Good preaching


It appears that the computer problem might not be the video card at all, but the monitor connection instead. We’ll see.


The 5 Hartmans went to lunch at Casa Ole after the morning service. Rach and Beth were craving green sauce.


We left the church about 8:55 tonight, had just pulled in the driveway about 9:20 or so, when I realized I had left my bag (I carry all the church stuff in a rolling computer case) in the kitchen at church….and it had all the offering from today. We’re a small church, but the offering was still around $2300. So…Steve turned around and went back down there to get it.


We had a dinner after church tonight. We had a fair turnout tonight of about 60 people. That’s compared to 41 this morning, which lately has been a little above average. We run around 35 on Sunday mornings.


We had a great time at the dinner. Lots of laughing. Then after most had gone home, me, Steve, Beth, Brandon, Rachael, Glenn, Linda, Kathryn, Dorothy and Andy stayed. The young people played pool a while, while us old folks sat in the kitchen and drank coffee. Brandon also brought his golf clubs  He and Glenn both love golf, and Brandon bought a new driver. So they had to try it out. Glenn suggested they put a few balls threw the windows of the crack house across the street.


We laughed so hard I’m hoarse. My solo did not go too well tonight because I was losing my voice.


We are not one of the real modern churches that has a “praise team.” But for the revival, Dave (our youth/music minister) wanted Beth and I to be the praise team. And you know, every singer that has backup singers has a name for the group, right? Ray Charles had the Raylettes. Well…..since Dave’s last name is Stone, we are “Dave and the Stoners.” Yeah….in a Baptist Church.   It has gotten roars of laughter so far. And a few rolled eyes.


Ethan, it reminds me of Brandon saying you looked stoned in your Air Force picture, and calling you Stoner Ethan.


Ok….now Steve says I have to point out that we are Biblical “stoners”. You know…they stoned people in the Bible. We’ll have a bag of rocks to throw at people who are falling asleep in the service.


I have to take Midnight into the vet in the morning to have her spayed. Then I’ll probably go to the doctor. It’s time to get all my prescriptions refilled, and I have to go in to see him at least once a year to get the refills.


Monday and Tuesday nights, the service is at 7:00. And somewhere in there before Wednesday, I have to make a bouquet for a girl Beth works with. She’s getting married.


Here’s a few pics. First, Rachael is giving Linda a back rub. Linda fell asleep.


Rach giving Linda massage


Here’s Kathryn, Beth and Andy. Beth was wearing Andy’s tie. Doesn’t really go with the outfit.


Kathry, Beth and Andy


 And this is Kathryn and Beth cracking up after zinging Glenn one more time. That went on a lot tonight. Rachael got him a couple of times, and then Brandon did. We only zing people if we love them. You’ve probably heard that before. Mark got zinged a good number of times, too. It’s to be expected around our church.


Cracking up after zinging Glenn


And Brandon and Steve. Brandon is holding his new driver. He said it is a designated driver.


Brandon and Steve


tulipline4 tulipline4 tulipline4 

The revival has been really good so far. Will tell much more later. Still having computer problems, so I’m using Steve’s laptop, and I hate this thing. Pictures to follow. Soooooo tired. Less than 2 hours of sleep last night.


11 thoughts on “Good preaching

  1. @SingingMom –  That is why a revival can not stop at the end of a meeting. Satin works 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. And if that isn’t enough, his workers do too. This is a battle and a changed heart needs encouragement and support. OH.. and in a leap year, he has an extra day.
    Just a thought…

  2. @lindaintennessee – You’re absolutely right. Way too many people do not really believe that Satan is a spirit being that is right her in our midst, let alone that he has demons who are working overtime to lead people in the wrong direction. And he and his henchmen certainly work on Christians, too, not just non-Christians. They probably spend more time on Christians, to keep us from taking more people with us to Heaven. It’s a full-time job for Christians, just praying, and trying to tell others about Jesus, because Satan, Inc. is trying to make us swim upstream. Good thing we have God’s power.
    I hadn’t thought about him having one more day this year. Thanks for pointing that out :goodjob: :laugh:

  3. I love Walmart! I am determined to stay out of there until next month, however. Now Walmart, Sams, Target or Best buy for me till next month. I just want to see if I can do it! I have plenty of TP, shampoo and other goods. Infact I think I might be over stocked. I bet it makes a difference in the budget.

  4. What is this “zing” you speak of? I have never heard of it before.I liked the designated driver joke. HA! :ROTFL:

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