Saving daylight

 Don’t forget to spring forward tonight. It’s Daylight Savings Time.

The prayer meeting tonight was very good. You could really feel God working.

Here’s some things Sue sent me to use in our drive to support our Crisis Pregnancy Center:

Every 20 seconds a baby i saborted

16 Western States

Let's love them both

Thank you, Sue.

I didn’t tell you that it appears from the radiology report from Beth’s scans, that she may have actually had a tear in a ligament. So….the small stress fracture and the ligament tear would certainly explain why it has taken so long for it to get better.

Moonwalks are bad.

baby bottlesbaby bottlesbaby bottles

We are planning a new type of missions at church. Sue (wolfpacwife14) is the director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center. They have a program where churches fill baby bottles with change to raise money for the center. So that gave me an idea.

Tonight, our youth/music minister’s wife, Chris, and I decided to do a slightly different take on the idea. We are going to find 2 giant baby bottles, one pink and one blue, and place them in the church for people to fill. But we are going to do it like we do the contest in VBS….the girls/ladies put change in the pink bottle, and the boys/men in the blue. We’ll see who can fill up the bottle faster. Then she and I will count and roll the money.

Then as a second project, we will have a baby shower for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. These are ways we can reach out to women having difficulty, and minister to them. Many women are persuaded not to have an abortion by counselors in CPC’s. There are programs in place where these women can earn points or bucks, to redeem them for baby items in the CPC’s store.

baby bottlesbaby bottlesbaby bottles

Working on another post, but also working on chicken salad for a dinner tomorrow night. We have another prayer meeting tonight, like last night….special prayer for our revival, which starts tomorrow and goes through Tuesday.


11 thoughts on “Saving daylight

  1. @lindaintennessee – Hi, Linda…..I put boiled eggs, and either run onions thru the food processor or use onion powder. I only use a little salt, but do use garlic powder to taste. Then I put a mix of mayonaise and a little bit of Ranch dressing. That’s pretty much it. When I make it, there are people at church that want me to bring them a container of it.

  2. What an encouragement to hear…I am touched to hear about this fundraiser you guys are doing with the Pregnancy Crisis Center…if there is ever going to be victory in the Prolife cause, its going to have to take place in the grace root level with each individual church and Christians involved in his or her own way!

  3. @gideonrecon – Hi, Jimmy…..I agree. We need to not just help these women with things they need, but we need to educate them. Their participation is required in parenting classes in order to get the help they need with things like clothing and food. But it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. And it’s a great opportunity to educate them that what they are carrying is not just a “blob of cells” or a “product of conception” as they are sometimes called. They are babies.
    We also have to be careful not to push away those who have had abortions. Mothers and fathers alike, suffer after an abortion. We can educate them, too, which helps in the healing process.

  4. I definately support what you’re doing for the CPC. I wish more centers were helpful. Honestly, it broke my heart when I was at the pregnancy center up in Tennessee to get a pregnancy test. Another girl who had been waiting with me found out she was pregnant and immediately opted for abortion. The pregnancy center ‘counselor’ just said, “Ok. What day would be good for you?” It made me sick that this girl was fifteen and without her parents being there, she had just scheduled to terminate another human life. She spent the same amount of time and thought on this, that you would deciding to order a shake instead of a fountain drink.

  5. :heartbeat: These are things that our church does each year, too. We have always been very strong supporters of our local CPC/PRC ~ with showers, baby bottles, & support staff who work as couselors, board members, etc.  Great ministry!  (Neat idea on the pink/blue bottles!:goodjob:) :love:Muchliest!:love:

  6. Happy to be of help!  Let me know who wins.  :’) 
    Somehow I don’t think Tennesse was at a CPC.  Pro Life centers do not perform abortions or refer a client to a clinic that does.  The same holds true for birthcontrol.  We are about educating the client with truthful information including abortion.  Sounds more like this might have been Planned Parenthood or a clinic like them and that’s the name of their game, especially if the client is African American or Hispanic.  Just go to and check out this info if you don’t believe it is true.  Sad, but true.  34% of  PP facilities have are located where a black population is more than 5 percentage points higher than the surrounding city or state. Considering that African Americans comprise only 12.3% of the national population, this is a notable variance.  You determine for yourself whether they are specifically being targeted or not. 

      Just Listen!

  7. @Jess_uh_kuh – Jessica, was it a Planned Parenthood? A true Crisis Pregnancy Center would not refer a girl/woman for an abortion.
    We are getting excited about this. And guess when we decided to have the “baby shower”?     Well……LABOR DAY of course! 😆

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