LORD… our God is a GREAT BIG GOD and He can do anything, so, I’m just believing for that GOOD REPORT… praying for healing…
    Love you all!

  2. I have either a bad modem or ethernet cable.  I came by earlier today, but my connection kept “breaking.”  Pain in the butt! :hammer:
    I prayed for them to find the problem and that they and God might be able to fix it.  What “they” can’t fix I’m praying for God to fix.  He is able!
    My great-grandmother developed ra suddenly in her 70’s, I’m guessing.  Cortisone had just been discovered (in the 50’s) and she was given 50 times the dosage that is given now.  She died of a heart attack caused by the side-effects of the cortisone.  I’ve had asthma since childhood.  Every time a doctor said they were going to give me cortisone my mom would go off a little and refuse it for me until the doctor would tell her – again – that the dosage was much less than what they gave her grandmother. 
    As far as I know, no one else in our family has had rheumatoid arthritis.  It was very strange – one day Yonnie was fine, and the next day she had it.  She died before I was born.
    I’ll be praying for Beth, for y’all and wisdom for her doctors.  Also, that that growth is really just a cyst and can be taken care of easily and as non-invasively as possible.

  3. @carrensey – Hi, Renee….Rheumatoid arthritis is rampant in my family, and so is an inherited type of Osteoarthritis that causes bone spurs to grow in all the joints. I have both. Almost 4 years ago, this same doctor Beth is seeing, told me I would probably eventually have to have toe joint replacement because of all the bone spurs. I did not even know they did toe joint replacement at that time.
    I don’t know what we’d do without the steroids. He gave her a Medrol dose pack yesterday. That’s a life saver when you have bronchitis. Brandon took larger amounts of prednisone when his colitis was so bad, and it really helped him. But he took it for over 6 months, 60 mg. a day. He put on 50 lbs. that way.
    Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated! :love: :heartbeat:

  4. @SingingMom – Oh yeah – I know.  My asthma worsened when I was a teenager and young adult.  I’ve had prednisone more times than I can count.  If I get sick – like I did 15 months ago – I get prednisone.  Mom was just freaked out about it when I was a kid because she associated the word with her grandmother’s death. 
    I can’t imagine taking 60mg.  I’m practically a potential axe murderer on whatever the lowest dose is that they give me.  I kinda went koo-koo the last 2 or 3 days on a dose-pack in the summer of 2005 when we were driving to Maryland.  I skipped a couple of doses because my heart was either racing or skipping beats or both.  It freaked me out.  But in the fall of 2006 when I got pneumonia, the prednisone didn’t effect me that way.  It must have been the meds and stress of the trip together.
    It definitely works, but has some undesirable side-effects.  And I will keep praying.

  5. @carrensey – 

     I’m practically a potential axe murderer……when we were driving to Maryland
    :ROTFL: Did Maryland’s axe murder rate go up while you were on the trip? It could explain a lot :what: :hammer: :ROTFL:

  6. Walmart having more boyfriend choices…soo not nice. :nono:  Bethany, I’m standing up for you.   I think they are being mean.

  7. @tallhpustinger – 😆 If you knew their choices, you wouldn’t say that :p She’s the one that came home last night and said she got to see them all that day.
    Wonder what aisle you find boyfriends on? :question: I saw somebody’s on the aisle with the humongous teddy bears, pulling them all off onto the floor till he found the one he wanted :what: :oh-no:

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