Back to the doctor

10:00 p.m….We are taking Scamper in to see the vet in the morning. After tomorrow, she won’t be in heat ever again

12:40 p.m….Bethany is not going to have to have a biopsy right now. The doctor read the radiologist’s report from the bone scan, and the radiologist said the injury was consistent with healing following a small fracture. Sometimes small stress fractures don’t show up on x-rays, but they do cause bone cysts, and that’s probably what happened with her. He did refer her to a rheumatologist for the Rheumatoid Arthritis, so she has an appointment next week.  Then she has to see Dr. Moss again in 3 weeks.

If this injury had not happened, we would not have known about the RA.

We have an appointment tomorrow morning with the eye doctor. Now that we know it’s RA, which causes Sjogren’s Syndrome, we know how to treat the eye problems. We just need the medication. Sooooo…..that means one more trip to a different doctor. He could have legally written the prescription for her eyes, but when a doctor writes a prescription for something that is not in his specialty, apparently pharmacies flag the prescription. That’s stupid. It’s probably all a scheme dreamed up by doctors, just so that you have to go in to see one more doctor, and write one more check.

She said she’s going to tell Dr. Moss that every time she sees him, she leaves his office depressed, so she’s just not coming in to see him anymore  She can tell him that in 3 weeks when we go back in to see him.

She just left for work. She really didn’t want to, because her eyes are hurting pretty bad today. She’s falling apart, and she’s not quite 22. At least she only has to work till 4:00. But she has to work with Manuel.

They have a new guy that works at Walmart. She said yesterday she kept catching him looking at her, and he wanted to know if she had a boyfriend. But this guy lives with his girlfriend! I guess he’s just checking out replacements in case his relationship doesn’t work out.

Beth’s friend, Clayton, texted her while we were on the way home, to say that doctors gave his grandmother about an hour to live. She’s 94, and had stopped eating 2 days ago. This is the guy she “met” through eHarmony. He lives in Salado, TX, is 33 and is a high school band director.

chick with brains

Beth goes back to the doctor this morning to find out the results of her bone scan. I’m sure we’ll find out today about when she’ll need to have a biopsy of the bone cyst.

A girl from church, Debbie, just emailed and said her uncle died just a few minutes ago. They expected it. They brought him home from the hospital yesterday, and he died in his sleep this morning.



11 thoughts on “Back to the doctor

  1. Cindy,
    I’m glad to hear some things went well at the dr.’s. God is good.
    God bless you my friend.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::sunny::heartbeat:

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