After church, 11 of us went to lunch at Casa Ole. So I’m stuffed and I’m really tired from not getting enough sleep all weekend. So I’m going to go take a little nap before church tonight.


I just realized that today is 22 years since a lady I use to work with, died of cancer. She had lung cancer. She smoked like a chimney (maybe even more) and when I went to see her the last time she was in the hospital, she said it was not the cigarettes that gave her lung cancer….the doctors said it was chemicals. I told her it was the chemicals in the cigarettes. But by then it was too late anyway.


I really liked Johnnie Bell. She was a tough lady. She  could have been a drill instructor in a boot camp. She talked like a sailor, and always walked around with the butt of a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.


JB was the one that really taught me the way around at Houston Lighting & Power when I went to work there right after high school. Several years after she died, 2 of her step-grandchildren died in a housefire, right next door to her own house. I’ll find a picture of her later and post it.


Daisy chain


Bumper sticker seen on the way to church this morning:

God bless our troops….especially our snipers.

Seen on a t-shirt by Beth:

If you don’t want to stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them.


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  1. :wave: What time do you go to church anyways? (With the chickens???) It’s just about 10AM TX time and you’re home already? I’m not even dressed yet! :shysmile:  Have a good day. :wave:  ~Carolyn  :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  2. @RaZeHeLL – ðŸ˜† Now what makes you think I was home already? I was sitting in our Sunday School class with Steve’s laptop and wireless connection when I posted that.
    But I *was* on here this morning before we even left. Sunday School starts at 9:30 and the worship service at 10:45. But for a good while in Sunday School, we sit around and talk and drink coffee. Oh, and eat kolaches when Mark brings them.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing with me about the Book “Hebrew Honey”, I’ve never heard about the text or the man before, but I was enlightened! We use another text, by one of our professors, Dr. Busenitz…How was your sunday?Is Casa Ole a mexican food resturuant?

  4. @gideonrecon – Hi, Jimmy…:yes: Casa Ole is a Mexican Food restaurant. My favorite!
    Our Sunday was good. Sunday morning the daughter of one of our good friends was at church. Her whole family goes to our church. She had left her parents and moved to Minnesota with her aunt and uncle, after getting caught doing drugs. She has moved back to TX, but is still living with the aunt. She came to church (she’s 16 now) and went to lunch with us. It had been a long time since we had seen her. She and Bethany were good friends, and she really looked up to Beth. She said she has missed the friendship, and all the good-natured teasing. I am hoping she will decide to move back with her parents, so she can be back at our church. Moving with the aunt was not a good move. Her name is Ashley.

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