Here it is….

Beth asked for prayer. She’s cleaning her room. She said the less stuff to trip over on crutches next week, the better  

Ok….this is against my better judgement, but some of you wanted to hear me sing. Sooo….Beth, get ready to crawl under something

This is a section of our Easter play we did March 30, 2002. It’s actually the recording from a digital video camera, so the audio is not top notch, but not too bad, either. We are an extremely small church, and this was the first time we had done an Easter play. It was only about 20 minutes long. The ones we have done in later years were longer, but I only have a recording of one of them, and I can’t get it to play. I’ll post part of it, if we can figure out how to get it to work.  (EDIT 5:40 p.m…I finally was able to watch the 2003 play. Oh my………. We did not have have videos for 2004 and 2005. But in those years, Beth and I sang I’ve Just Seen Jesus, as a duet.)

This is me, Bethany, and Karla (one of our former church members). This is done in 2 sections, so you will have to listen to the first and then the next. It’s a continuation of the same song. Karla’s husband did the recording, and broke it up into 2 tracks on the DVD. The one playing Jesus coming out of the tomb, is Brandon.

Keep in mind this was 6 years ago, our first attempt, and I am struggling with this song, because it is very low for me. In high school, I went from singing alto to soprano, so lower notes give me some trouble. Whenever you hear high notes being held, that’s me. The “ooo’s” at the end are also me. Also, you don’t hear the first few notes of the song, because of a technical difficulty….the sound guy forgot to turn my microphone on.

We have taken 3 years off from doing this play. I want to revive it again next year. Debbie, maybe you can join us in this effort next year.

If you guys are rolling on the floor laughing, I do not want to know



Sunflower line

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28 thoughts on “Here it is….

  1. :sunny:  That is beautiful!!!!  You have a God-given voice!  Thank you for posting that song and excerpt from the production.  I really and thoroughly enjoyed it!  For a small church, the talent is superb!  Praise the Lord!!!  Now I know why you are called Singing Mom here  :yes:

  2. SoundGuy must have been sleeping at the controls or something. LOL.I’m with them though, very impressive all around for a small church! Musical and technical talent both!

  3. Cindy! That was so beautiful! I just wish it hadnt been split into two parts! Seeing Jesus walk through the light was just goosebumply for me with you all singing. I bet the next one you do will be even more amazing!Thank you for sharing that and for stopping in and checking out our slideshow and commenting! :goodjob: ><> Kerri

  4. @lydellphoto – Thank you so much, Kerri! I also wish it had not been split, but the guy that did the video was pretty impressed with all the technical stuff, and not enough with acutally making the video turn out well.
    We had so many goof ups doing that play. We have a smoke machine that starts up before “Jesus” walks out of the tomb, and we’ve had times when the machine would go on stand-by and not work when we needed it to.  Or guys doing the lights would not do it at the right time. We had one guy, Rick, who would get the timing on the lights off regularly. Once he said, “I did it again,” and it just cracked me up. When you are tired, and tired of practice, it gets comical.
    Then there was the time “Jesus” came out of the tomb dancing 🙄

  5. :goodjob:Now that was worth the wait!  Thank you, Cindy Poo!!!!!!  You have a BEAUTIFUL voice!  I love that song, too…I hope to hear more–HINT…HINT!  Love ya muchliest–paula sue:love:

  6. Cindy, thank you for posting that ~ it is beautiful. You and Bethany have beautiful voices, (and Karla had a really nice voice, too). I’m with Kerri ~ when ‘Jesus’ comes walking out of that open tomb, it is awesome! Made me feel that I was there. I hope we hear more of the Hartman singers! :goodjob:  ~ Muchliest!! :love:

  7. @JusticeMom – Howdy, Ma’am :wave: A themed site is one that is set up with one of the Xanga layout themes. Thank you very much for the compliments. I am planning on making some more recordings. I kind of need to have some on hand for funerals where I would not be able to make it through a song.

  8. @JusticeMom – I wish we had recordings of the one did in 2005. It was much longer, and the tomb scene is much more elaborate. We also have a scene where the curtain in the temple is torn when Jesus dies.
    Now I’m getting excited about doing it next year. We took several years off because first, we lost some people, and secondly, I thought we needed a break. Some were getting tired of practices. We start practicing intensely about a month before the production. We usually do it on Easter Sunday morning, but in 2003, we also did it on Saturday night.

  9. Hey – I finally got time to come watch and listen.  Y’all did great!  Brandon looked very Jesus-like!  (Nice choir robe, though! :ROTFL:)  Sorry – had to pick a little….
    I know what you’re saying about the harmony, but it was still pretty….
    Thanks for posting it!

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