Day 2 is not a good one….

10:30 p.m….Beth is not able to keep any food down. She also can’t keep the pain meds down. It’s time to take it again, but if she can’t keep it down there’s no point in taking it. But she’s in pain. She’s so frustrated because she is weak from not eating much. Please continue to pray. I’m making Jello. She’s got to try something to get some sugar into her system. She’s been sipping ginger ale.

Sunflower line

Kittens are safe, but Mamma is not happy.  Edit: Mamma Kitty started taking the kittens out and putting them under the fire log pile beside the house. She got 2 of them and I had to keep her from taking the rest of them. One came out from under the pile and I grabbed it, but we had to move some logs to grab the other one. I have now taken the kittens from her. They are eating soft cat food, so they will not starve. I don’t want the kittens to be outside because they will wander out in the street and get run over.

We had pulled a bunch of junk out of the garage, we were a mess, and the house is a mess. So one of Beth’s friends that she use to work with showed up with flowers and balloons.  A nightmare came partially true.

Sunflower line

Today I have to round up all the kittens and try to put them in a safe place. They are 4-1/2 weeks old now, and they are getting big. They are starting to get out of the garage by themselves.

Sunflower line

Beth is much more comfortable in her bed than she was on the couch. So…we carried, pillows, crutches, her purse, computer, all her medication, lots of ginger ale and saltine crackers for nausea and a few other things upstairs. Of course she can’t walk and crutches on stairs are dangerous. So she sat on the stairs and scooted up each step. She made it, but I don’t think she’ll be going up and down too much. She has power bars up there in case she gets hungry. I told her I’ll keep my cell phone with me tonight, and she can call me if she needs me.

She says she can give herself the blood thinner shot in her belly in the morning. We’ll see.


25 thoughts on “Day 2 is not a good one….

  1. Praying she’s feeling a little better this morning.  Glad you were able to get the pain meds up….but of course that comes with the nausea!  Yech, that’s the worst.  Oh, I meant to tell you the pics of you at Red Lobster are beautiful.  Beth is very blessed to have such a great mom to be her nurse.  Blessings, Jill

  2. @buana – It sure did. She took an extra pain pill, and the nausea got so much worse. I was telling her to eat more crackers. She had not had any food in about 24 hours. She sometimes goes long periods without eating, but this isn’t a good time to do it. It’s really bad to feel like you are just about to throw up….for hours. She said she wished she would go ahead and do it, and get it over with. I told her I did that the entire 9 months when I was pregnant with her.
    Thank you. I was thinking those pics were not the best. Yesterday I wanted to help her after surgery and the nurse would not let me. She said she would do it. I know it’s her job, but good grief….moms want to help when they see their child needing help. It’s hard to let somebody else do it. However she is getting more use to strangers seeing her without clothes now.

  3. :wave:Hi,  I hope and pray Beth and you will be well soon.  Can she tolerate LORAZEPAM (Ativan®)?  It for anxiety but is my emergency med when I am in the screaming pain level.  If you ever watch ER, you will hear them prescribe this.  I only have to take a half/half of pill and will ease my pain.  Also, my “tummy” has no problems with this.  In my prayers, Sharon

  4. @Singing4God8692 – Except for when she let the restroom door swing wide open while you were in there. That aggravated me, because I would not have done that. I’m glad at that point there were not many people left in there, but there was another male patient in there where we were. That’s just careless, and she knew I saw her do it, because I glared at her.

  5. @justhopingnow – I’m very familiar with Ativan. But it won’t help her in this case because she doesn’t have the same problem you do. The doubled pain medication seems to help a lot more. She actually did come downstairs earlier. She had a visitor.

  6. RYC: Thanks!! I’m sooooo excited. God is awesome. I am feeling insanely blessed right now and thank you guys so much for all your prayer.Mom and I are going to start apartment shopping this weekend. I’m wanting to move out ASAP lol. (as soon as funds allow) but it’s actually a reality now.I will post more details on the job… but I feel weird doing it before I’ve officially gone through all the paperwork and it becomes official and all. At this point it’s just a verbal acceptance over the phone.Praying things are going alright with Beth!

  7. I was laughing about the kittens and mama.  I remember when we had a set of kittens and the mother cat put them behind a pillow on the couch….like they were going to stay there :ROTFL:  they were running around, etc.  Pray Bethany is feeling better tonight.

  8. Oh…I almost forgot to share good news. I now have new eyeglasses…I broke my old ones 3 weeks ago and had been taping the right temple to the frame. I was definitely a nerd. :ROTFL:

  9. @tallhpustinger – I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to force herself to. But she did. I gave the first one. I use to give Brandon his allergy shots when he was little, and that was tough to get use to. So this was a little easier, since I had done it before.

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