8 years

Rob (swordandsacrifice) had this on his blog. It’s 5 girls from Lubbock (that would be in Texas, of course), called the Cactus Cuties. You have to hear them. They are ages 8-13, and they are amazing.


I met the insurance guy at the church at 9:30 right on the dot. Of course, he was early. *SIGH* He had a few recommendations of things to change at the church to be more safe. I think some of them are nit-picky. But he was pretty nice. However, if we don’t comply, they can cancel our insurance. They will be sending a letter, and we have to reply to let them know we’ve made the changes.

Then I headed to my doctor. After that, I went to Walgreens to drop off prescriptions, to the gas station to feed the car, to get my nails done, back to Walgreens to pick up the prescriptions, and to HEB for a few groceries. I am very tired.

I really like my doctor. I cannot say that about very many doctors, and I have a bunch. I collect specialists  Dr. Visaria is very nice, and very easy to work with. She was alarmed about my weight gain, and my swollen thyroid…..that is, the half that I have left. The other half was removed 10 years ago. She is afraid I am having some serious thyroid problems and referred me to an endocrinologist she said is really good. His name is Charlie Chang. That kind of made me laugh. I would expect a doctor to use the name “Charles” rather than “Charlie.” It just sounds more dignified. But his business card actually says Charlie.

But before I go see him, she is switching me to a different thyroid medication, which should really help. I’ll take that for a couple of months before I go see Dr. Chang. The weight gain, along with my sleep problems being worse,  my arthritis being worse, and my fatigue being unbearable, indicates that my thyroid is very unhappy. And it’s not the first time. It’s so swollen now, it’s pushing on my vocal cords and making it very difficult to sing and swallow. And if this new med works, I may not have to go see Dr. Chang. She warned me that he is not “warm and fuzzy,” but he knows his stuff. I guess if I have to see him, I will. He’s not the first non-warm and fuzzy doctor I’ve had. In fact, I have had some that had to have been made out of barbed wire. 

Dr. Visaria amazes me with her memory. She asked me about Bethany when I was there. And you know that was a long story. She hasn’t seen Beth in months, so she did not know about her injury. And she remembers Rachael, too. I told her next week Rachael was bringing Brandon with her. She said, “Good…I get to meet the whole family!”

I’m going to go look for the Mamma Kitty. I have not seen her in 2 days, and I’m wondering if she is hiding in the garage with brand new baby kittens.

tulipline4 springsprung_1 tulipline4

Today is 8 years since my grandmother died. She was my last living grandparent. This is my dad’s mom, Brenda Looper Roberson,  in October 1995, at our church’s 100th anniversary:

Brenda 1995



14 thoughts on “8 years

  1. @chatcat42 – :ROTFL:
    Dr. Visaria is my gynecologist. I’ve mentioned before that once when I was in the hospital after a seizure, my neurologist’s name was Good. And the nurse of the day shift was Best. So I had a Good doctor, but the Best nurse. 😆

  2. @MrParadox – :yes: I agree. They are from the Cactus Theater in Lubbock: http://www.cactustheater.com/kids_cuties.php, so I’m sure they have some good help. The harmony was what impressed me so much. Their voices blend so excellently. Of course, that means they have to be on the right notes for that to happen.
    I just hate it when someone thinks that singing in a group is a chance for them to shine individually. A group should blend, unless you have a solo. And this one certainly does.

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