Deer Park Police Chief Dies

There is a huge sinkhole in the town of Daisetta, about 60 miles NE of Downtown Houston. It is formed from a salt dome that is collapsing. You can read about it HERE. Much of our area is built over salt domes. Including part of the Clear Lake area, south of Houston. That’s where NASA is located. In 1983, a salt dome collapsed in Boling, TX, just down the road from my aunt’s house, but it was nowhere as big as the one in Daisetta.

The kittens are getting to the really cute stage, where they play a lot. They are bouncing each other like Tigger does Pooh Bear. And now they are climbing, too, so there is no telling where I might find them.


And Checkers thinks she is a Wet Jet pad….


Sunflower line

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning at 9:20, but we had to reschedule. Beth was so weak from eating almost nothing since Sunday afternoon. She did not have the strength to get up. And she had gone all night without her nausea medication because she slept through the night.

But now she’s hungry. Scrambled eggs sounded good to her, so she has eaten a bunch of them, along with quite a bit of bacon. Things are starting to stay down this afternoon and she has been starving. I think we are beginning to see the light of day.

Her doctor’s appointment is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. That was all he had available. I wanted to go to Holly’s graduation from nursing school, but it is also at 3:00 tomorrow. Can’t be 2 places at one time  

One kitten still managed to disappear. I cannot find it anywhere. The other 6 are in the utility room and they are having a good time. They like coming in the house. Mamma tried to get them to come with her, but they mostly ignored her. I wish I knew where the other kitten was. I believe it is the same one that was stuck in the wall.

Sunflower line

Our police chief died Sunday morning, but I had not heard that. I don’t always read the Deer Park paper. Today as I as going to the bank, I passed the cemetery as the graveside service was being held. It is next to our Walmart.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but I had my phone. I pulled in a parking lot across the street and took a bunch of pictures. I always think it’s impressive to see the fire trucks at the cemetery entrance:

Fire trucks

Fire dept vehicles

They had county constables and fire department members directing traffic at the entrance.

Cemetery entrance

Cemetery front

It’s probably hard for you to see, but cars at this funeral lined the streets inside the cemetery, from the front to the back. This picture was taken from the parking lot of the funeral home next to it. My aunt, uncle and cousin are buried just to the left of this picture:

Cemetery west side

Bill Young

May 5, 2008, 4:46PM
Bill Young Jr., Deer Park police chief, dies at 60

Deer Park Police Chief Bill Young Jr., 60, died Sunday morning at Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena.

He had struggled with serious medical problems for some time, said Assistant Chief Kenneth Findley, who declined to give more detail about Young’s illness.

Young, who had continued to do his job, became ill at home and went to the medical center emergency room on Sunday. He died there about 6:30 a.m., said Findley, who will be serving as chief in the interim.

“He was a great man and a great chief,” Findley said of Young, who became Deer Park’s police chief in 2000.

“He will be sorely missed by all the members of the police department and community,” Findley said. “He was a good man and a good friend.”

An FBI Academy alumnus, Young held a master’s degree from Sam Houston State University and was a certified master peace officer in Texas.

He was a member of various police associations and also participated in local civic organizations, including the East Harris County Chemical Plant Security Committee, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and the Harris/Galveston County Maritime Security Committee. He served on the Criminal Justice Board at San Jacinto College and was a member of the Masonic Lodge.

Survivors include his wife, Cheryl, and a son and a daughter.

Visitation will be from 5-9 p.m. Tuesday at Grand View Funeral Home and Memorial Park, 8501 Spencer Highway in Pasadena. The funeral service will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at First Baptist Church of Deer Park, 438 E. 8th St. The Young family recommends that memorial contributions be made to the 100 Club. Call 713-952-0100 or visit

Here is another article on him.

He died on Bethany’s birthday, so that will be easy to remember. My cousin also died on Beth’s birthday, when she was one year old.  


6 thoughts on “Deer Park Police Chief Dies

  1. I’m so glad Bethany is doing better! I can’t begin to imagine how good eggs and bacon would be after a week of not eating. Actually, I can! I remember the first time I got to have solids after my appendectomy. Mmm.That one little kitten likes to wander, huh?

  2. @Jess_uh_kuh – Yeah….that little kitten  was born to wander, I guess. I still have not found it, and I can’t imagine where it went. This is an enclosed room the kittens are in. I’ve looked behind, under and in everything in that room. Still can’t imagine where it went. It’s almost like God just picked it up and took it.

  3. @srbinchrist – Thanks, Scott. She ate more scrambled eggs again tonight, after her shower. We sort of got her bandages wet, though, and we are not supposed to. But the doctor will change them tomorrow anyway. We put a trash bag over her leg, and taped it down, but it managed to leak. That’s what we use to do when Steve broke his arm so we wouldn’t get the cast wet. Worked then. :oh-no:

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