Happy Birthday

Before we left church tonight, we had special prayer for Beth. At the beginning of the service, she came and sat by me because she was feeling strange, like she was floating and might faint. She was also worried about the possibility of a seizure. She said she had never felt quite that way before. I believe she was probably just having an anxiety attack about tomorrow’s surgery.


She takes after me in so many ways.


We will be leaving at 7:00 in the morning to go to the surgery center.


Sunflower line


SO…..Last night when Mary Ellen emailed me to see what Beth liked, and I told her cute guys (but I also told her chocolates), I also told her she liked Vicodin for the pain. That’s what the doctor is giving her after the surgery. So I was joking with Mary Ellen that maybe she needed chocolate covered Vicodin.


This afternoon, Mary Ellen was telling Charles (her husband) that Beth wanted chocolate covered Vicodin, and he looked shocked. He said, “BETHANY??” She said, “Yeah, you know….for the pain after the surgery…chocolate covered Vicodin.” Charles said, “OOOHHHH….I thought you said chocolate covered Viagra…”  


We were in church when she told me. I was putting the offering numbers on the board in the church, and I was laughing so hard, I just leaned against the wall. People were looking at us funny  But that’s not at all unusual.


That’s the second time today people looked at us funny. Mark and I stand in the foyer of the church at the first of the morning service, to greet people, pass out visitor cards, etc. Bro. Herb was explaining the tradition for corsages on Mother’s Day….you honor you mom, so if her mom is alive, you give her a red flower. If her mom has “passed on” as Herb said, you give her a white flower. Mark looked at me and said, “What do you give if you want your mom to pass on??”    Of course, he was talking about his mom-in-law, the one causing him so much grief right now.


Sunflower line


Red Lobster after church………


Beth and Andy…


Andy & Beth


When I said, “Aww…they look like a couple, Beth was horrified…


Scared Beth


Don't look


This is Mark….




Brandon and Rachael gave Beth a beautiful windchime and a 2 months subscription to Netflix, since she will need something to do for at least the next 2 months…




We sang happy birthday to her, first at church, and then at Red Lobster…


The singers….




Her “cake”…(it was a biscuit in raspberry sauce with a candle):


Happy birthday


Our whole crew. There were 14 of us, but the waitress cut Steve off on the left side when she took this: Left side…Steve, me, Mary Ellen, Charles, Amber, Andy, Bethany. Right side from foreground…Mark, Robert, Dorothy, Kathryn, Brandon, Rachael and Ashley.


The crew


Ok, ladies that requested to see Steve without his beard…this is as close as it gets. It’s growing back. Mary Ellen had to jump in on the picture.


Steve,Cindy,Mary Ellen


Ashley, Mark’s oldest daughter (she’s 16) developed a huge crush on the cute waiter. It was lust at first sight. She even touched his fingers when he handed her a new glass of whatever she was drinking. She said she would never wash those fingers again. Beth said the waiter was probably in the back scrubbing his right then  As usual, our young people were having a great time together. Laughing till tears were rolling down their faces.


Sunflower line





 A lady from church emailed asking about Beth’s surgery, and what kind of things she liked to collect (meaning things like teddy bears). I said, “Cute guys.” It might be interesting to see what this friend comes up with!



April 27, 2008:


Beth 4-27-08


Born Sunday, May 4, 1986     9:04 A.M.     9 lbs.     21″ long

May 6, 1986…..The first time Brandon got to hold her, just before we left the hospital:

Brandon & Bethany May 6, 1986

May 11, 1986…..One week old, at cousin Thomas’ first birthday party:

Bethany 1 week old

First time she slept all night: 9 months old

First word: “Amma” (for Mamma) 5 months old (2nd was “Da Da” 5-1/2 months)

First began to crawl: October 29, 1986, 5 months/25 days old

First sat up alone without support: 1st week of November 1986, 6 months old (Before that, she was doing what the doctor called “tripod sitting”….sitting up, but supporting herself with her arms.)

First walked alone: June 1987, 13 months old

Bethany was saved in 1992. That’s why her blog name is Singing4God8692 – born in ’86, born again in ’92. She was baptized in January 1993, along with our (then) pastor’s daughter, AnnaLeigh Wiechmann. The heater on the baptistry was not working, so both AnnaLeigh and Beth got into that ice cold water, with their teeth chattering, and their skin turning blue. This is Beth and AnnaLeigh in January 2008:

Bethany & AnnaLeigh

 Items that were in the news around the time of her birth:

1) The investigation of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which happened January 28, 1986. I will never forget that morning. I was standing in the living room talking on the phone to my sister, and watching the launch. It took a minute to register what had actually happened.

2) The explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia, which happened April 26, 1986.

There are many more pictures here: BETHANY’S PHOTOS  

Sweet dreams (2004):

Beth sleeping 2004


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Aw… looks like I didn’t like Brandon from the first time we met. Too bad…

    Oh, and I was 17 in that pic of me sitting on the church steps, wearing that tan skirt and sweater. It was in January, so I hadn’t turned 18 yet. That was taken within a week or two of the one of me sitting on the back of the car.
    I had birthday wishes already this mornng from Kent and from Mr. & Mrs. Weedon.

  2. @Singing4God8692 – 
    I was 17 in that pic of me sitting on the church steps
    Oh….I was thinking it was taken in late October after Ethan was here. The one of you sleeping has a different date on it in the file, but I had taken that one night, and then emailed it to Ethan, and last night I went back to find the email so I’d know the date. It was Jan. 12, 2004.

  3. The investigation of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which happened January 28, 1986.
     I will never forget it either. I was a 6th grade school teacher that year and had bonded with the fifth grade teacher. One week after the space shuttle exploded, this very much loved school teacher was killed on the way home from school. I think maybe this was my first real experience with loosing someone I was close to. I think That the grief over this and over the death of one of my students two year later changed my career, and this is why I am nursing today.  God leads and blesses…. even in our grief.

  4. I liked all the pictures. I will be praying for yall. Funny story about the chocolate vicodin. You would probably laugh at me, but when they gave me morphine during my 1st back surgery, I saw two of my good friends from church and they brought me flowers…except there was one distinct, strange, and weird thing about them…they seemed to appear as Smurfs. :ROTFL:

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