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10:00 p.m…..We just got home a few minutes ago. We had a special prayer meeting tonight for the revival. There was a small number there, but it was a good time of prayer. I don’t think there is any aspect of this revival that has not been bathed in prayer. It was a really good feeling to have that much serious prayer going on. This was the get down on your knees kind of prayer from the spirit.

Then Beth, Dave, Andy and I practiced our music. Andy is our pianist, and the other 3 of us are our praise team. Beth will be doing the special music Sunday morning, and it will be me Sunday night. We aren’t a big church with a band, but we are doing what we can with what we have. And God will use it.

This is the song we are opening with Sunday night. We use it in the Easter play as Jesus (that would be Brandon) comes back up to take his throne. We even do a similar little light show. This is Third Day and Agnus Dei:



I’m experimenting. Ethan…if you notice that I’ve been to your site multiple times, I have. I’ve been talking to Joseph, from the Xanga team, about the comment boxes that show up when you leave a mini. To me, they appear to be white, and if the text is white, you can’t read it without highlighting. I gave him some examples, and he said they appear translucent to him.

I have noticed that a couple of times, when I have left a mini on Ethan’s site, they first appear white, and then change to gray, which I assume to be the white combined with his black background. Somehow the white of the comment box does not seem to override the black. The boxes should appear translucent.

Joseph suggested it could be the browser, so I switched to Firefox, and they do appear to be translucent. I don’t want to hear it from those of you who have been telling me Firefox is superior. I don’t like the way my page looks on Firefox.

I just wondered if anybody else sees the comment box as white, so that you have to highlight the box to read it.


 Carolyn (RazeHell) has a good post today…..In the Beginning….

You Are a Colon

You are very orderly and fact driven.
You aren’t concerned much with theories or dreams… only what’s true or untrue.

You are brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything you know is well researched.
You like to make lists and sort through things step by step. You aren’t subject to whim or emotions.

Your friends see you as a constant source of knowledge and advice.
(But they are a little sick of you being right all of the time!)

You excel in: Leadership positions

You get along best with: The Semi-Colon


Eh….we all know how accurate these things are.  I’m not very orderly, but I’d like to be. I’m not that concerned with dreams, but I do like theories….if they might possibly be an explanation for a fact. I do like to make lists, but sometimes I forget where I put them. I often leave my grocery lists at home. As I get older, making lists is sometimes the only way I can remember things. Although I use to make to-do lists at work, in order to get everything done, and I was much younger then. I’m subject to emotion, just not whims very often. My friends don’t think I’m right all the time. In fact, sometimes they’re pretty darn sure I’m wrong…until they see that my way works and theirs doesn’t.   And I tried to change some answers to see how to become a semi-colon, but did not succeed.

We are having some computer trouble. We probably need a new video card. The one we have is not that old, but it was not the best one, either.

I wondered if all of you are aware of a fairly new feature. It’s the “reply” feature on comments. If you hit reply and then type a comment in reply to somebody else’s comment, it sends an email to that person that your comment has been replied to. It’s a handy feature, because that way you don’t have to keep going back to that post to see if anybody has replied to your comment. I was noticing that not everybody uses that feature.

Gosh….”France” sure likes 1) the wedding pics on my blog, and 2) pics of my kitchen.   


Dr. Dobson Outraged by California Ruling Banning Home Schooling 

Focus chairman calls it an ‘all-out assault on the family.’

A state appeals court has decided California parents without teaching credentials do not have a right to home-school their children.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling could affect up to 200,000 home-schooled students in the state.

“The court is guilty of an imperious assault on the rights of parents,” said Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. “How dare these judges have the audacity to label tens of thousands of parents criminals — the equivalent to drug dealers or pickpockets — because they want to raise and educate their children according to their deeply held values?

“The case before them involved one couple — the ruling should have been confined to that one couple, not used to punish an entire class of people, the vast majority of them religious conservatives.”

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, California is set to become the only state to deny the vast majority of home schooling parents their fundamental right to teach their children at home. The group will file an amicus brief in the case.

Dr. Dobson said Focus on the Family will do whatever it can to get the ruling overturned and to restore the basic rights of parents in California to determine how their children are educated.

“This is an all-out assault on the family, and it must be met with a concerted effort to defend parents and their children,” he said. “We will team with key allies and use every means at our disposal to make sure that not just every Californian, but every American, is aware of this miscarriage of justice. We will encourage them, by the hundreds of thousands, to make their voices heard on this matter.

“And we’re hopeful that, in the end, common sense and legal sanity will prevail.”

Dr. Dobson will discuss the ruling on his Friday radio broadcast.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the court’s timing is horrible.

“This takes away recourse from thousands of parents in California who want to escape the government-enforced indoctrination in public schools,” she said. “The Legislature recently passed a law that basically ensures that students get a one-sided, positive portrayal of homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage.’ “

We are asking concerned citizens across America to
sign a petitionasking the state Supreme Court to “depublish” the case, which means to apply the case to the family involved — not to all California families.


Exclusive Club Has One Requirement: 50 Years of Marriage 

Couples demonstrate to younger generations the importance of good choices.

Colorado’s Lawrence and Evelyn Tyree are part of an elite group of Americans: They have been married for 65 years.

Now they’re being recognized by Goldenaires, a group for couples who have been married 50 years or longer.

So what’s their secret to a lifelong marriage?

“Certainly the fundamental strength of a long marriage is to be in love in the first place — truly in love with each other,” Lawrence Tyree said.

Evelyn Tyree said: “We have been churchgoers all our lives, and I think that makes a difference, too.”

That message of love and longevity is what Ken and Barbara Boucher of Florida hope to pass along with the Goldenaires.

“We arrived at the name because we celebrated our golden anniversary, and we’re heirs of a wonderful life of 50 years together,” Barbara Boucher said.

Ken Boucher said: “We hope that we will demonstrate to younger generations the importance of making good choices in the beginning.”

Goldenaires hopes to develop seminars and support groups to encourage marriage.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit the Goldenaires Web site.


Temporary Insanity on Mental Health Bill

Yesterday, the House bill that would force businesses to provide health care for mental “conditions” like necrophilia, pedophilia, cross-dressing, and gender identity confusion passed by a comfortable 120-vote margin, 268-148. The legislation now heads to conference where the House and Senate will try to agree on some form of compromise before sending it to President Bush, who has already indicated that he would veto the House version. Although FRC doesn’t fully support the Senate bill, it does not mandate (as the House version does) that employers offer coverage to people who need therapy because of their extreme sexual lifestyle. We will continue to fight for the inclusion of a conscience clause, which would exempt businesses who find the long list of mental “illnesses” morally objectionable. Without an exemption, there’s a real danger that mental health treatment could be used as a loophole to provide coverage for abortion. For these reasons, FRC encourages you to contact your leaders and urge them to protect employers’ rights.


‘Gauled’ by Maryland’s PRC Smear Campaign 

Yesterday, Maryland’s Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on a bill that would require the state’s pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), or crisis pregnancy centers, to post a disclaimer about their services. SB 690 would force pregnancy resource centers to tell women who contact them that the centers are “not required to provide factually accurate information to clients.” Representatives from NARAL, who lobbied for the bill, cited a recent report conducted by young women who visited pregnancy centers posing as girls with unplanned pregnancies. In reality, the report was a weak attempt to disgrace the good work of PRCs. Senators were quick to question its validity based on its small numbers, and due to the fact that no real clients had been interviewed for feedback. FRC’s Director of Women’s and Reproductive Health, Moira Gaul, testified on the negative impact the bill would have on women’s health. In particular, she elaborated on how it would undermine the effectiveness in linking women to vital community, healthcare, and support services. Attorneys from the Thomas More Society, Care Net, and others spoke against the bill, citing its unconstitutionality and stating that it would never hold up in court of law. Scores of pregnancy center personnel also testified, including registered nurses, licensed social workers, medical doctors, and licensed psychologists to show that it would violate their professional ethics to provide factually inaccurate information to clients. In total, over 45 people came to testify against the bill. NARAL’s weak attempt to devalue the amazing services PRCs provide was clearly evident as the professionalism, compassion and care of PRC workers shined throughout the lengthy hearing.


Dems’ Indecent Proposals

Congress is getting a head start on next year’s budget after its knock-down, drag-out fight over the current plan. With the bickering over the FY08 budget lasting well into the calendar year, both the House and Senate Democrats are unveiling new proposals that could divide the parties even further in an already combative election season. Led by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), liberals have based their budget entirely on the assumption that President Bush’s tax cuts will expire, which would result in a massive, multi-billion dollar surplus for Congress–and the biggest tax hike in history for the American people. Although a lot is riding on the priorities of the next administration, the Democrats’ current plan includes massive spending on education, transportation, and energy. Adding to taxpayers’ misery, it looks like the powerful Congressional Progressive Caucus’s solution for the economy is socialism. The liberal group is pushing for a second stimulus package that would do nothing but stimulate its own welfare agenda. The Caucus’s budget would boost funding for food stamps, public works, unemployment insurance, and Medicaid spending by a whopping $40-60 billion. President Bush has promised to veto any bill that exceeds his spending limit, but don’t put it past the Left to wait the 43rd President out simply to make a political point. Unless the conservatives wage an all-out war for tax cut permanency, that political point will come at the economy’s expense.


Anthropologists Agree on Traditional Definition of Marriage 

‘A family is a unit that draws from the two types of humanity, male and female.’

There are two definitions of marriage in today’s culture — one of them has been around for centuries; the other is brand new.

Glenn Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family, said there’s a clear consensus among anthropologists.

“A family is a unit that draws from the two types of humanity, male and female,” he said. “Those two parts of humanity join together, create new life and they both cooperate in the legitimization of the child, if you will, and the development of the child.”

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder and president of the National Organization for Marriage, said gay activists want to change the definition of marriage because they say the traditional definition is irrational and bigoted.

“What does that mean down the road, if the idea that our ideas about marriage and about sexual morality generally make us the exact equivalent of bigots?” she asked.

“You can’t have a professional license in this country — you can’t be a physician, a social worker, a teacher, a lawyer, a psychotherapist, a marriage counselor — if you’re openly racist.”


Embryo Adoption Gives Couples a Chance to Become Parents 

An estimated 400,000 tiny embryos remain frozen in the U.S.

Couples who have had children through in vitro fertilization often are left with additional frozen embryos. Other couples who choose to adopt these embryos have a good chance of becoming pregnant. That’s according to a study published in the online journal Fertility and Sterility.

Of the women in the study who received donated embryos, 35.5 percent carried at least one baby to term. When women use their own frozen embryos, that number varies from 22 percent to 32 percent.

“We wanted to know the pregnancy rates were because that would be a very important thing to be able to tell a couple, especially since we’re trying to promote this as a life-affirming option,” co-author Dr. Reginald Finger said.

“The message that it sends us is, that if a couple want to adopt an embryo, they have got a good chance of having a baby.”

An estimated 400,000 embryos are frozen in storage in the U.S. Proponents of embryonic stem-cell research claim those embryos will die anyway and should be used for research.

Not so, said Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, medical director of the National Embryo Donation Center.

“We’ve had embryos that have been frozen for 14 years that have resulted in normal pregnancies and children,” he said. “We don’t have a time limit on how long these embryos can be frozen.”


25 thoughts on “From Focus on the Family

  1. My obligatory commentary: :goodjob:California Ruling Banning Home Schoolingparents without teaching credentials do not have a right to home-school their childrenYou give the state some power to regulate what goes on in someone’s home, and this is what you get. Complete erosion of civil liberties. The state saying a parent doesn’t have the right to educate their own child is absurd. But it it the logical progression of government invasion of personal sovereignty. Exclusive Club Has One Requirement: 50 Years of MarriageYay, a private organization promoting something good. That’s how it should be done.the Senate bill…does not mandate (as the House version does) that employers offer coverage”Mandate bad. Freedom good.bill that would requireSee above.boost funding for food stamps, public works, unemployment insurance, and Medicaid spending by a whopping $40-60 billion. Hooray, more welfare! Financial opportunities for the state to control people’s lives! See comment 1.President Bush has promised to veto any bill that exceeds his spending limit“Okay guys, you can only expand the welfare state this much!” Maybe President Bush should veto any bill that activists want to change the definition of marriage because they say the traditional definition is irrational and bigotedIt’s a property issue. Because of (ahem) state regulation of a “traditional” institution, reliance on the good graces of a welfare state has provided financial incentives to twist legal definitions. Apparently, given the push for a “Marriage Amendment” to the Constitution, a lot of people are fine with using legal definitions and making marriage a secular institution. At that point, however, restricting it to the traditional definition is a non-sequitur, and if you get the votes, marriage can mean whatever you want it to mean. For a comparison, see the “legal” definition of, well, just about anything, versus the “traditional” definition. 400,000 embryos are frozen in storageThere’s a great joke in there, I know it. It’s still too early to think of it, though. 😆

  2. RYC: YES I have a heart. The problem seems to be, the stress brought on by years of dealing with problematic deacons and their WIVES:love:  OH could I name names.

  3. I have three neices who were homeschooled, and I am very proud of them. One of them went to the national spelling bee two years in a row. These girls work hard and have wonderful personalities. Nothing wrong with sending kids to school, but nothing wrong with homeschooling either.

  4. @MrParadox – Doug….
    I don’t think the marriage/civil union thing is a property issue at all. Oh, that’s what it looks like on the outside. But the REAL agenda is to wipe out God’s definitions. God’s agenda. That’s Satan’s doing, and the people who are helping him along, either don’t know they are, or would deny there is a Satan…and a God.
    And the home schooling ban is not a new thing. It’s what we fought against when we first started home schooling our kids. When I first started teaching Brandon, it still was not clearly legal in Texas. The law was still kind of vague at that point. It was back when the Leepers were challenging the law in Texas. When I first started home schooling, people would ask questions about why the kids were not in school. Some understood…some didn’t. My father-in-law didn’t understand, and we were afraid he would try to take the kids away and say we were bad parents. That’s how adamant he was that they be in an actual “school”. I kept the kids inside during the day, because people would see them outside and think they were truant.

  5. I AM STILL HERE. havent’ been posting as often as i should…kids were sick….etc. but i will be up to par soon. i had just found out about the CA court rulings just before i came to your site, so i am forwarding the petition to everyone i know…thanks for sharing the link. it’s outrageous.

  6. @SingingMom – Trying the “reply” think this time…If they’re trying to “wipe out God’s definitions,” I say, “bring it on.” I don’t think God will go gently into that good night (to quote some famous guy). The preservation of God’s definition is a duty of God’s established system for God’s people–the church.The state, by definition and necessity, is a secular creature. It’s made up of non-Christians and Christians alike. I don’t expect the non-Christians to act like or even want to act like Christians. The problem is when Christians want to act like non-Christians. So the way to preserve God’s definition of marriage is for Christians to do it the right way–not force everyone else to.So legalize it? Why not? Approve of a church actually marrying gay people? Heck no. Banish Southern Baptist Churches that do from the Convention? All day long. :goodjob:

  7. @MrParadox – Why don’t we just let them legalize murder? What’s the difference? Oh, yeah….one’s a violent crime and the other isn’t. Or is it? We really screw up the minds of young people and children when we do not establish firm boundaries. What next? Legalize sex with animals? Why not….if it’s done in the privacy of their bedroom, and nobody else knows about it? :what:

  8. @SingingMom – Yeah, I remember those days.  Mark Levin (constitutional lawyer from the Reagan administration) talked about the decision on his radio program yesterday.  It was a State appeals court that handed down the decision, but it never should have been done.  As several point out, nowhere in the constitution does it say the state can mandate compulsory education.

  9. What is going on on CA is terrible for home schoolers.  I will be praying over that situation and all CA home schoolers.  We need to watch, pray and take action to prevent that from happening elsewhere!  :goodjob:

  10. @SingingMom – Exactly. One is a violent crime; the other isn’t. Criminalizing stuff that “screws up [insert favorite group to protect]’s heads” is a good way to start criminalizing everything. Including, apparently, home-schooling.The thing is, there is not a dichotomy here. The issue isn’t (despite all the punditry to the contrary) Christian vs non-Christian. The issue is freedom. I would be just as opposed to non-Christians passing laws restricting the freedom of Christians. But when the majority of the polity votes to change the legal definition of a secular concept (state-sanctioned marriage, in this case), that’s not a “war” on anybody, it’s a policy choice. Secular/pagan society is as old as dirt. But Christian movements to “reform” that society are relatively new. (The movements against slavery and abortion don’t count in those analysis, because the issue in those is freedom. See above.) Somewhere along the time of the first temperance movement, we got the idea that instead of bringing people into the church and letting Jesus change them, we should just pass a law and let the paddy-wagon change them. The church can end gay marriage and other sin-related activities in one fell-swoop, by leading a nation-wide revival. But as long as the church uses the police power as a crutch for God’s power, that won’t happen. When Paul went to Macedonia, he didn’t file a petition to outlaw fortunetellers. He just went and converted them. When he was thrown in prison, he didn’t file a writ of habeas corpus; he converted the jailer. When Paul went to Mars Hill in Athens, he didn’t demand that the Athenian government tear down the statues of the gods. He told them about the Unknown God. I think Paul is a pretty good role-model. :goodjob:

  11. RYC: So, since when are sweet things not nutritional?  I’ve lived on sugar my whole life!  Lol , I will admit since my metabolism has decided to die on me the past few years, I am starting to see some weight gain but not enough to give up the sweets.
    BBBs are pretty much done nationally by most centers.  With all things considered it is a pretty easy fundraiser for the amount of $$ donations.  We have raised almost $10,000.00 with only 13 churches participating and approximately 550 bottles returned.  We still have about 100-150 outstanding.  Most probably they won’t return.  Most PCCs hold this event in January, the three weeks leading up to Sanctity of Life Sunday.  The next most popular time is to hold the campaign from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  The church I met with on Thursday morning at Panera have an average Sunday morning worship attendance of 800.  I am thinking they will probably desire 400-500 bottles.  Now you may understand why I commented I am anticipating God to do great things with this church based upon how much we have raised already for 2008 with almost the same number of bottles.  Last year our combined total for both January and the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day total was $9500.00.  We have a couple of new large churches participating this year but we also lost a couple of our smaller churches from last year.  Last year we hand wrapped all the money.  This year a local bank is permitting us to use their change counter.  However, this requires a lot more trips to the bank for me as each church returns their bottles, especially when they trickle in 10-20 at a time.  I don’t know why people just can’t return them when they are told!!  But that’s the way it goes.  We have announced it the past couple of weeks at Bethany that the MIA’s (Missing in Action) baby bottles need to be returned as the bottles are an expense to the center ($1.50 ea.) and we are trying to be a blessing to the ministry not an expense.  We still have 17 not returned from Bethany.  Next year I think we are going to make people sign their name when they take a bottle and then cross it off when they return it so we know who to contact directly when they don’t come back.  The churches who have done this are the only churches that have returned all of their bottles that were distributed.  Honestly, they are so cute I think some people just decide to keep them.  That’s fine….lol…just send us your check!!!  Every year there is about a 10%  bottle loss.  Otherwise we use the bottles year after year, purchasing additional bottles as the requests from participating churches goes up and more churches come along side the ministry.  Now the next couple of weeks I will be sending out 100’s of Thank You’s to the donors.  Then it will be time to get the bottles ready for the May/June event.  Your church should seek out your closest PRC and participate next year.  I know you are a small church but every little bit truly does add up!  We had one new church plant that only requested 12 bottles.  I’m still waiting for them to return, but they will eventually.  The pastor’s wife is a ministry leader at New Life and also one of our Administrators at New Life attends the church plant.
    By the way…the MINI box is white on my screen and it also won’t let me comment in it to you.  So…I’m sending you some snow.  How would you like about 14″ ? And it’s still falling!  I’ll post some pics later maybe.

  12. @MrParadox – Marriage was designed by God. God said one man and one woman. God’s law trumps man’s law.
    God sent angels to Sodom and Gomorrah to give them one last chance to change their behavior. They didn’t….and God destroyed them so well, that it still is not known where they were. Although some are starting to get some idea. God does a good job when he destroys.
    Yes, we are to try to convert people. But we all know that isn’t going to happen on a huge scale. Even God says few are chosen. Few decide to give their lives to God. But just like with an individual, when a country obeys God, they will be blessed. God cannot give His blessings to a country that appears to be sanctioning what He says not to do. I am not saying that we should lock up every homosexual who has a private affair in his own home. But I AM saying that we must not appear, as a country, to condone the behavior.
    We bend over backwards, so to speak, to accomodate the gays in this country. We allow them to have “gay pride” parades, where they do things unimaginable in public. There are naked people having sex with someone of the same gender, right out in public in these sorry displays. If heterosexual couples did this in public, they would be hauled off to jail.
    Satan’s aim is to completely and utterly destroy the family as God created it. And he is doing a great job, because there are so many willing to help him.
    But then you and I disagree on God’s gift to us. I believe that God gave Israel to the Jews. Can’t argue with tthat…the Bible says so. And I believe He gave America to the Christians. You’ve already argued with that, and it’s your right. No amount of arguing against that belief will change my mind, just as no amount of argument from non-Christians that there is no God, will change my mind there.
    I am not talking about forcing everyone to obey the laws. That’s an impossibility. I’m not for an Inquisition. But I am talking about having laws in place that reflect Christian behavior and beliefs, that also give freedom to people of other religions to live here. But we cannot have utter freedom to do whatever we want.
    I believe that God has told us time and again to get our act together or we will be destroyed.

  13. @wolfpacwife14 – Sue, I would love some snow, but 14″ is a little bit of overkill, don’t you think? 😆 😆 :lol:Thank you for all the information on the baby bottle campaign. I had not heard of it in our area, so if it is done, it isn’t well published.

  14. @SingingMom – I don’t think God destroys countries anymore. Theologically, I don’t believe Sodom and Gomorrah is applicable under the new covenant. On the other hand…I think it’s applicable to the church. Churches that compromise will have a lot to answer for. That I’ve seen. Which is why I’m glad most churches still won’t marry gay couples. But that’s the appropriate avenue for a ban. Not a law, and certainly not federal law.And yes, sex in public is different, and the laws on that should apply equally. So I’m not going to defend that. Again, on the other hand, lets equivocate again. Straight couples having sex in public should be hauled off to jail, so gay couples should as well. Straight couples get property and tax benefits from the state, so if the policy decision is to extend this, I don’t see the illogic. And you’re right, I don’t believe “God gave America to the Christians.” God gave the Church to Christians. This dichotomy, unfortunately, is why great works like Augustine’s “City of God” are so frequently misunderstood. I guess I really am on the Chromium Fence on this issue, but I really do believe it to be the most Biblically sound. But like you said, we probably won’t ever change each others’ minds. Sure is fun to argue it though, isn’t it? :grin:I’m home for Spring Break this week. I think we had snow last night too (but just flurries). Brr.

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