Not in Iraq….

Beth ran today on her injured foot. She shouldn’t have. She was trying to prevent a guy from stealing from Walmart, and she didn’t think before she ran. Maybe she’ll post about it. After the surgery, she can’t put any weight on it for at least 8 weeks.

Poor little kitten. After I took the picture, he sat there and shook his head like he was trying to get the flash out of his eyes. They will be 4 weeks old Saturday.


2:50 p.m…Came across a good post on a first love. It’s not a how-to or a what-to-do-about-the-situation….just someone’s experience. It was interesting.

Steve’s going to have a recliner in his office  It’s a leather, vibrating reliner, with a cooler in the arm to hold his can of Dr Pepper. But I’m afraid he might not come home. No…his company is not providing furniture that can come between a couple. We just bought it from my sister….for $20. She had it in her garage sale, and it didn’t sell, so she said we could have it cheap. I know the chair…it’s not in bad shape. So now he’s going to have a reason to look forward to going to work

We are also getting a couch from her. She’s had it for years, and had it recovered several years ago. It’s a sleeper sofa…with a Simmons Beautyrest mattress in it. She just wanted to get rid of it. So when we get Bethany moved to the other bedroom, I am going to put it in her current room, and make a guest room out of it. With it being a sleeper sofa, we can use that room for other things besides a bedroom.

We also bought my car and Steve’s truck from the same sister. I just watch for what she wants to get rid of next (Justin…don’t you tell your mother that!)   This is also the sister that Brandon works for.

Sunflower line

9:15 a.m…Any morning that starts out with hearing glass shatter on your kitchen’s ceramic tile floor, is probably not going to be a good morning.

I can’t believe it’s May 1 already. I also can’t believe that in 3 days, my youngest baby will be 22. And that in 4 days, she’ll be having surgery. I told her maybe she’ll meet a cute doctor during her surgery.

Stoplight: American Stoplight           Stoplight: No Head Shall Bow

Turn Signal: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

FlagBlinkyhome of the free dog tagsFlagBlinky

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.” – G. K. Chesterton, essayist and poet




(What a cutie! )

desert heart stone        USAF       desert heart stone



15 thoughts on “Not in Iraq….

  1. :yes: :yes: :yes: WELCOME HOME, ETHAN!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I love the colors you used for the lettering … beautiful!!!!!!!!!! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:
    Is Ethan home for GOOD now???  Blessings ~Carolyn :love: :love: :love:

  2. @RaZeHeLL – 
    I love the colors you used for the lettering …   Thanks, Carolyn. Tried to use colors that would look “camo”.
    Is Ethan home for GOOD now???   Just for this time. I’m sure he’ll be going back sometime. He was there 6 months.

  3. @Idobelieve_fairytales – When I was in school, which was a long time ago (1963-1975), the school year started around the first of September, and ended at the end of May. But now schools typically start in the middle of August, and run till the end of May or first week of June. We just got a graduation invitation yesterday that is on June 7, but I’m sure she actually gets out of school around the end of May.
    When my kids were in school, I could make their holidays whenever I wanted, because I taught them at home.

  4. I’m always so grateful when the Lord provides for the ‘extras’ that aren’t in the budget. God is so good! As for the verdict last night..Cold Stone or Starbucks…we went to Starbucks. It was good, lol.
    God bless you Miss Cindy!

  5. Those baby kittens are so cute, I could just kiss all their bellies!!  Prayers for Beth that she didn’t do any harm to her ankle.  Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. @buana – You wouldn’t kiss these….they’ve got fleas. :oh-no: Part of being a cat. But they have been too young to put any flea medication on.
    We’ve got to start playing with them more and bringing them inside, even if the mamma hisses at me. Some of the kittens are starting to hiss at me and not be very sociable. If they are going to be pets, they need to be use to people.

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