7:30 p.m….My aunt and cousins got here safely about 6:15, so I am headed to the hotel to visit a while. It has been almost 31 years since I have seen this aunt.

Animated Easter Egg     Animated Easter Egg     Animated Easter Egg

I have decided there are TOO DARN MANY CRENSHAWS and I’m never going to find all of mine. Do you sense my frustration??

My Crenshaws are like my Guinns and several other lines of my family. They named all their kids by the same name. That causes huge amounts of confusion and frustration to later generations! Listen to me people….if you are going to give your kids the same, identical name as someone else in your family….NUMBER THEM!!

On a better note, I got 2 emails from my cousin’s husband tonight. They are leaving Oklahoma City in the morning, heading down to see us. I’m excited. 



6 thoughts on “Family….

  1. That is the main reason I am VERY VERY against children carrying on identical names. I feel that a child should be able to develop their own identity and not have to be stereotyped by who their parent was. Myself, my sister Hollie, my sister Lillie, and my brother Dillion all carry a middle name of someone in our family, but my mom made sure was all had our own distinct names. Except Lillie. Her first and middle name are from family members, but two different family members so it isn’t identical. Brittnye was the only one without someone else’s middle name. Lol.Now I’m rambling… The point is, I think people should have their own names.

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