Business meeting…

Today is definitely not a day for dieting. For dinner before the business meeting, we went to Casa Ole. Then after church, we stopped by Marble Slab Creamery.

Kathryn had a praise tonight. Sunday night she had gone to Walmart after church and when she got home, she realized she did not have her purse. She had left it in the basket in the parking lot. Fortunately, a lady had found it and found Mark’s number in it, so she called him. The woman who found it was a new Christian, and she said she just wanted to make sure she did the right thing. She did.

Beth had a guy ask if she wanted him to take her to lunch. Only thing is….this guy lives with his girlfriend. It doesn’t stop him from hitting on other women, though. I told Steve I wish of all these guys she meets, she’d meet one that’s worth having   

Daisy chain

It’s time for our monthly church business meeting tonight.

Schools are certainly more accomodating than they use to be….. 

Prom Bag Pushes Kids into the Sack

Bisbee, Arizona used to be known as a peaceful old mining town, but the city that was once rich in tradition is now rife with controversy. Against the wishes of several area parents, the local Bisbee School Board voted this week to include condoms in the “prom bags” it gives away to teenagers at the annual dance. By a 4-1 majority, administrators gave their official blessing to a night of sexual indulgence. Only one board member, Millicent Kasun, had the good sense to vote against the idea. Despite all the hype, the local newspaper covered the story with the same nonchalance it must reserve for the weather report. “Students attending the Bisbee High School Prom will be given gift bags containing pictures frames, candles, mints, and two condoms.” Local residents were far less reserved. “All that the policy does [is] condone and approve short-term, immediate satisfaction,” wrote Chuck and Sharon Tuell. “Your decision is obviously short-sighted.” Other families were “appalled” to learn that these are their tax dollars at work. What has historically been a hallmark high school dance has been transformed into a teenage sex fest by the district’s governing board. Making contraception available at prom would have been outrageous enough, but forcing it on 16-, 17-, and 18-year-olds gives kids both a false sense of security and a demeaning message about virtue. One in five teen couples who uses a condom becomes pregnant, and others are at risk of contracting anything from HPV to HIV. Moms and dads should be enraged that the school board is substituting its judgment for theirs. Not only does this decision undermine the values that most children are taught at home, but it trespasses on sensitive family turf. It’s time that residents remind this school board that their role is to teach children–not raise them. To register your disgust, contact Bisbee Superintendent Paul McDonald at by calling (520) 432-5381 (ext. 4204). If it happens in a town like Bisbee, it could happen at a high school near you.


10 thoughts on “Business meeting…

  1. If any of these kids get pregnant, you and I (the taxpayers) have to pay for it. The poor kids are entitled, and the rich kids’ parents know how to play the system. Furthermore, in 10 years we’ll have teenager raised by irresponsible teenagers who themselves clearly had irresponsible parents. In 18 years they’ll all be voting. If slipping a condom in a prom bag can prevent all that, I’m all for it. It’s cheaper all around, and probably more PC than mandatory sterilization. Basically, my view is that until the government is willing to say it won’t pay for these kids’ screw-ups at all, I’d rather it take the less expensive option.Please note that this comment is neither a moral analysis nor the thinking that parents should do.

  2. @MrParadox – 
    Please note that this comment is neither a moral analysis nor the thinking that parents should do.
    :laugh: Certainly glad you added the disclaimer.
    As you can probably guess, I’m not all for it. Not only does it say, “It’s ok,” but it gives those irresponsible kids the notion that they are protected, when in fact, they are not. They are notorious for not using them properly, or any kind of birth control for that matter.
    And if they want to do this, then they can pay for their own. We can’t stop them, but we certainly don’t have to pay for it.
    until the government is willing to say it won’t pay for these kids’ screw-ups
    No pun intended?

  3. @SingingMom – No pun intended?Amazingly enough, no. But on second look I guess it should have been! 😆We can’t stop them, but we certainly don’t have to pay for it.If we didn’t live in a nanny state I’d agree. But the sad reality is we will have to pay for it. There’s only two ways right now not to pay for these kids’ actions (note I didn’t call it a mistake—I hope I get back some Baptist points for that refusal to equivocate :ROTFL: ) — 1) don’t pay taxes or 2) mitigate the cost of the action. 1) is a felony. 2) presents several options — a) abortion; b) prevention (with its inherent risks that you mentioned); c) moral suasion; and d) mandatory sterilization.a) is murderc) is ineffective, b/c the same kid that’ll do it on prom night isn’t going to listen to their high school teacher say “ya’ll don’t touch each other, now”d) is 100% effective, but apparently unconstitutional or something annoying like that.Which leaves, with all its faults, b). Of course the line between acknowledging and condoning activity is a very fine one indeed. :goodjob:

  4. @MrParadox – 
    note I didn’t call it a mistake  :oh-no: I don’t have any problem at all with calling their actions a mistake. Now the child itself should not be looked at as a mistake. But God calls those actions wrong. Might as well call it like it is. Call it like He does :yes:
    I agree that those kids aren’t going to listen to their teacher tell them to leave each other alone. The kids that are going to listen, are the ones that have a moral upbringing from the beginning (and then not all of those will listen). I do believe in teaching young people about birth control (but I want to be the one to teach my own). However, I don’t believe in just handing it to them and say, “Here…have fun!”  And as far as paying for it anyway, I don’t have any problem at all with making them jump through hoops to get the help. That at least might bring about a chance for them to learn that their actions were wrong. You know…that old thing about the consequences of their actions.
    Having said that, I do believe in helping those who truly need help and have expressed the desire to change their bad habits (oh my goodness….I just corrected my typo, but I had typed that as “bed habits” which I guess would fit!) We just voted tonight at church to start a drive to help a Crisis Pregnancy Center as part of our missions giving. And we do have an unwed mom in our congregation that we helped with a baby shower. (However, now she has chosen to move in with the baby’s father without marriage, so I don’t think we’ll be helping too much now. They need to acknowledge what they are doing is wrong and correct it.)
    Involuntary sterilization looks better all the time. As well as arranged marriages. :giggle:

  5. @MrParadox – Forgot about this one….
    I don’t think she could stand being around him long enough to eat a free lunch. She said his IQ is along the same level as Manuel, the guy that wanted to take her out to get her drunk on her 21st birthday. 🙄
    There are some things that just aren’t worth free :laugh:

  6. By “mistake” I guess I really meant “accident” and the implication that they had no control over it…it was that sense I didn’t want to recognize. Certainly the action is wrong. “Mistake” just seemed too tame to convey it. :yes:Sounds like your church is doing it right. —definitely no pun intended there.The church should always provide care, support and love, plus a requirement of changed behavior. :yes:

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