Not much to say…

I’m off to run errands in a few minutes. I’m still moving slow after the ordeal of rescuing the kitten. I used muscles I forgot I had. And got bruises I’ll have for a while. (Edit: Steve’s going to take me errand running when he gets home. I’m feeling too dizzy to drive. I don’t want to have a seizure while out by myself.)

Beth was told to come home and change her shirt. She’s worn this shirt to work for nearly a year, but today somebody took exception to it  Everybody else wears shirts with writing, but apparently she can’t.

I just sent a message to a girl I use to work with, through her MySpace. I just got curious about how their lives have been since I last saw them, so I decided to look them up. Yeah…stalking again.  I gave her my Xanga name so maybe she’ll come by. Don’t have a clue if she’ll remember me or not.

stalker mom 

From CitizenLink and Family Research Council: 

Good News: Pastors Add Biblical Sexuality to Sermon Lineups 

Marital intimacy serves as a symbol of a greater spiritual reality.

Hollywood images of sexuality saturate all forms of media. Now, pastors such as Kerry Shook of Houston’s Fellowship of the Woodlands are spreading their own message on sex — about God’s design for physical intimacy in marriage.

“Sex is not wrong,” he said. “Sex is not bad. Sex is a beautiful, sacred gift of God.  And that’s why it’s worth waiting for. It’s reserved for marriage — not outside of marriage, not before marriage.” 

Rob Jackson, a counselor with Christian Counsel International, said marital intimacy also serves as a symbol of a greater spiritual reality. He said it’s important for couples to “have a friendship, a confidence in each other, trust, respect.”

“There’s a lot of things that men and women can do in their marriages to safeguard their minds from the pollution of the world,” he said.

Linda Klepacki, sexual health analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said parents are the primary sex educators of their children — and “churches are the perfect place to teach parents how to talk about sexuality to their children.”   

Good News: eHarmony Apologizes for Article on One-Night Stands 

Dating Web site eHarmony has apologized for its article “Navigating the One Night Stand,” which recently was featured in the advice section of the Web site and included in its e-mail newsletter.

Stan Holt, eHarmony’s vice president of publishing, removed the article from the Web site and issued an apology to its members, many of whom canceled their subscriptions in response to the article.

“The advice contained in this column was completely inconsistent with our editorial guidelines and the relationship service that we offer to our members,” Holt wrote. “eHarmony is committed to helping its members find highly compatible, long-term relationships and I regret that the inappropriate content and tone of the column could lead our members to believe that we were not interested in their long-term relationship success.”

Holt also assured members that the publishing team has upgraded its editorial process and will be reviewing existing content to ensure its consistency with members’ interests.

Down to Earth Day 

An estimated billion people are celebrating Earth Day around the world, but few seem to understand its true motivation. Today isn’t just another reminder to use recycled paper or drive energy-efficient cars. It’s a calculated attack on the sanctity of human life. Population control is inextricably linked to the environmental and abortion movements. For years, the Sierra Club and other green militants have said that the best way to consume fewer resources is to have fewer children. Their own website says, “Talk to your decision-makers and demand an increase of funding for voluntary family planning programs and access to comprehensive sex education for young people.” Last year, Optimum Population Trust released a paper that was even less subtle. It claimed that children are “bad for the planet” and called on nations to reduce the global population by five billion–which would only be possible by forced abortion and sterilization. And how could we forget Barry Walters? The Australian professor published an article last year advocating a “baby tax” for every couple with more than two children. The crisis du jour is global warming, but even that is just another excuse to fund “Planet” Parenthood and similar groups. Stewardship of God’s creation is the responsibility of every Christian. But we must realize that there’s a greater threat to the environment than climate change or scarce resources–and that’s the threat of environmental extremism that elevates the planet above people.

Clinic Questions Kids’ ‘Born’ Identity 

The Boston Globe has published an expose on a Massachusetts doctor who recently launched a sex change program for kids. The controversial “Gender Management” clinic, located at Children’s Hospital Boston, aims to help young people delay puberty so that they can decide if they want to be a man or woman. With patients as young as 10, Dr. Norman Spack has been described as an “evangelist” for transgender kids. In a “Q&A” session with the Globe, Dr. Spack says he administers powerful hormones to help kids “rewrite their future.” When asked for the most difficult ethical issue he faces, Spack responds, “… You have to explain to the patients… [that] they may not be able to have children. When you’re talking to a 12-year-old, that’s a heavy duty conversation.” But, he says, “if they don’t [have the sex change therapy], they’ll always have trouble fitting in.” Most of us would agree that there’s a lot more at stake here than “fitting in.” Apart from the moral complications (which are too many to count), this is an adult decision. A 10-year-old child cannot possibly understand his sexual identity or comprehend the full meaning of sterility. But the hospital does. And it should know better than to lend space and credibility to a doctor who uses his radical agenda as an excuse to experiment on little children.


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