Young love….

The revival is over. It’s been good. The visiting preacher, who is a good friend of our pastor, hit home a lot in this revival. He use to be the pastor of another church down the road. Satan sure tried to get his toe in the door several times. He tried attacking several of us, but the revival went on anyway. And God worked in hearts.

I’ll try to get my notes together on all 4 sermons, and post a little from each.

After it was over tonight, several of us sang “Young Love” to Andy. Even his parents. It’s been a really good week of not only preaching God’s word, but of fellowship.

It’s been a rough few days for Andy, though ROFL

Oh, and we thought we were going to have a little bit of excitement. Billy, who is the son of one of our members, is “bipolar with psychotic tendencies”. Well, he use to be on drugs all the time, and not on medication for his illness. He is 59, and began having a really hard time after he came back from Vietnam. Well, he is off his medication now – he doesn’t believe he really needs it eventhough the doctors at the VA hospital put him on it – and tonight he was on some kind of medication of the non-legal kind. He got a little loud tonight. He came in while we were up on stage singing, dressed in camo and a scarf tied around his head, like a sweat band. I clued Mark and Brandon in on his behavior. We ususally have 2 or 3 armed men in our services.

I nodded at his mom that he was there. He was looking for her and had been giving her trouble all day today. During the invitation he came down to pray, and went off on a tangent when the visiting preacher tried to pray with him.

Billy’s had a really rough life. He was abused – tortured – by his biological dad when he was young. His dad was a Houston cop. He’d take him and his brother out fishing. Charlie would cast his line with a hook on it toward Billy, let it wrap around his bare chest and back, and then yank the line back, ripping flesh with it.

We just don’t know how to help him anymore.

bunny line

5:50 p.m…..I was listening to our Christian radio station when I was in line at the bank, and the DJ said something interesting that can be applied to our churches. She said, “You know when you drive past a restaurant, and smell the food, you get hungry?” Our churches should be that way. If God is really in them – and He isn’t in some of them – then people should get hungry and want more.

People should feel drawn to Christians, and want more of what they have. Do you feel drawn to anybody that is Christian, and you don’t understand why? Maybe you’re hungry.

Barb loved her bouquet. I also made her hubby a boutineer.

Barb's bouquet

This is the handle covered in pearls. It’s a stretch pearl band, but it’s made for a much fatter bouquet handle, so I had to wire it on. But it works.

Bouquet handle

I took it to her at Walmart, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of things. I checked out in the garden department. There was a couple in front of me, buying a few things. They had a deep fryer in their basket, and the cashier rang it up and one other large thing they had. But they had some little things under that fryer in the bottom of the basket, and the guy seemed quite annoyed that I pointed out that those had not been rung up.

Rachael is bringing a friend from work, to the last night of the revival. This girl has been trying out different churches – different denominations – and can’t find one she feels comfortable with. So she’s coming to ours tonight.

Then Friday night, we are having our Bible Study. But everybody is going to pick up Whataburger and bring it to the church, so we can have a meal together without having to cook it. Glenn pointed out that if we all meet at Whataburger, we may not all get to sit together. And of course, at the church, we don’t have to behave ourselves like we do in public.

bunny line

I heard from Andy again. I had asked him didn’t he love having friends who love him, and can see from the crow’s nest. He said he loves friends….just not stalkers. I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about  ROFL

bunny line

ROFL My trackers were just amusing me a little. I’m alright. Well….I am a little sleep deprived.

I just sent this video to Andy: 

Beth didn’t know, until she read my post this morning, that Andy and Heather were holding hands. Heh heh…….we’re so fortunate to get to see him tonight.  (EDIT: I heard back from Andy. His reply: “por que? POR QUE?” )

bunny line

U.S. cites China for repression, torture

State Dept. report says Olympic host has poor record on human rights


updated 21 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – China, host of the summer Olympics, is an authoritarian nation that denies its people basic human rights and freedoms, harasses journalists and foreign aid workers and tortures prisoners, the United States charged Tuesday.

China is still among the world’s human rights abusers despite rapid economic growth that has transformed large parts of Chinese society, the State Department said in an annual accounting of human rights practices around the world.

Portions of the report were obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its release Tuesday. The report gives a chilling account of alleged torture in China, including the use of electric shocks, beatings, shackles, and other forms of abuse. It includes an account of a prisoner strapped to a “tiger bench,” as device that forces the legs to bend sometimes until they break.

The report details then lengths some Chinese officials have taken to enforce China’s well-known “one child” policy, and says forced relocations went up last year. The report notes claims that people were forced from their homes to make way for Olympic projects in Beijing.

“The year 2007 saw increased efforts to control and censor the Internet, and the government tightened restrictions on freedom of speech and the domestic press,” the report says of China. “The government continued to monitor, harass, detain, arrest, and imprison journalists, Internet writers and bloggers.”

The country-by-country report is compiled separately from U.S. diplomatic efforts and presented to Congress. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was releasing it at the State Department.

The report also notes further backsliding in President Vladimir Putin’s Russia last year, and ticks off a string of undemocratic moves taken by close U.S. ally President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan.

“In Russia, centralization of power in the executive branch, a compliant State Duma, corruption and selectivity in enforcement of the law,” onerous restrictions on aid groups and the media “continued to erode the government’s accountability to its citizens,” the report said.

The report said Pakistan’s human rights situation worsened during the year, “stemming primarily from President Musharraf’s decision to impose a 42-day state of emergency, suspend the constitution, and dismiss the Supreme and High Provincial Courts.”

Political adversaries Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe and Syria were all listed as human rights abusers. Sudan’s record was called “horrific.”

North Korea is called an absolute dictatorship with repressive policies that control the most basic aspects of daily life. The report does not mention the intensive U.S. campaign for nuclear disarmament in North Korea, which included the first regular visits in decades by U.S. diplomats to the secretive regime in 2007.

“Pregnant female prisoners underwent forced abortions in some cases, and in other cases babies were killed upon birth in prisons,” the report noted in its section covering detention and imprisonment in the North. 



9 thoughts on “Young love….

  1. Cindy :sunny:,
    RYC: Molly needs surgery in both of her hips but first she needs to heal in her right knee so when she gets the surgery in her left hip she will be able to support herself. It will be about four weeks to heal her knee. This is going to be expensive. However, I am relieved she doesn’t have something fatal, Praise God. So if you are willing please continue to pray for her. Thank you so much my friend. God bless you.

  2. That is a beautiful arrangement!
    Your experience at Walmart… I had one at Captain D’s today. I ended up calling a number I found on line. It was really a small matter, but the response of the employee that prompted the call. ….. oooo don’t get me started.
    Have a good evening!

  3. @lindaintennessee – I guess I wasn’t clear enough in the post….it was the guy buying the stuff that seemed annoyed that I pointed out he had not paid for everything. And when he was loading the stuff in his truck, I was walking to my car, and he was glaring at me. He knew what he had done. But I didn’t want to let Walmart get robbed. They were small things, but small things add up over time
    But I understand your frustration with the employee at Captain D’s. We had a horrible experience once with a store manager at Best Buy. It’s a really long story, but it was ugly. :hammer:

  4. @lindaintennessee – Oh, and thank you about the bouquet. It was our wedding gift to a girl Beth works with. They don’t have much money, and they are just going to the JP to get married tomorrow. They’ve been living together for a long time and have a baby, so it’s time they get married. I wanted to help her out some. They can’t even afford wedding rings.

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